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The Alaskan Town FULL of Bald Eagles
A bald eagle is an exciting, rare sighting for most Americans. But on this Alaskan island, our national symbol is as common as a beachside seagull. You can find them everywhere - lurking above the post office, inspecting the trash, waiting patiently for the local fishing boats to return with the day's catch, even hanging out in front of the town church. In Unalaska, Alaska, everyone has an eagle story.

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Think Robots Can Never Take Your Job... Watch This!
In the "YASKAWA BUSHIDO PROJECT", they reproduced Machii's swordplay with MOTOMAN-MH24 robot, while challenging the industrial robot's performance limitations by integrating "legerity", "accuracy" and "agility" at a high level. Machii retains many world records like "cutting a 6mm BB bullet", and his swordplay has a reputation of theurgist. In this project, they also tried to express the courtesy and considerateness that Bushido has cherished.
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This bulldog taught himself how to skateboard
George is a 4-year-old bulldog that's obsessed with skateboarding.

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In The Stairwell: Air Force Academy Group - Some Nights - Cover - AGT 2017
Air Force Academy a capella group, In The Stairwell, rises to the occassion with a stunning rendition of "Some Nights" by Fun.

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Alamo Springs Cafe (Texas Country Reporter)
See what makes a cafe in the middle of nowhere such a hit. Alamo Springs Cafe Mike Tangman 107 Alamo Rd Fredericksburg, TX 78624 (Phone): 830-990-8004 Old Tunnel State Park Nyta Brown 10619 Old San Antonio Rd Fredericksburg, TX 78624 Phone: 866-978-2287

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