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NFL 2020 - A Bad Lip Reading
More stuff that could have been said...Celebrating 100 years of The NFL Video Script: Good job Hey, don't This is not embarrassing My blood is clotting Clotting Never ever evict your parents, okay? So I run through the maze, And then I find there's some guy named Queece? No They got boulders up in here? Cuz look I don't have time for no boulders Ain't no boulders here Could be You're loco You know what? That's rubbish Yeah that's bad Marionettes? Say, you ought to buy my electric guitar You could buy the thing that has made me famous The guitar The helmet won't go on I need your knife I hate cats Why they got a pee in a little tub? So do you want to go out later? Psychic dough, baby! I could murph on that dough, baby Put some clothes on that merk Gotta put some clothes on that merkytaw And generate your own light Get in the stance? Which stance? This one here? Is this right? You should be nice to me, you hear? Yeah, I hear. I should be nice to him, Jim Up your hole Hey I meant to tell you I saw you sniff your shoe Your face is a face I've been avoiding for seven years If I have to look back at it, I'll break down for sure I'm on my horse, guys A stallion! Hey, what's up? What am I looking at? Hand Ice Lightning Repel! Return! FRIGHT MODE Wait, no! Oh dear Thanks for never trying to catch a ball Guess you think that scoring just sort of happens? Y'all are disgusting Everyone of y'all can not talk to me anymore Hey, do you have bat sense? No because I mean nobody has bat sense No, no, I'm sure somebody Somebody does! I look like I'm five now Puppies are so good! Why don't you give me those nachos? Y'all shouldn't be like picking up a snail The music of Rockin' Donnie! You know, I've got over 41 traffic cones It's like heaven in a pickle, heaven in a pickle Heaven in a pickle, heaven in a pickle I don't want to talk about y'alls new baby Look, a third nail Hey, you ever hear of the Kraken? I heard you're dating the Hawkwoman? UH OH That jockey is the horse's size! I don't have my book, and this is boring Do you ever hear of Worldwide Watermelon? Or the Worldwide Watermelon plot? Look, a porcupine! A porkypong in the middle of this big crowd? Quit showing off, Loud Bertha Stalking is included Don't ever dare shake a baby I swear I went to doctor school Granny? Ha ha, he fell because my foot was out Oh, woah, now you can see his neck bone I should sketch that neck bone You can't take it all out on the universe Bless you, bless you You guys, they're laughing Didn't you ever hear of cardio? You suck so much! Woooo! Robot cars! They're so technical Hey! Your dogs a kid! It's a kid Hey, where's the kite? Right there What? I four years old There's seven corpses in the den I like chunks in my coffee Y'all, my temperature is six Fahrenheit I get the gopher tomorrow, and they're like really smart Hey! You ain't gonna find your gopher! Yeah, I took it back to the garden My sandwich ability is not something that you would ever want Yeah, mmm mmm It's lit Check it out Here's my new saying "Ball shank!" Like that? Yeah it's special We made a bad plan Xxx Hey Braden! Braden! Go kiss your stepmother Hey, my bike is gone, man Has anybody seen it? Because my bike is gone It's spoken name is Michael, it's my friend and my ride Has any one of y'all seen Michael? Rosw, son, emotion is a boat My fingers are filthy! I'm feeling pretty thirsty Guess that's America Hey let me check if I love you Uh ohhh Stop the rhino attacks Number one in female situations I collect pictures of horses Yeah I hate acting, but I gotta when they make a bowl like "wow that's cool!" Really? You let in the Bagel King? They let in the Bagel King? How is he even here? Is there a problem with your filthy pole, Pamela? On the sideline You all right? Yeah, excuse me Hey one minute Steve I bless your fingers Stephen, stop doing that, fool! Ok, I bless your fingers And obviously you must now leave Divine When I got shoved in my locker, it hurt, yeah the whole seven days No, Devlin's a bad guy yeah always know that a Devlin is a bad guy they're always just sort of sketchy Tonight, I am alone, That dog is enormous Hey broskis, you're like our houseguests I would like a doodle of your aunt It's important to ju-- Satin boy? He's really here? Hey stick weeds, y'all want to club? Huzzah mother soda I saw a stump at the Franklin mall I'm hot Hey wait a sec, where's Tanya? Honestly, I don't trust my heart We shouldn't fund world robotics! Hey get in my car, we're taking you hostage I don't think so Yes we are Wait, hey the car is this way Time for a lesson, boys The sweet scent of almost dying All night, I thought I heard the chick from Frozen It just so happens that I don't like you I feel feelings so deep Oh dear, there's roaches at my party Do you have any life? This is such a random video Clown Who do I love? You do I love Polly's prancing puzzled her father Hey, you want to go back to pickin' bananas? Waterfall hear my prayer May the waterfall hear my prayer They ever tell you how I collect brains? Gorgeous triplets with a good face Triplets, triplets You know, I'll have the 43 The turkey fritter You want a Mexico flavor wand? Or a regular, regular ol' grape flavor wand? Stephanie said that her friends are going to find you a girlfriend No freaking way, dude, a girlfriend? I'm just sad No resting! Look at this speck of dust come here Ok, I'm going to touch your back No need to panic Can I get a smile? No I'm not gonna talk about your stepdaughter's cold eyes! Next to my biplane, this ball is my favorite Oh small tragedy, now it's basically in the lava I'm afraid So, need to catch a plane Candy! Still just sitting here with not candy I don't know what to tell you The quiet desperation of the macaw Falls to us as the mountains suffer Honor the days [music] Waterfall hear my prayer May the waterfall hear my prayer Fires burn still Will I learn that you're no longer there? I remember you looking 22 A smile that made me think I might be okay But then our leaves fell down on colder ground And the golden time drifted gray

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Kim and Kanye Quiz Each Other On Home Design, Family, and Life | Architectural Digest
Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West join Architectural Digest from inside their minimalist mansion to take an illuminating personal design quiz. Which room has the best light in the house for selfies? How would Kanye describe interior designer and frequent collaborator Axel Vervoordt? Kim and Kanye pose thoughtful questions and give playfully insightful answers to one another, revealing not only how their taste is expressed through design, but where its functionality is influenced by their exuberant kids. okay what habits did you change when we moved in together I stopped being lonely oh hey I'm Kim that's Kanye and we're gonna be doing our design quiz can I tell you guys a really quick story about this house so we got pregnant and then I got pregnant and then he had a house in Los Angeles Hollywood I had a house in Beverly Hills they were both like not that family ish so we were going on a walk one day and I said this was my dream home this house here and so he said I like it and to him I liked it was like oh my god he loves it cuz he doesn't really like anything that's my specialty not liking stuff I knew that it was gonna be our dream home and that he was going to fully redo it and it was gonna be likable what's the one thing you would get rid of if I wasn't around and why okay I'll tell you what I think I think it would be this TV station that shows Dateline oh really huh love it it like brings me calmness at the end of my day what would I get rid of Rick and Morty you think we can handle Rick and Morty every single night well it's been two years since the new season started really yeah but me Axl still working on our next project we have these new designs we've been doing with James Turrell and Claudio Sebastian and Axl so we'll be you know in the same mind is always on to the next but I think if you were to get rid of one thing you would definitely get rid of just stuff in my closet I feel like you think I'm a hoarder in my closet if our house had a soundtrack what would it be and why I mean I think Jesus is king because that's just the verb right now and that's the soundtrack right now yeah hallelujah hallelujah yeah the kids love singing that yeah what would you say we always talk about wolves when we see the hallway simple like with my other team what room has the best light for selfies he's like oh that was the first thing I excited Oh finally I would honestly say the theater because I like a dark room and I like to use a flash with a dark room when's the last time you used a pool I've never used our pool actually what yeah can you believe that but I love our pool you know we don't have a jacuzzi can you believe that do you believe we don't have a jacuzzi we just make it sure that it's hot oh that's how I think cuz Kanye wanted like everyone wanted a jacuzzi like weird off to the side and we just wanted like a really long front stair which has been amazing cuz all the babies just sit on that stair and like all the cousins come over you said I wanted a Jacuzzi weird no I wanted it to coffee that's like we had no I mean everyone kept on designing them off to the side and it bothered you so much but the kids love to swim in a Jacuzzi but so you said no the whole pool will be a Jacuzzi just make it really warm like the whole pool all the time we built this like really long stair and it's not the deepest pool so like the kids like love it what three words would you use to describe axel cavorts bald him himself or like his design oh yeah I would say Axel's design style is wabi-sabi and that's two words yeah so I only have to use one more yes oh and Wabi and sabi that's three words that is not what I would have guessed here's what I think you would have said there are three words oh I could do it in four I would think on you would say greatest of all time oh that's nice yeah you wish you did that what was your favorite thing that you and Axel design together I say this hallway just take in this hallway that you loved when you found this house and with me and Axel we pushed it to minimize it and get as strong as possible and as simple as possible what is your favorite thing about the bathroom I would think that you say you would say taking selfies in that room yes that's so true the lighting in the bathroom is so good that it like smooths out all cellulite we have this like light panel that we saw maybe we sawed it like this Chanel store or something and the whole ceiling was this light and we did it it's so cool the whole ceiling is just one giant light but it like smooths out everything and so I I start my day off getting in the shower feeling so good about myself thinking like oh my god I really like I've been working out so hard my slightly lights going away and then I just go in the closet later to get dressed and I realized it was just the lighting we need there kind of lighting for the closet everyone's eyes need that kind of lighting yes we still have that sink that everyone is like how does the sink work how does this exist yeah we did we're designing some new sinks now but Claudia worked on that sink he's the one that said push it back pull it back from the wall and it has like a more Zen type of feeling yeah the sink was up against the wall and that was the big debate and so I was like well if I do my makeup is it gonna be weird because I'm so used to having it up against the wall but then I just have way more mirror so it's amazing what room are you most proud of okay I'm gonna answer I feel like you're most proud of your closet why is that because he completely took away the bars in the closet you have like a whole new system for how you like to fold your clothes and how you like to organize your clothes it gives me full anxiety cuz then you have to steam it instead of it just being I can see all my clothes in the closet at the same time I just haven't have them on Uline racks it's not very Axl I would say my favorite room would be the inside at a Anish Kapoor I stare inside and say we need to live inside of one of these like a huge Kapoor yeah yeah okay I was wrong the bathroom is one of my favorite rooms also be the way it's someone that's most similar to the concept of our houses in the future even though it's square and the other houses are more organic but I love how the whole side of the bathroom is just blown out and that was Chris I did she was like you guys need a bigger bathroom I was like oh bathroom and then it's like we had that huge bathroom that pushed our project backed by like eight months we had just continued to live with my mom for like eight months thanks a lot Chris thanks a lot mom you know it's something me and Kim always had in common with our houses we never had a lot of like garish colors we both always had houses that were this tone what I love about having such a minimal house I don't think I started off so minimal but after being with you I became way more minimal like there would be too much clutter and I wouldn't be able to get as much done I really believe if I had so much more stuff everywhere for me it's like how I organize and how I get things done I know where every last thing is there's a place for everything even if it's like hidden in the wall and a cabinet that you can't see like we do have a lot of stuff well that's the next frontier for the closets to be like an outright store because if you go to a store you see everything that is for sale so the closet the scale probably has to be bigger so that everything can be visible but still laid out in a really nice way because that lowers anxiety just knowing where your stuff isn't like more minimal yeah more minimal more chill our lives are so hectic and so crazy and there's always so much going on that I love to come home to full simplicity and just like lay in bed and just like it's so calming to me okay what was the inspiration behind the design of our house north was the inspiration you were an inspiration for the design of our house interview okay will you be my cardholder actually okay go sit on that couch right there and you could watch us no this is a good couch no no you for fair in the middle you're in the okay what was the inspiration behind the design of our house I'm not asking you the question yeah the kids like saying them in the backyard there are all these stairs and we wanted the kids or we needed the kids to be able to ride their scooters or skateboards around and not have to stop the stairs to as many places as I could take the stairs out I try I did like I said yes that's why you're at the inspiration kids are the inspiration for all of our design staff moving forward this is like an interim between can we eat the bumpy stairs that's what I'm saying there's any bumpy everything what's your favorite thing to do with the kids at home what's your favorite thing to do at this house dance competitions in the hallway in the summer you love to swim [Music] really there's that big of crystal there's some catfish there's some bigger blegh dad what is the most prized possession in the house yeah yeah I was gonna say that I'll do it again and then save me who's your favorite houseguest dave chappelle I was that's what I was gonna say Dave Chappelle I love when Dave comes over but he ain't gonna put his feet on our cows I'll tell you that all right thanks ad for joining us in our living room what do you even call this room I always get sucked into the living room yeah but we don't really live in here that much but thanks ad for doing the design quiz with Kim yay

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My Girlfriend Can't Cook | Anwar Jibawi
cooking for me is more than just flavors and ratios and presentation it's a meditation on life and the journey we all take as a bowl full of ingredients on this stove called earth hi I'm cookie and this is my boyfriend Anwar thanks for watching my Top Chef submission video that curl and not cook I try to infuse my creations with the same love and care as I would a child to me there's no difference between having a baby and rying an omelette there's like a little piece of you in each one on our first date she brought homemade cookies I ate one and I got eco life there's something about feeding people I feel like by nourishing them I'm nourishing my own soul their satisfaction is my satisfaction after my birthday dinner if you want to call it that got these really bad headaches and I couldn't poop right so I went to the doctor and he's at two words brain parasites when I put on an apron it's like I was born for this the doctor said if I continued eating her cooking my organs will shut down one by one and my bodily fluids would leave every pore in my body at once and that'll die and that's why I should be on top chef because I'm not your average amateur chef I'm cookie under no circumstances should she ever be allowed to cook for anyone ever she has to stop I just don't know how to do it chugga-chugga-chugga chugga-chugga-chugga Oh mm-hmm swallow it all right and we're so supportive he's the best um he just can't get enough I'm feeding him so much that I barely ever have time to try any new recipes amazing I'm gonna go get the other appetizer okay okay my boyfriend Anwar is my judge and jury and she's my executioner that sound oh no I think it was uh they're mowing the lawn outside Oh already about you can have mine thank you hey have you ever thought about owned like a cooking class do you really think I'm good enough to teach a class [Music] is there another bathroom right here I would feed the food to the dog but that would be animal cruelty at this point I'd rather eat the dogs food I actually do [Music] what are you doing I was just using the restroom seriously this is the fifth time you've left the toilet seat up god you're disgusting you're a slob you're unhygenic you're just gross like I know you love my cooking and I love you but I just can't do this anymore okay are you breaking up with me you can keep the food I left you in the fridge this is it no baby don't go come back yes I can hear everyone wow you're a fight thank you so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe turn on notifications and cop submerge peace
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Pranking My Friends Livestream
Video Script: this is my friend fresh he's a streamer who likes to crank 90s doorman oh you'll find out one day we were super bored so we decided to mess with him I just got done editing a video so I got a fair bit of eyelid McGowan on boys yeah I still edit my own videos no one does that except me for some reason ruining freshers life he's like my son he's like a child to me I just got the DNA test back he's not apparently not my biological son I know it's crazy we look so much alike one of the pcs has freshers fortnight account installed in it so we're gonna go on there we're gonna mess with a few settings that's all we're gonna do nothing crazy this is the PC with the great freshers login credentials freshy boy streaming right now he's live at this very moment here we go I've loaded up the epic games launcher mr. fresh Asian I'm logged in don't note with this side him out if I launch fortnight on his account will excite him it well this this kicks him off it's tricky we're in we've cracked the code oh yeah I feel like I've been hacked how I said how is he in my account alright now it's time to hack him and then change his key bones when he logs back on he'll be like oh I'm back I'm back try to play some for tonight and he'll be very confused remove all of his movement keyboards all right easy fire no it will make quiet space but what do we want we want get rid of these builds won't be there no builds for freshy boy so we can't use weapons he has no builds he can't jump logged out again but for a pin I get a logged out all right he's logging back in he's gonna be so mad he's gonna be stuck if my epic games account is actually hacked like I'm actually at why am I default oh my god what happened oh my Bynes are gone my all my movement and stuff is oh my god he touched everything just try to record a ******* video and I'm actually getting hacked and landing Zach ******* though I don't understand like we're in the same office but how does he have access to my account I'm so sorry fixed it he fixed it straight away yeah I think the only thing we got left is he has no turbo building that should get him at some point wait all my bills oh my god that he frickin turned it was Lannon again he turned Tober build-off I was wondering why why build was so cooked it turned ******* tower built off now we can continue gaming it's just bland and freaking hacking us alright sorry today the plan is to fill up freshers room with balloons I have no idea why all right well this is what freshers room looks like right now he is currently had his house sleeping oh it's gross its disgusting couple balloons is gonna really liven the place up why does it smell like wet feet in here you look beautiful thank you get away from my children there are I got the best blowers in New South Wales of course I will do absolutely none of the blowing now I'm here to document the experience learn that were ten seconds into the balloons and my assistant has caught her hand open she doesn't like her face being showing because she doesn't Bera seing stuff like this progress report Molly's having fun we have an office for six-year-olds I love it [Applause] [Laughter] sorry all of a sudden I really like your personality I love you but what the what the levels of balloons is rising we're all mr. Thomas below balloon we have a pill emoji balloon her jokes are funny too everywhere what are you doing over there [Laughter] we got yeat balloon we've just received word that fresh is actually like 25 minutes away he's here way sooner than we thought all right we're getting pretty full we get nice and chunky he's set up is almost entirely berry all right pretty boy it's so much to record a nice we've got a nice surprise for you fresh you boy I swear offenses you like your new office fresh you boys yeah all right fresh I want to say with balloons up my ****** I feel like most people would appreciate when their friends fill their rooms with balloons balloons are supposed balloons have supposed to mean you feel happy this is not happy the only way we're gonna clean up these balloons is if you can get a win in for number Boy win again fortnight covered in balloon Vic Roy I'm gonna throw balloons out him the entire time he's playing Wow look they pranked me Wow Frank Frank oh my god dude I bribed he's already gone that was ******* balloon oh dude balloon onto my left arm straight getting killed there chillin with chillin oh my god I'm getting a balloon avalanche good luck freshy boy all I'm dropping for tonight so much okay we have to do this after every Gamelin oh my god don't try to shoot that kid fresh he's a child your tables get a couple balloons oh gosh what happened sorry I still get jealous he'll get no Lindsay like Frick oh my god cake cavern antenna I can't see him oh you don't we deadmau5 oh I literally can't say fresh anymore he's gone it's great I didn't think it was physically possible for someone to be sad in balloons but you've made that happen it's hard to crate with the balloons touching my arms no one's ever crack this hard it's a balloon I'm the best balloon crank up oh my gosh okay every time get a kill fresh yep gonna make it out of balloons every time this celebration yep every time you get it clear we're gonna make it harder [Music] I'm just not gonna win trying to keep my mouse pad click oh my god okay this guy is sweating I can't see my health because there's a yellow balloon then I can't see my help did I forget Aggie love for tonight stop there we go hovering Jenna that will govern my life cover Imam oh my god I cut I'm just gonna grab this loop down here everyone's camping oh my what the what the dude holy Sh oh my god dude one of those in there real quick I am rocket gaming cuz I do not want to risk losing this oh that's another hit go ahead going in fresh boy happy victory so jake has a phobia of balloon spiders and balloons to celebrate the win Molly saw something on tick-tock you wanted to test yet so there's this like well we won't you call it there's like there's this tick tock tick vomit balloon if you can pop all these balloons right [Applause] [Laughter]
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Rauh Welt Porsche 911: The Untold Story of Scotto's Dream Car
Coming up as a hardcore Volkswagen kid, Brian Scotto's dream car was a natural evolution of German car head: a Porsche 911 turbo. So instead of buying something sensible like a new STI or Evo of the era, Scotto picked up this cherry 1991 Porsche 964 turbo. And when it came to launching the Hoonigan brand, he linked up with the legendary Akira Nakai of Rauh-Welt Begriff fame (from a connection at 0-60 magazine) to turn his Andial tuned, but otherwise stock 911 into the widebody, exhaust popping beauty it is today. From picking up a cover story on Euro Tuner magazine, to being immortalized in Forza Horizon in the Hoonigan Car Pack, this might just be our favorite Hoonigan car. And we're not just saying that because Scotto is probably reading this. Enjoy, the untold story of Scotto's Dream Car. Thank you to Tony Harmer, Alex Bernstein, Mike Garrett, and Tram Tran for the photo contributions. Video Script: stop commenting every time I post this car does it run this car has always ran the wings too heavy it doesn't so this is my 1991 Porsche 911 Turbo aka my childhood dream car that I own [Music] [Applause] [Music] we'll ask you some questions cuz I'm a Volkswagen nerd that's just kind of like what you do you get a Volkswagen and then you get an Audi and then you buy a 911 and this is like the natural progression this is where you get to this is the evolution of driving around ******** mark ones you eventually own a really fast Super Beetle that is the ultimate goal of any Volkswagen nerd so there's a bit of a backstory to even buying it right like I said Volkswagen kid had a ton of different VW's I bought my Audi Quattro in like 2004 and I was building that car I still building that car I always kind of wanted I 11 and I started looking into him only to realize that they had suddenly become affordable so in 2008 I was like alright I'm gonna start saving money I want to buy one and at that point air-cooled 911s in like 2008 had like hit rock bottom you could buy a c4 for under 10 grand you could buy c2 for like 1515 grand right and like you think about it now you couldn't touch those cars for like $50,000 so it was just I was like wow I can't believe this is so cheap and I just started I was like you know what I really want to get an AI 11 and I kept searching and all the white ones that were finding were C fours two years passed and I found one on eBay except it wasn't a c2 was a turbo and it was probably twice the amount of money that I was like planning on spending I actually had a bunch of stock in Ford Motor Company that I bought during the recession and then it boomed so I sold all my stock and Ford took all the money I had saved up and I bought a 911 off of ebay in Colorado I was traveling in Europe the car was delivered and Ron actually went to my house to go pick the car up so Ron car is actually the first person who ever drove this car so yeah it was my dream car and I got it for the price of a new Maxima so and the funny thing is is a lot of my friends I think Ron included we're like I can't believe you bought an old 911 you should have bought an Evo instead it's probably faster now this will pay for my kids college there is this blog called Auto otaku and otaku who means like to be really passionately obsessed with things and it was just like JDM car culture a photographer who's a friend of mine named Mike Garrett used to run it and yeah it was a he posted a photo from like an RW being Meetup and it was only like two or three cars they were like all flat black obviously Stella which is nakaya's car you know was was there and I just I I looked at it I thought this is incredible I never thought of Japanese tuners building cool 9/11 like that was always something that was reserved for the German you know tuners like gum bala and roof so it just had this super tough angry aesthetic and I don't know I just kind of fell in love with that look and even then I never thought I'd actually ever own in our WV carpets just the look of it like I didn't even really understand what our WB was I just knew that the cars looked really cool and they look like race cars something that was you know the race cars from the nineties but like with better styling white-****** I don't know why it's tall and to make them [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] we started following everything that Mike was posting on auto otaku and we had actually found a bunch of photos from I think someone else maybe was from Mike that we posted on zero-to-sixty Maggie zero-to-sixty was an enthusiast print publication focused on fast cars without care for or measure of 0 to 60 times it was founded in 2007 by our very own car cane junkie Brian Scott Oh inspired by the quality of his favor at UK auto pubs liked our evo and top gear mix with the attitude of his alma mater mag mass appeal this car magazine was determined to be the anti car man the paper was thick the design slick and the photography held by the ever irascible Tony hammer was a step above the rest aiming to stand out from the emerging auto globs 0 to 60 focused on evergreen stories like adventurous drives and in-depth expose a one in particular being the story behind the most notorious GTR importation scandal of all time a title of critical acclaim 0 to 60 received the mister magazine award for best new magazine in 2007 and luminaries like former super street editor-in-chief richard chang Angela Phoenix founding editor Mike Spinelli rounded out the creative leadership lab coat Ron even earned his pocket protector as a zero to 60 in turn eventually Scott are left to start hoonigan handing over the reins to Spinelli the magazine folded in 2010 along with much of the print industry much like the tires on scotto's car zero to 60 lived fast and died young we ended up doing a feature on Raw well you know and it was really kind of the first exposure to raw wealth in America and you know a few months it passed by you know lived in a garage in Brooklyn I think there's actually photos of me like washing it on the streets I'm like Myrtle Avenue or something ken and I were talking about how to launch hoonigan you know what was the right thing to try to do and we wanted to launch it at 2011 SEMA that was the idea it was like let's launch moon again launch it as a brand at this point hoonigan was already kind of existing in the background some people knew about it there was like a sticker on Ken's Gymkhana three there was a sticker on his car actually in Gymkhana four as well [Music] he started kind of teasing hoon again we hadn't really you know said what it was yet so we decided we're gonna do this official announcement but we wanted to have kind of this really cool thing and Ken actually was the one who said why don't you do one of those crazy we're all well kind of things to your car both can I have very much the same taste in cars like 80s 90s DTM huge fenders like just golf like angry ********* off a race car look and you know he's like what about that like Japanese tuning company you know rwb or raw well you know you think we could have them build your car and at the time I'm thinking there's no raw well it's being built outside of Japan like the only cars they've been built are the ones in Japan so I reach out to Toshi because I had his contact from the zero 60 days and Toshi says funny that you're reaching out we actually want to launch raw well in America I think it'd be a great partnership to like work with you guys on doing it and we're working with someone that you might already know Mark Arsenal so for you guys don't know mark Arsenal started and ran fat least and illest and was a buddy of mine so I call up mark and we start to kind of plan things out and it was like hey we wanted to you know launch we're all well at SEMA and you know let's let's work together so that was kind of how that really connected and it was great because we thought we were gonna have to ship this thing to Japan hit built and in the end it was you know we were able to kind of do it all here in the States and kind of kick off we're all welt here in the US [Music] I will say I love the color like the matte pearl white is pretty especially this light right now Xuan is first came out of the body shop they sent me a photo of it with nothing on it so there was like no door handles no lights there was just white and it looked like a marshmallow like I had that crazy like look to it because it what it is is like they said like where you want for a color I said I want the purest white because I kind of hate how white looks creamy and like look at my robe or like yeah my road was really warm so I was like I wanted just like pure white but then I did they were like hey I think that's gonna be really kind of boring looking so I was I would if you threw a pearl on it because like one of my favorite colors is the Audi coupe Quattro you know it comes in green and blue but it also comes in pearl white the whole like nakai building cars thing has become like like its own genre on YouTube I'll be honest at the time it was so crazy putting it together we didn't even really film it we filmed some of it some footage we have but like we weren't the company we are today so so my car and and marks car were both being built with the paddock which is phat Lisa's location in San Mateo so I had shipped my car up there they painted it and but I wanted to be there for the actual build so I flew up there and Mark had to go somewhere that weekend so it was just me and the KY by ourselves in the garage and this is like in the ky 10 years ago he speaks no English I speak no Japanese so we basically just sat around like smoking cigarettes and drinking Stella's and like pointing it photos on our phones and then working on the car together so this was before the days of like people got chairs like this from the Chi and he sat and he drank Stella's and everybody sat there and watched him work I literally just remember one of the big myths was that when the Chi built car is like you didn't have a say in the way your car was built and maybe that's actually the blender maybe first time was kind of crazy and lo watch him work and I know people have talked about this that's very skilled about everything he did because he's guys at this point all the cars we had seen built had seen it photos up in Japan like like the door panel like okay you know they crash the car and they were this party I like Harborside well the first to have that it was also one of the first cars to like be white Dino I did I answer that one sort of I rant and gentle on that ones in it yes I watched the Chi actually I helped like I cut my fingers off that's the short answer if you want the long answer is probably on bonus where I talk for ten minutes about that I just the way it drives like the turn it on this thing feels so different than any other car I don't know just in terms of 911 in general but probably the desal pops like if you listen to that like coming off throttle there's just this like pop pop pop pop there it is there it is I love that nothing better than driving through a quiet neighborhood just letting that pop so that is one thing the kite does name the car and I'll be honest me and all my friends joked like what if he means it something really whack like whatever it's just like the worst name ever but in the end he just named the car hoonigan so my car was named hoon again and then marks car was named Pandora one because Pandora liked the streaming service and the Kye had never heard of it before and he was so stoked because the whole time we were working on both my car and on marks car we just had Pandora playing in the background and he thought Pandora was like the coolest technology ever so he named the marks car Pandora one he named the 993 Pandora 2 and then my car was just named hoonigan aesthetically nothing I added two stickers headed the hits logo here on the back too and then I added a sticker for my boy mark lunardon who who died a few years ago visually that's really the only changes on the car I gave it some more power so but timid BBI those guys just kind of probably in like the low 300 range now it's around 400 horsepower and they got there by a new tune new piping new wastegate just kind of opened it up and let it breathe a little bit the old 911s there's a reason they're called widow-makers and it's because the power delivery kind of comes like you all right so this now kind of comes in like what and they like hits a little bit easier so the peak was super ********** the old ones [Music] so the answer the question has it ever been on track yes it's actually been on this track which is the Grand Prix race track we just crossed the start/finish line and I actually got to do some laps on here like a few years back with it [Music] honestly my favorite part is the taxicab yellow intercooler can we find those yeah for sure yeah definitely if this lift it the wings too heavy it doesn't pop so this is the Andy au intercooler which actually was like a huge ship upgrade that's just a regular stock like this looks that is does a seaward not anymore I think you just need to charge through quite obviously just leave it there but yo I don't weird one I don't like driving the car with the windows up cuz it sounds weird I like hearing you can't hear the D cell pop it's all about D cell pops oh god drop the windows down he drives with the window up so he doesn't have to hear poor people poor people cars and stuff like that yeah the the 964 is were single turbo right or the twin turret the single turtle says want to waste gate or they've all just ones away Steve oh this is waste gate that's exhaust that's pretty sick it's kind of a rat exhausted BBI me too not exactly what I would call street legal there's a lot of people who've asked me that question of like like oh do you regret making your car raw well now that you know 911 turbos fetch you know whatever two hundred thousand dollars and you know it is yours worth that much because you may have ruined it okay I didn't ruin it this is my dream car hopefully you know it's like I'm with it forever and I still nine years later loved looking at it like there's that old saying if you walk away and look back then you know like it's the right car like I walk out into my garage at night to look at it before I like lock the doors and turn the lights off like almost once a week I still love how it looks hasn't gotten old to me you know it all just seemed to make sense it was a really good story for hoonigan actually we got a lot of press off of it which is exactly what we wanted because it was really important for us that people understood that hoonigan wasn't just like ken block's brand it was like this thing we were doing and connected to other things so it kind of helped me tell this different story it wasn't just Ken and Ford it was like these other guys and these other people involved in the brand [Music] I first got the car built like the week after SEMA and flew into LA and I picked him up at the airport in this I think he says it's like the best airport shuttle I think this is definitely his favorite car of mine I don't think things like the Nova do it for him I drove with him once on the Nova and I think he was just kind of scared of it it was like dude you sure this isn't kind of fall apart [Music] yes sort of kinda there were three broad welts that were built all at the same time mine and marks were sort of kind of the ones on the front page marks also being a 964 and then there was a 993 that was built I will be honest I have not seen the 993 since we left SEMA I don't know where it went I don't think mark knows where it went I was a kid out of kinetic who built it I don't think the car ever really showed up again so really mine and marks car I think would be considered the first two cars if you want to get down to the super details maybe marks car was finished five minutes before my car but we basically both our cars were finished at the same time so I always say mine's one of two of the first cars the other car was finished like the next day or next two days later mark actually backdated his car to look like a long nose so it's not really the car doesn't exist anymore like at least in its original fashion so yeah this is now the only existing first rwb not just built in America but the first time you are W be built outside of Japan so I'm gonna claim that flex like if you enjoy your car like who cares in Safari 9/11 czar played out but they're still cool who cares what they're playing out get over it drive cars enjoy them dock complaining on the internet next question we did the rwb conversion I needed more Headroom in the car so that you know you could actually fit in here with a helmet we're just fitting here in general all 911 turbos came with sunroofs in America so this car used to have a sunroof which like came down that you know came pretty far down gave me a lot less room so we switched it out to like a 88 c2 non sunroof of car and I just have never fixed it since then so you'll see the car that we cut the roof out of a red car and I don't know it's just one of those things I just never think about it I don't really look up unless other people point it out it's pretty gross to like yeah all the glue marks and everything so yeah it's one of the it's on the list but hey the car runs good guys nice little mini bat by the way this this has been in here since the car since the rwb you just gonna ignore me what what's up have you ever farted in there of course it's my car how else do you Chris on the car real man this is the weird stuff you have when you have a Porsche yes some of that stuff heats the rubber rubber nice we call this I know no man box no no open this one here it's a good flat I think there's a G stickers in there you asked me to look at the stickers so disrespectful that's so disrespectful oh wait we got sued - this is the first sticker ever printed for ******* no mark we're good Kunar keys you even got your ceiling stickers okay so the car was [Applause] it's kato's don't touch because I have the seen jump pack as the company has I love I love everything is so purposeful about this car this is just rattling around in here

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