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NO Driver Farm Tractor Concept
We live in a changing world and farming is changing with it. Our growing population and a greater environmental awareness means farmers need to produce more food more sustainably from the same amount of land. It’s ultimately technology that will make the difference – and CNH Industrial is at the forefront of this change. We set out to take technology in a different direction that would allow farmers to integrate new technology into existing fleets and give them access to real time data wherever they are. We believe this technology will, in the future, change the face of farming for the benefit of all. This concept autonomous tractor, has been conceived by CNH Industrial’s innovation team, is truly independent and driverless. Filmed entirely on location on a working farm in Kentucky, USA in June 2016. All live footage is original and without CGI enhancements. For more information please visit: http://media.cnhindustrial.com/EMEA

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Nine-week-old baby has a full head of bouffant hair
An adorable tot has been nicknamed Baby Bear due to his incredible bouffant mane that he is sporting at just eight weeks old. Mother-of-three Chelsea Noon, 32,
Added: 26th October 2016
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Ordinary Day In The Life Of Hare, Danbi and Sasha
instagram : https://www.instagram.com/samcorgi blog : https://www.hiweda.com.
Added: 26th October 2016
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Cute Baby Is A Natural Goat Whisperer
This adorable little girl is a natural goat whisperer! She and this goat connect on a whole new level and it's absolutely adorable! This girl and goat are able
Added: 26th October 2016
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Salt of the Earth: Sicily's Holy Mine
Deep under the bedrock in Realmonte, Sicily, one of Europe's largest salt mines holds more than a few surprises. Twisting through 62 miles of tunnels, this mine produces around 500,000 tons of salt every year. Naturally occurring rings that date back millions of years give color and pattern to the walls. It even boasts a cathedral carved into the earth that is big enough to fit 800 worshipers.

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