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BIG CATS Like Boxes Too!
Tigers, Lions & Leopards love boxes too! Just like domestic cats! To find out more about Big Cat Rescue, our mission and volunteer opportunities please visit our website: http://bigcatrescue.org
Added: 19th April 2013
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Mountain Coaster
Europe's longest Mountain Coaster looks like FUN! longest mountain coaster in europe single-pipe alpine coaster in mieders, austria
Added: 7th November 2011
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Emergency Landing - Very Intense
Jonathan Fielding was up for a birthday flight with his wife (her first flight ever), her mother and their seven month old boy when they received the shocking news that their carburator had iced over. After gliding over a field they found an ideal place to land the plane. The pilot was experienced in field landings but unfortunately the snow caused the landing gear to sever from the plane, flipping the plane front to back and smashing the tail before it came to a rest upside down. No one was hurt in the accident save for bruises, whiplash and minor cuts.
Added: 15th February 2013
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Hilarious! - Dog And Turtle Playing Soccer!
Wait for it - Dog and turtle playing soccer. Turtle cheats and bites his opponent! Who knew turtles liked to play ball?
Added: 4th July 2014
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Tom Hanks Cracks Up Memorial Service
An emotional Tom Hanks shares a funny story at Michael Clarke Duncan\'s memorial service. Funny, yet very emotional! http://www.cnn.com/video/
Added: 13th September 2012
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The Story of Jonah as Told by A Little Girl
This beautiful and talented little girl brought a smile to my face as she tells the most enchanting, fascinating and educational story of Jonah I have ever heard! Video from Corinth Baptist Church.
Added: 25th June 2012
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Frosty And The Nine Snow Puppies
Nine adorable Golden Retriever puppies playing in the snow to the tune of Frosty The Snow Man. Now wouldn't you like to have one of these for Christmas?
Added: 12th December 2012
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Coolest Wingsuit Flying Ever!
Imagine flying low through the Swiss Alps with nothing but a Wingsuit with mutiple cameras attached to capture the whole flight! That's what Jeb Corliss did! Now we can fly along with out leaving the safty of our surroundings... Enjoy!
Added: 1st September 2011
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Two Dogs Belly Whopping In The Snow
River and Trout are two very goofy and fun loving Labrador Retriever brothers and alpine enthusiasts. They like to spend winter weekends at Sugarbush In Warren Vermont playing in the woods and body snurfing or body sledding/belly whopping in the snow.
Added: 2nd January 2011
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Coolest Trapeze Act Ever!
This is not your everyday trapeze act! This couple must trust each other 100% in order to accomplish these complicated and dangerous moves. The Duo Artemiev offers an impressive and beautifully done trapeze number unlike anything you have I seen.
Added: 18th December 2011
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Extreme Puppy Makeover - Prank it FWD
Tom Mabe may be one of the biggest pranksters ever but seems he has a real soft spot when it comes to animials. See what he and his friends did for the people and pets at this Kentuky Humane Society. #PrankitFWD break.com/prankitfwd Humane Society Gift Email: Tom@TomMabe.com
Added: 20th November 2014
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Jumpy The Dog Is Fantastic!
The relationship between a dog and its owner is a unique bond. Omar von Muller a respected and successful animal trainer, uses training techniques he has personally developed to gain the trust and respect of the dogs he has trained. Jumpy is a prime example. Jumpy has a new fan! Me!
Added: 1st April 2014
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Meet Elias - The Outrageous Seven Year Old Piano Prodigy
Elias - The Seven Year Old Piano Prodigy - Elias is a 7-year-old piano prodigy, but what he brought when he met Ellen was a lot more than just musical skill. This might be one of the most memorable guests in history. Please subscribe

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Let's Go Flybording - It's Funtastic
The Flyboard is a machine which allows propulsion underwater and in the air. Between 2 and 20 minutes are needed to learn with an instructor and 20 minutes/ 1 hour without. The Flyboard is very intuitive : it's like learning to walk. After a few minutes you will be moving underwater like a dolphin and challenge gravity like a superman or superwoman! ( At least that's what they say on their website. ) http://zapata-racing.com
Added: 4th October 2012
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What This Man Does To Surprise His Dog Is Incredibly Awesome!
While planning his family holiday, Kai - the bulldog's dad couldn't stand the thought of leaving his bulldog behind. Watch the surprise he prepared for the bulldog at his first kennel visit. Made possible thanks to Dad's true love.
Added: 1st September 2014
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Soda Water Dogs
Three German Shepherds enjoying a game involving a soda siphon. From BBC's That's Life!
Added: 29th August 2011
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Labs Are Awesome!
Labradors are loyal, loving, energetic, happy and one of the most fun dog breeds! afv.tv/AFVWeb
Added: 23rd April 2014
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Oh Sweet Lorraine - An Amazing Song Written by 96 year-old!
A poignant story of life, love, music and 96 year old Fred. Buy "Oh Sweet Lorraine" on iTunes! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ oh-sweet-lorraine-feat.-jacob/id676472051 http://www.greenshoestudio.com Green Shoe Studio - East Peoria, IL
Added: 26th August 2013
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How to walk your human by Kodi The Kitten
For cats' eyes only! Keep your human healthy, happy and obedient with this 7-step guide to walking your human, instructed by Kodi the Kitten. http://www.facebook.com/ ShortyTheCat2010 Music is Peach Cobber from iMovie 11
Added: 24th June 2012
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Halloween Time with Jesse The Jack Russell
Jesse's all ready for Halloween! Who will come trick-or-treating when he passes out the delicious doggie goodie bags? The treats are only for the guests, but Jesse really wants one of the bags...will Jesse be able to charm his way into getting a goodie bag? Music by: Kevin MacLeod http://incompetech.com
Added: 29th October 2012
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Paragliding vs. Eagle
The incident occurred in the Indian Himalayas. The eagle flew into the slings paragliders. luckily, the pilot used the reserve parachute and all ended well.
Added: 31st October 2011
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What A Wonderful World - Nature  ( HD )
What A Wonderful World With David Attenborough -- BBC One [FULL HD] A celebration of Natural History on BBC One with David Attenborough. http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcone/
Added: 2nd January 2012
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New Kid in Town
"New Kid in Town" performed by Blake Shelton featuring scenes from producers Roma Downey (Touched By An Angel) and Mark Burnett's (The Voice, Survivor, Shark Tank, Celebrity Apprentice) epic minseries THE BIBLE. 3-3-13: The Bible Comes to Life. Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/BibleSeries Follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/BibleSeries http://www.BibleSeries.tv "New Kid in Town" Performed by Blake Shelton Available on iTunes January 28th 2013
Added: 18th December 2012
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Savour Every Moment
Dogs and cats seem to possess some inner secret to enjoying life. They're able to savour every single moment of the day; all the fun moments, and the goofy ones. The playful moments, the loving moments. If our pets could talk, they might tell us: "When you're happy, don't forget to tell your face. Napping is beauty sleep for the soul. Eat like nobody's watching." http://www.petcurean.com/ savoureverymoment
Added: 14th May 2013
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America - Why I Love Her by John Wayne
The distinct voice of the "Duke", John Wayne bellows the praise of "Why I Love Her" referring to Our great country, "America"! Beautiful views follow the spirit behind the words to this American Tribute.
Added: 3rd July 2014
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