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Baby Goats Born to Run
This has become the kids daily routine. They love to run up and down the drive before bed! Then they sprint into their stall for grain. Well except for Angeline, who prefers to practice her balancing act.
Added: 20th June 2017
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Air Tractor (Texas Country Reporter)
Airplanes and agriculture? The unlikely duo may work together more than you think. Jim Hirsch 1524 Leland Snow Way Olney, TX 76374 (Phone): 940-564-5616

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Three Raccoon Babies Make Human Friend
Three baby raccoons befriend a fisherman at a creek in Wooster, Ohio. The extremely playful critters crawled on top of the man and followed him around. Encounters between wild raccoons and humans are common throughout the United States, but what makes this scene heartbreaking is the possibility that baby raccoons are orphans. A second fisherman who came upon the scene not only fed the raccoons a dead fish, but built them a shelter near where they were found.

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Mom Crushes it on a Street Piano in NYC - Manfred Schmitz Jazz Etude
A woman walks up to a piano sitting on the sidewalk in NYC and start to play.... WOW!

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