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The Pensioner Cheerleaders High Kicking Into Retirement
A GROUP of acrobatic pensioners are refusing to let age or arthritis cramp their high kicks in a cheerleading squad for the over 50s. The Arizona-based troupe is a marching and performance group for women over 55 - with an average age of just over 70. While plenty of women use retirement as an opportunity to rest on their laurels, these dancers are glittering and shaking into their twilight years.

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Inside Thailand’s Sanctuary of Truth
Thailand's Sanctuary of Truth is a modern day marvel, made entirely of wood without the use of a single nail. Built using ancient carving techniques, the religious shrine has been under construction since 1981, with teams of dedicated architects continually working to finish out the plans of its creator. Originally commissioned by a Thai millionaire intent on keeping traditional craftsmanship alive, the structure is now considered to be a religious shrine, a cultural monument and a work of art, all in one. Welcome to the Sanctuary of Truth, a divine masterpiece in the making.

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Otter and Cat
An otter was swimming in our pond this morning. Our cat, Felix, was curious and the otter had something to say about the cat, too.
Added: 9th November 2017
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The Family: Sorry! from The Carol Burnett Show
It may be game night for The Family with Ed (Harvey Korman), Eunice (Carol Burnett) and Mama (Vicki Lawrence), but when the competition starts to heat up it turns out Sorry! isn't all fun and games.

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Top 10 DUMB Life Hacks You SHOULDN'T Try
Life hacks are intended to make our days easier and our tasks less complicated, so how is it that there are hacks out there that either serve no purpose or exist solely to harm? The internet, that’s how! To save you the hassle and headache, we’ve compiled ten life hacks that you should undoubtedly steer clear of.

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Lucky Dog Travels Central America With Best Dad
Dog Travels All Over Central America Via Van With The Best Dad | This dog and his dad drive all over Central America together in an old ambulance and go on the BEST adventures. Here's the sweet story of how they met

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Deaf Singer (Texas Country Reporter)
Despite being deaf, Emma Faye Rudkin is sharing the ups and downs of her life through music. Emma Faye Rudkin Ryan Proudfoot San Antonio, TX Phone: 830-249-1744 Emma’s non-profit – Aid the Silent:

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BEST!!  Heavy Equipment Recovery Trucks Skills & Dangerous Dump Truck Driving Skills [Fails Win]
BEST!! Heavy Equipment Recovery Trucks Skills & Dangerous Dump Truck Driving Skills [Fails Win]

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Kitty zens out on his own yoga mat
I'll take, Things I Didn't Know I Needed, for $1,000, Alex. I was sent a cat yoga mat to try, and Kodi gets downright Zen about the whole thing.

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Raising Baby Squirrels
The Flanders family took in a couple of orphaned squirrel babies. Here's how they cared for them until they were old enough to release. For detailed instructions, formula recipe, feeding charts, and resource links, follow this link:

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Leaps of Faith | Funny Animal Jumps Compilation
Sometimes you just gotta go for it and believe in yourself. If you make that leap of faith, you might just make it! Watch these hilarious animals make leaps of faith and see if they make it!

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The magnificent Dutch Friesian Horse from the Netherlands makes its home in Illinois. This story of one person's passion for the breed now joins the HorseFlicks TV Series "The Dutch Friesian • The Black Treasure of the Netherlands."

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Young Squirrel Out On His Own
The young squirrels are out on their own into Backyard Squirrel society now. This handsome young male sticks to the trees and grooms in his favorite spot on top of the new "Squirrel Condo" in the main oak tree. He has a pretty carefree life at this point being cautious and staying for the most part out of the open yard and freezing when the adults sound the alarm as they do later in the clip. They learn fast and soon he will trust the peanut man. This latest generation of gray squirrels have exceptionally fluffy tails for so young.

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Saving the Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit
North America's tiniest rabbits are still clinging to survival.
Added: 7th November 2017
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Morning Exercise with Charlie the Kangaroo
Occurred on October 26, 2017 / The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs, Australia "The morning exercise with Charlie."

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Jeanne Robertson | Don't Snap an Elephant to a Tree
In today's video Jeanne tells about her husband learning sign language, her ability to smile in a crisis, her panty hose falling to her knees and so much more...

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Rescue Dogs Who Found Forever Homes
ADOPT DON'T SHOP! All these adorable dogs were rescued and found their forever homes with loving families! I can't handle how happy they are!

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Cutest Pets of the Week Compilation November 2017
Brand new weekly compilation of the funniest dog, cat, bird and other pet and animal clips, bloopers, outtakes & funniest moments caught on tape.

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1918 Model 66 Pierce Arrow
Jay teams up with his buddy Patrick Craig to give a thorough look at his 1918 Model 66 Pierce Arrow that has the distinction of having the largest engine ever put in a production vehicle.
Added: 6th November 2017
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Tags Jay Leno Pierce arrow Museum Patrick Craig Model 66

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The Turkey Whisperer
A bunch of guys were pheasant hunting on a public piece of property in Montana when suddenly they heard turkeys gobbling. Where these guys are from, there are virtually no turkeys, so they were amazed. On their way back to the truck one of them said "I should strut at them and call them with my famous turkey call". The turkeys began to work their way toward the guys and that's when the "Turkey Whisperer' jumps into action... no turkeys were hurt during the making of this video.

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Best Pet Videos of the Month
Here are the best pet videos of the month in one amazing compilation!

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What does PEANUT Really Think About JEFF Being a Dad... Again! | JEFF DUNHAM
Peanut lets me know EXACTLY what he thinks about my decision to be a father at my age... As you might guess, he has a few opinions!
Added: 5th November 2017
Views: 832
Tags achmed all over the map america

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