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DID YOU KNOW THAT ALBERT EINSTEIN HAD A SECRET THEORY ABOUT HAPPINESS? His theory written on a piece of paper just sold for 1.5 million dollars! But even he would have probably disapproved of this sale. Check out his theory here and choose happiness today!

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Best Pets of the Week | May 2018 Week 2
This week's best pets of the week includes a bulldog living his best life in a helicopter, two rap siblings fighting over food, a tap dancing cockatiel and more! Enjoy this funny pet compilation! My favorite is the little white dog trying to guess which hand the food is in... the look on it's face is priceless!

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Wilson Football Factory - How Footballs Are Made
Here is an inside look into Wilson's Ada Football Factory where all of the Official NFL footballs are made. The video shows the step by step process that each football goes through.
Added: 31st December 2010
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Just Jesse the Jack Running in Slow Motion
Become a Fan of "Just Jesse the Jack" on Facebook to follow all of Jesse's Adventures!: Just a clip of my baby running in Slow Motion =o) I love his happy expression in this video ? More Just Jesse videos coming soon!~ We hope you enjoy~ ~Heather and Jesse~ Music by: Kevin MacLeod "Reunited"
Added: 8th March 2013
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Life hack: Clean your toilet with regular cola!
Check out this life hack and try it out yourself at home using regular cola. Sounds crazy? Absolutely. But it works!
Added: 9th April 2016
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Tags home cleaning

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How This Rescue Dog Learned To Ice-Skate
Watch Benny the dog cruise around on his specially made ice-skates, and learn the backstory of how he went from a kill shelter death row to the world's fluffiest new athlete.
Added: 17th October 2018
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Tags INSIDER dog ice skate ice skating dog ice skating ice skating dog rescue dog

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Worry About Yourself!
August is not very interested in getting help buckling her car seat.
Added: 19th April 2013
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Here's the comprehensive compilation of hacks and tricks! Unexpected uses for the drill, toothpaste and much more useful stuff! Check it out!

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3 Easy Roll-Ups For Breakfast, Lunch, And Dessert
3 Easy Roll-Ups For Breakfast, Lunch, And Dessert. Sweet, savory, rockin' rolls.

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Improv Everywhere - Spinning Beach Ball of Death
For our latest mission, a presenter at the TED conference has his talk interrupted by the Mac spinning wait cursor, commonly known as the "Spinning Beach Ball of Death." As he stands awkwardly and waits, things get weird. Enjoy the video first and then go behind the scenes with our report below.
Added: 19th March 2012
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Bentley the Bulldog Puppy is Fussy
Bentley 8 weeks old
Added: 23rd August 2012
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Chow Puppy Loves Tiny Boats
Chow chow! Special thanks to Javier Alatriste Of Alatriste Chows For more information please email Producer: Gabe Evans Associate Producer: Matt Pagourgis
Added: 3rd May 2014
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Tiny Hamster Vs Kobayashi
Many thanks to Takeru Kobayashi for being a great sport! Curious about the hamster's tiny hot dogs? They were made out of grapes, dates, or carrots. The hamster ate whatever seemed to taste best to him!
Added: 17th September 2014
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Sad dog expresses opinion of new furniture
These dog owners have just purchased a new couch, and Bella the Boxer tells them just what she thinks of their "new rule". Hilarious!
Added: 3rd September 2016
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Tags funny dog boxers dog petsdog dogs cute dogs bellaboxer

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Four Storm Troopers Playing Imperial March on Bottles - Star Wars (Bottle Boys)
Happy Star Wars Day everyone, Since this year marks the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, we thought: What better way to celebrate it than by shooting a video of us playing Darth Vader's theme "Imperial March" on bottles? And to really make this challenging we teamed up with the fabulous team from Funidelia who provided us with some pretty neat Storm Trooper costumes to perform in.

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Evacuated Tube Transport
Evacuated Tube Transport is an airless, frictionless, maglev-like form of transportation which is safer, cheaper and quieter than trains or airplanes. Six-person capsules travel in the tubes and can reach a maximum speed of 6,500 km/h, and provide 50 times more transportation per kwh. A tube can travel from New York to Beijing in two hours, and make a round-the-world trip in just six hours.
Added: 22nd April 2012
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Funny Labradors Compilation
Funny Labradors! Enjoy 8 minutes of funny and adorable labs! Feel free to leave a comment! Share this video in Facebook/Twitter/Google+.

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Classical guitar making. My 24th guitar build
Highlights from making my classical guitar featuring the builder playing the finished instrument. The back and sides of this guitar are Indian rosewood. The top is western red cedar. The neck is Spanish cedar. Fret board is Macassar ebony. The rosette is a maple burl. Song list Etude in Am-Carcassi Andantino- Carcassi Minuet-Krieger Andante-Sor Andante-Carcassi Allegro-Guiliani Alegretto-Sor Alegretto-Sor Here Comes the Sun-Harrison
Added: 12th January 2014
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Water Valley Band (Texas Country Reporter)
The Water Valley High School band may be the smallest in the land, but they're putting out a great big sound. Judy & Brian Owen; Logan Chapman Water Valley, Texas

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They Cut My Britches Off
Comedian Mark Lowry tells about having a motorcycle wreck ( while not wearing a helmut ) and what happened to him afterwards.
Added: 26th July 2012
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How Not To Instagram
The 7th installment of our #imapreviewgirl video series. How Not To Instagram is part of Preview Magazine's #imapreviewgirl campaign that started with our September 2013 issue. We asked our friends from the film industry to interpret what a Preview Girl means to them; it was an open brief and they could do anything they wanted. There are more videos coming up, so stay tuned to our channel and discover what it is being an #imapreviewgirl. Find out more about Preview Magazine here:
Added: 15th November 2013
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Black Velvet - Alannah Myles - 7th Ave ft. Emily Mcvicker (Official Video)
Black Velvet - Alannah Myles - 7th Ave ft. Emily Mcvicker (Official Video) To get this MP3 support us on Patreon Thanks to Emily Mcvicker for singing with us!

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Dogs Meeting Kittens For The First Time Compilation 2016 || NEW HD
Check out these dogs meeting kittens for the first time. A dog and a kitten can be so funny and cute when a dog meets a kitten.

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Cutest Pets of the Week Compilation November 2017
Brand new weekly compilation of the funniest dog, cat, bird and other pet and animal clips, bloopers, outtakes & funniest moments caught on tape.

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