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MOST Popular Viral Photos Explained
You all see those pictures and stories shared on your feeds that just seem to get everyone talking. But how many of those do you actually know the real story behind? Found out on this list of viral photos explained.

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A Day In The Life Of A Cat Owner - You Know It's True!
A Day In The Life Of A Cat Owner - Especially if you work from home. Some of this footage was used in "6 signs your cat loves you," but I thought it deserved its own video. And I'm going to try to stick to a new video every Tuesday this year so check back every week and be sure to follow ShoKo on Facebook for daily updates! Music is Fenster's Please subscribe

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Sneaky Crow Nips At Dog\'s Tail
Who knew that dogs and crows couldn't get along in the animal kingdom? This crow certainly thinks it's a good idea to sneak up on an unsuspecting dog and nip at its tail. For more hilarious pet videos check out
Added: 1st August 2012
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In this People are Awesome Best of the Month compilation features bmx tricks, gymnastics, acrobatics, horseback archery and high diving! Sit back and enjoy the week's best viral videos of awesome people doing amazing and extreme things!

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Funny Dogs Annoying Cats Compilation
Dogs Annoy Cats | Dogs Annoying Cats | Puppies Annoy Cats | Puppies Annoying Cats | Funny Dogs Trying to Play with Cats

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Baby Deer Can't Figure Out How to Play With a Ball
This fawn is having trouble playing with a ball.
Added: 19th October 2015
Views: 6725
Tags Kyoot AFV AFV Animals animals fun funny pets pet Play Deer (Animal) fawn

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Check out these insanely creative painting tips and ideas!They'll come in handy whether you're doing repair works in your house or just upgrading your inner artist's skills or just painting for fun!Yarn thread painting techniques, handprints in a frame, drawing with water and ink and great designer tips to liven up the walls in your apartment!

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The Larry Stephenson Band - In the Garden - Bluegrass Music
The Larry Stephenson Band performs "In the Garden" live at the Stained Glass Bluegrass 40th Anniversary concert at the Washington, DC

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2014 Amsoil Championship Snocross Salamanca, NY
Watch Kody Kamm during the Final at the 2014 Amsoil Championship Snocross from Salamanca, New York.
Added: 21st February 2014
Views: 5330

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Hilarious! Dog Ruins His Human's Cooking Demonstration
I have no idea what this guy is saying but I'm still laughing after watching Mari, the Shiba Inu, hilariously sabotage this tofu cooking demo. The ending is priceless!
Added: 4th March 2015
Views: 28437

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Tebow In One Word:  Excited!
Tim Tebow wasn't a man of many words on Monday in his press conference introducing him as a Jet. One word he did use was 'excited'.
Added: 27th March 2012
Views: 9555

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Bode Falls Asleep Standing While Still On Skis
It was a tough day of learning to ski so the poor little guy fell asleep while he was standing up.
Added: 26th March 2012
Views: 7687

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The Nat Geo Contraption
To celebrate our upcoming lineup of smart and entertaining shows, we found inspiration in American cartoonist Rube Goldberg's famous chain reactions. So we decided to create our own National Geographic version, combining 9 globes, 3 tyres, 1 Volkswagen Beetle, bowling pins, and a variety of everyday objects into a 4-ton scientific contraption with 38 triggers and 71 moving pieces! Watch what happens after "Street Genius" host Tim Shaw sets everything in motion.
Added: 9th December 2014
Views: 4035

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Best Videos of the Week! (Ep. 34)
It's been an awesome week!! Hope you enjoy this compilation of some of our favorites including: freediving under ice, downhill mountain biking, pole fitness, trampoline and teeterboard tricking, POV parkour, adaptive soccer, skimboarding, crazy foot archery, partner workouts, tennis trick shots and more.

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Amazingly Smart Pit Bull performs Fancy Tricks
Veronica-Lynn Pit Bull the amazingly smart pit bull performs her fancy tricks (that would be her intermediate level tricks). Tricks include fetching a tissue, saying Grace, performing a cupboard retrieve (i.e. helping in the kitchen), taking a time out in her crate and putting her toys away in her toybox.

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Baby elephant throwing a tantrum
A herd of elephant passed in front of us and I caught this baby elephant looking like bambi on ice.

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Penelope Cruz Charcoal Drawing
A fun little drawing, really wanted to capture that smile. enjoy.
Added: 20th June 2012
Views: 7699

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The Circuit Riding Preacher
The Circuit Riding Preacher was filmed at the New Beaverdam Primitive Baptist Church in Kinston, North Carolina.
Added: 12th February 2017
Views: 2355
Tags The Circuit Riding Preacher Music

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CareerBuilder 2012 Big Game Commercial - Business Trip
Business travel becoming a burden? - Start Building
Added: 6th February 2012
Views: 7327

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Clever Bird Goes Fishing
This clever bird fine tunes its fishing technique with a small scrap of bread.
Added: 27th August 2012
Views: 46434

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Shar Pei Puppy Loves Nature
Shar Pei Puppy is going green
Added: 14th May 2014
Views: 2842

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Airplane Snoring!
Airplane snoring!
Added: 8th February 2015
Views: 5041

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