EAGLE CAM: 1st Egg Hatched 03/27/2015!
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14 People Get The Puppy Surprise Of A Lifetime!
What better way to surprise someone than a surprise puppy? Watch their reactions as these people receive the gift of a lifetime! pawmygosh.com

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8 Yr Old Angelina Jordan - Fly Me To The Moon - The View 2014
FLY ME TO THE MOON sung by 8 year old Angelina Jordan Astar, a Norwegian singer (born 10 January 2006), known as Angelina, who won the 2014 season of Norway Has Talent. She blew me away with her "old soul" voice. WOW!
Added: 25th March 2015
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Tags Angelina Jordan The View (TV Program) 2014

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Masuka the Kitty Won't Let Owner Touch Water Cooler
Masuka the cat is very particular about the water and won't let just anyone touch it!

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Laying Cinder Blocks Made Easy
Here is a video with some tips on how to lay 12 inch block http://www.masonryworktools.com/
Added: 23rd July 2012
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Dog Receives Some Shocking News!
SUBSCRIBE for tomorrow's video: http://bit.ly/11skAP2 Chat with us on the webs: Facebook: http://Facebook.com/afvkids Instagram: http://instagram.com/afvofficial Twitter: https://twitter.com/afvofficial Show us your kid video to be featured on AFV Kids: http://www.afv.com/upload
Added: 31st March 2015
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Husky Says No to Kennel - Funny
Talking 11 month old husky, Blaze, prefers his freedom and says "No" to his kennel (with annotations)
Added: 15th January 2014
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How Pal, The Black Labrador, Changed One Family Forever!
Animals are so awesome and amazing! Pal, a black Labrador, is more than just Claire's diabetes detection dog. He has a bond with the whole family making everyday living easier for everyone. crufts.org.uk/

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Them There Eyes - S.C. Shag Championship
Hitting the dance floor on a Saturday night at the S.C. Shag Championship from Trenton, S.C., Ivy Claire Huiet ( 9th grade ) and from Edgefield, Bradley Kemp ( 8th grade ) competing in the Junior 1 division.
Added: 28th March 2015
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Tags shag S.C. South Carolina Bradley Kemp Ivy Claire Huiet Trenton Edgefield

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Little Red Stick / How Hot Sauce Is Made
I was amazed at how much time, effort and the number of steps it takes to make a bottle of hot sauce. Some of the process I find a little hard to believe, especially the part about the little red stick...
Added: 19th February 2013
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Fast And  Furious - Student Driver Shocks Instructors
A driving school thought it would be funny to prank their new instructors on the first day at the job. So they invited professional car drifter Leona Chin to dress up like a student and take them for a little ride... It would have been my last day! facebook.com/maxmantv.official Special thanks to Leona Chin: facebook.com/GirlDrifterLeonaChin
Added: 29th March 2015
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Tags student driver leona chin fast and furious

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100 Years of Beauty: Marshay
Time lapse of a model getting her hair and makeup done to match every decade from 1910 to 2010. facebook.com/storiesbycut
Added: 23rd January 2015
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Tags 100 years of beauty beauty model time lapse

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Elephant Caught on CCTV Cleaning Up the Trash
Amazing CCTV footage - What this elephant does will blow your mind, if they can do it why cant we.

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Making Rice Paper Sheets
Making Rice Paper Sheets
Added: 29th December 2014
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Lexus The Dirt Bike Dog
Join Lexus the Dirt Bike Dog and James Stott for an epic ride across the dunes of Little Sahara, Utah. Music Acid Baby Jesus "Finger Painting"
Added: 3rd February 2015
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Tags stoked rad Dog (Domesticated Animal) dirt bike Motorcycle (Automotive Class)

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Boris The Dog Goes Swimming
This is my dog, his name is boris, hes a mix

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Kayaking With Killer Whales
Kayaking and a VERY close experience with Killer Whales in Sooke, BC. The guys could see the whales were swimming near Otter Point, about a mile and a half from where they drifted and bobbed about like buoys in their kayaks. They could just make out the black specks of dorsal fins on the horizon. The killer whales were hugging the shoreline, these guys were completely amazed at the events that would take place over the next few minutes. Glad they caught it on video for us to see!
Added: 5th January 2012
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Eagle Cam
2014: If you stop by and spot the eagles on the nest please post a comment below the video. Thanks! Mel
Added: 3rd April 2011
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Julie and Ellie May | Eukanuba Friends For Life 2015
Ellie May was brought into Oaklands Care home by her owner Julie and now lives there helping the residents cope with their dementia. Eukanuba Friends For Life celebrates heart-warming stories of how humans and dogs transform and enrich each other's lives. Or on facebook.com/Crufts

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Golden Retriever Puppies Experience Fall for the First Time
If you're looking for another reason to love fall, look no further! These Golden Retriever puppies are just too cute to pass up! hooplaha.com
Added: 16th October 2014
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Surprise Giveback for Deserving Mom
A mother named Michelle was struggling to get her life and financial situation back to normal after she recently lost her 19-year-old son, Blaine. She just needed time off from work to grieve for her him and the bills were starting to pile up, so her daughter Crystal decided to take matters into her own hands. The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Australia's #1 FM radio program hosted by Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O set up a plan to get Michelle into the car at the right moment so they could make an announcement and surprise her. Let's just say tears were definitely shed.
Added: 24th February 2015
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Tags random giveback kyle and jackie o giveback viral trending sad video michelle blaine

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Leaf Gathering Armadillo Dances To Bille Jean
Found this armadillo gathering leaves and did what any respectable human being would do.
Added: 19th February 2014
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Funny Videos Of Cats Compilation
Funny Videos | Funny Videos 2014 | Funny Cats | Funny Cat Videos | Funny Video Clips | Funny Cats Compilation | Funny Vines | Funny Cat Vines | Funny Cat Fails | Funniest Video Ever | Funniest Video In The World | Funniest Videos
Added: 19th July 2014
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Dachshunds Are Awesome Compilation
Get ready for some good laughs as you watch these Dachshunds do their thing. Most are hilarious and had me rolling on the floor, one was gross but I'm sure it happens every day. Enjoy! facebook.com/afvanimals
Added: 24th March 2015
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Tags Dachshund dog funny

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My Champion - Rocky!
Actually his name is Peru and the video music is the theme song from Rocky.
Added: 9th December 2011
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Happy Birthday, By Beethoven, Bach, Mozart - Nicole Pesce On Piano
Nicole Pesce in concert at Tempe Center for the Arts, not only showed her virtuosity, but gave us a taste of her creativity and humor. In this clip, she speculates on how the master composers may have played one of today's most popular songs.
Added: 5th September 2014
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