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Dog Makes Sandwiches & Cinnamon Rolls: Funny Dog Maymo
Funny Chef Dog Maymo makes his favorite Sandwich Recipe! This cute beagle dog shows you how to make a sandwich with his favorite ingredients: ham, cheese & fish as well as peanut butter jelly & bacon (and his other favorite foods)...and even enlists another member of his doggo family, Potpie the beagle puppy to join in the fun! The talented canine cook also bakes cinnamon rolls and almost blows up the kitchen in the process!

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Making Vodka From Sheep
Ryan Hartshorn’s family runs a sheep cheesery in Tasmania. But it wasn’t enough for Ryan to simply make cheese. He aspired to make vodka, too, using the whey leftover from the cheese-making process. Vodka? From sheep’s whey? But how? Never been done before, but Ryan figured it out, and his boutique spirit has won top honors at the World Vodka Awards. Baa-toms up.

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RTSF 2018 - Shag Battle Finals
Rock That Swing Festival 2018: Shag Battle Finals at the Deutsches Theater in Munich (10 Feb 2018). Filming and video editing: ...
Added: 11th June 2019
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Houston Couple Rebuild After a Hurricane Wipes Out Their Home
It's a nightmare scenario: You wake up to rising water in your home. That's what happened to Angie and Austin Parker as Hurricane Harvey pummeled the Houston area in 2017. See how they remodeled their home after the devastation.

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Giant Cat Rescues Dog from Mouse! Funny Dogs Maymo, Penny and Potpie
Watch Funny Dogs Maymo, Penny, & Potpie become Best Friends with a Giant Cat! The cute beagle dogs are being chased by a mouse when a giant cat rescues them from the annoying rodent by swatting him away. After the cat and dog mouse fight, the monster cat ends up playing with the dogs, who end up giving the huge feline a number of cat toys, which the cat accepts by purring and hissing. Watch this cat & dog friendship develop into cat/dog family fun!

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