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Maru and Hana in Autumn
Maru&Hana in Autumn. It was a little windy.
Added: 18th November 2017
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Tags Maru Maru&Hana cat kitty pets

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Merideth Puckett singing Rolling In the Deep By Adele
11 y/o Merideth Puckett made a homemade, spur of the moment video by a friend, Aaleliah 'Egypt' Dixon that was posted on Facebook and went viral within 24 hours. FB page : Melissa McQueen Puckett FB page : Merideth Puckett
Added: 29th April 2015
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Tags Adele (Celebrity) Rolling In The Deep (Award-Winning Work)

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Stealing Their Own Cars Prank
When the victims come out of the corner store and put the key into their own car door, an alarm goes off! A woman accuses them of trying to steal her car. It even has her license plate on it, not theirs. Now that's "scratch-your-head" worthy...
Added: 13th March 2013
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Thirsty Baby Drinking From Water Hose
Sweet funny baby trying to drink from the hose
Added: 19th March 2014
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Talking dog says
It's usually parrots that have the reputation for repeating what their owners say to them, but this time it's a cute, little pup wrapped in clothes that tells its owner he loves her.
Added: 3rd January 2015
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Tags cody the screaming dog

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World's Greatest Drag Race 2!
Read the full story on Motor Trend's 2012 Best Driver's Car here: performance/1208_2012_motor_ trend_best_drivers_car/
Added: 26th August 2012
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19 Silly Dad Jokes That'll Make You Seem Funny
19 Dad Jokes That'll Make You Seem Funny Check

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Playing For Change | The movement
Playing For Change is a movement dedicated to connect the world through music. In 2007 we created the the Playing For Change Foundation is dedicated to creating positive change through music education by developing music schools and programs around the world. We have created 9 music programs located in South Africa, Ghana, Mali, Nepal and Rwanda and Thailand where over 700 kids are attending free classes in dance, instruments, languages and musical theory. Join the movement at
Added: 13th November 2014
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Benjamin Franklin: Founding Father and Fireman
Firetrucks, fire stations, even those cool poles that firefighters slide down - they all date back to colonial times and a certain founding father. Famous for his contributions to the U.S. Constitution, electricity and bifocals, it turns out that Benjamin Franklin also had an obsession with fire safety. Here's how he created another American institution.

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Jazz for Cows
The New Hot 5, American-based jazz band plays for a herd of cows in Autrans, France. The unedited footage is now uploaded on our channel in two parts. If you want to hear more, check out our other videos of concerts for humans.
Added: 26th March 2014
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The Christmas Goat - Gavle Sweden
2012-11-30 they started to build the goat. Sunday, December 2 inaugurated was with pomp and ceremony and ending with fireworks. The night before the opening ceremony some poured petrol at the goat legs but was discovered in time. Now everyone ask if it will burn or not. What do you think?
Added: 5th December 2013
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Dancing Gorilla at the Zoo
Watch Break Dancing Gorilla at the Zoo. The video shows Zola having pure fun with an enrichment opportunity and is not trained behaviour; the music was added afterward. Zola, nine-years old, is one of eight Western lowland gorillas currently living at the Calgary Zoo as part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Gorilla Species Survival Plan. He loves to play in water and keepers regularly give him the opportunity to do so as part of the enrichment activities they plan and vary on a daily basis.
Added: 21st June 2011
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The Beauty Of A Second
190 years ago, Nicolas Rieussec recorded time to an accuracy of a fifth second for the first time - the chronograph was born. To celebrate this unique invention, Montblanc created the one-of-a-kind "The Beauty of a Second" short-film contest presented by the famous film director Wim Wenders. This video is a compliation of the 4th round.
Added: 19th April 2012
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Soccer the "Game of two halves" but when tigers & lions play it's usually a game that ends in lots of tiny shredded pieces! Check out the action when we gave the big cats paper mache soccer balls to play with..... WEBSITE: *Music tracks provided by Kevin Macleod -
Added: 8th June 2012
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Beer Pong Robot
Empire Robotics presents its CES 2015 demo where visitors can play against VERSABALL in a game of beer pong.
Added: 10th January 2015
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Tags Robotics (Industry) Beer Pong (Hobby) Electronics (Field Of Study)

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One Man Plays Beethoven Classic Using 5 Guitars
"Why?" some might ask. Playing five guitars is a ridiculous idea that really offers no benefit. I thought it might be cool though and I wanted to see if it was possible. This is the outcome.

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People Are Awesome - Best of the Week (Ep. 50)
It's been another great week and a great start to March!. Thanks to everyone who submitted videos! Which clip was your favorite? Leave it in the comments and let us know what you'd like to see more of!

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Cat Dentist l Meow Open Wide
Trips to the dentist can be expensive, so this owner decides to have his cat take a look around to make sure his teeth are on the up and up, and she does NOT ...

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The Baby Lilly Ann And Daddy Workout Session
Sweet baby Lilly Ann puts ole dad through the paces. Funny, cute and entertaining!
Added: 2nd March 2014
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Signs You Might Be Having a Midlife Crisis As Told By Pets
If you have recently purchase a motorcycle or decided to take up an extreme sport, you might be having a midlife crisis. Here are 4 signs you might be having a midlife crisis as told by pets!

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Funny Bird clips in the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
From a bird calling a cat, a bird calling a wolf, a bird that won't call anything to a giant rooster doing his business on Johnny' desk, these are just a few of the hilarious things you will see and hear in today's video. Enjoy!

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Dog Trapped On Floating Sofa For 7 Days Waits For Help
Dog Trapped On Floating Sofa For 7 Days Waits For Help | Heroes swim to flooded house where a dog's been stranded for a week

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