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Taimane - Mercury
Here, Taimane and Ramiro Marziani play one of Taimane's original's "Mercury". Location: Chateau du Faou in Brittany France while on tour.

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Goat Baby Olympics!
We have 60 new baby goat kids in the barn ages 1-6 weeks, so needless to say bedtime is a wild time. Tonight I had hay bales still set up like a classroom in rows for a group of 35 K-6 students visiting from Lewiston. The goats saw them and immediately accepted the challenge! Some of the youngest ones like GoGo's little Buzz preferred to run alongside, but the older kids lept from one to another with perfect finesse and were so fast! Just had to share their impressive skill!

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WIN Compilation June 2019 Edition
Summer arrived in Germany and after months of complaining about how cold it is we now finally are able to complain about it being too hot - yay! Speaking of "hot": Here we have the hottest 58 clips of the last month packed into one gorgeous compilation of over 11 minutes length. Hope you like it!
Added: 4th June 2019
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Tags Win Compilation epic awesome amazing owned like a boss wow

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Lucas The Spider - Where Did It Go?
Where could the egg have possibly gone? I'm sure Lucas and his friend will get to the bottom of it!
Added: 4th June 2019
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Tags cute animals lucasthespider cuteanimals animation

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Candid Camera Classic: Hiking Toll!
In remembrance of our friend and colleague Dick Briglia, a classic in which Dick played a toll collector on a hiking trail in New Hampshire.
Added: 4th June 2019
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Tags Candid Camera Dick Briglia Candid Classics Peter Funt Hiking

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Most fun Zoo in Australia
If you are looking for best Place in Sydney to cuddle up to and have your photo with with Koala's, hand feed kangaroos, farmyard animals or even get behind the scenes with Meerkats, Red Pandas, Lemurs, Monkeys and more - then you have to head on into Symbio Wildlife Park. In addition to all the amazing animal experiences, Symbio also has a brand new Splash Park, Large Playground, heaps of picnic areas and is just minutes away from some of the countries most amazing beaches. Just 40 minutes South of Sydney International Airport, if it's an amazing day out you're after - Symbio is the place to go.

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River Otter Pup Rascals
The rescued river otter pups are growing stronger and friskier at our veterinary center!

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Catching a Frilled Dragon! Brave Wilderness
On this episode of On Location, Coyote, Mark, and Mario are in Australia! Will they be able to catch the magnificent frilled dragon during their adventure? And if so... can they snap the perfect photo of a frilled dragon on top of our Brave Wilderness Adventure Kit?! Watch to find out!

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Pulling out weeds in rams territory is a dangerous game
I had to get rid of some Foxglove plants in Dodge and Thunders territory as they're poisonous for sheep and slow the grass growth. The Rams started getting feisty after 20 minutes so I had to bail out.

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Beef Stroganoff with Pappardelle
Today I would like to share with you my Beef Stroganoff with Pappardelle recipe. Written recipe:

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Elephants Sniffing Out 10 Million Landmines | The Long Walk Home
Using their elephant sense of smell to detect ten million unexploded landmines to make their way home to Angola. Thousands upon thousands of elephants struggle through a dust-laden, apocalyptic landscape. Whirlwinds of sand a thousand feet high whip the desiccated moonscape. It is a journey that some will never complete. This is a story of vision, struggle, hope and one man's dream to bring freedom to over a hundred thousand beleaguered African elephants.
Added: 2nd June 2019
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The Virgin Prince from The Carol Burnett Show (full sketch)
"The Virgin Prince" (Tim Conway) tries to win over Princess Cecily (Carol Burnett) but it doesn't quite go as planned. Want even more laughs?

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Taimane - Love Song by The Cure
Taimane and Ramiro Marziani play "Love Song" backstage before their show in Paris.
Added: 1st June 2019
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Tags love song lovesong the cure cure ukulele taimane ukelele uke taimane gardner

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