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Deaf Dog Inspires Couple to Save More Dogs Like Him
Deaf Dog Inspires Couple to Save More Dogs Like Him | This couple adopted a gorgeous deaf dog and taught him sign language. Then they realized dogs like him had no chance of surviving in shelters and decided to save them all.

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Taimane  - Fire (HI Sessions Live Music Video)
Taimane is on fire! She's back on HISessions and with this appearance she becomes the first artist to be featured three times on our show. She's also back with her fantastic guitar player Jazz. Last but not least, we get to hear more of Taimane's original music.

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Funniest Pets and Animals of the Week Compilation September 2018 | Funny Pet Videos
Brand new weekly compilation of the funniest dog, cat, bird and other pet and animal clips, bloopers, outtakes & funniest moments caught on tape.

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Duck Sisters Have Their Own Pool
These duck sisters go everywhere together. Dusty and Otter even have an indoor pool to play in.
Added: 2nd August 2018
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Tags INSIDER duck pool sisters cute animals ducks water

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Dad Catches Baseball While Holding Baby Compilation (2018)
These are some incredible dad saves when these dads catch home run and foul balls with their babies in their arms! Dads catching ball with baby, Happy Fathers Day 2018!

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Grackles Up-Close in 4K UHD
The Common Grackle is a gorgeous bird that is best appreciated up close like another bird would experience it. On this cloudy day it has a strangely intimidating look to it. When viewed face on in UHD it displays a total lack of color except for those yellow eyes with black pupils and can almost seem to disappear into the background. In sunlight it can appear iridescent with colors changing depending on the angle of sunlight striking it.

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Hide n Seek Pets
Come out come out wherever you are!

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People Are Awesome vs. FailArmy - (Episode 6)
Enjoy another round of Expectations vs. Reality as the Awesome People vs Fail Army show off ( or try to show off ) their stuff.

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Watch a Hummingbird build a nest, feed babies and fly off, right on a kitchen window. This lady has to swing the feeder in the house with nest to clean daily. Smart mother bird, made this nest out of the rain, under shelter with a great supply of food.

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Best Pets of the Month | January 2018
First month of 2018 down! Here are all the most hilarious pet videos from this month! We have dogs, cat, birds, foxes and more!

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Awesome Archive Ep. 7 | The Best of People Are Awesome!
Sit back, relax and enjoy this compilation of some of the greatest ever clips from the People are Awesome archive! For those that enjoy our compilations we wanted to bring you more amazing people doing incredible things, so here's a throwback to a few favorites!

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Baby Bears Being Fed
Preparing the grist for the animals on a peaceful & quiet morning. 'Till the little devils are let out.
Added: 1st June 2018
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Tags Life Bear IFAW Farm Before Day Nightmare After Second Hours Real

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Dog Turns Lonely Baby Cow Into A Happy Puppy
This dog loves to chase her cow best friend and bite his ears - and he doesn't mind one bit. Watch how Bucket the baby cow magically transformed into a puppy when he met Colton, and how their human catches them playing hilarious games together every day.

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Cats Talking With Their Humans Compilation 2018 [NEW]
Cats are talkative little beings. They love talking, arguing... just having some conversations with their humans.

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My Foster Puppy, Falstaff
Falstaff is an adorable 8 week old black lab mix. He will be up for adoption with Wolf Trap Rescue April 21, 2018. If interested, please visit his profile link for more information
Added: 13th April 2018
Views: 1057

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Beyond the Ghost Stories of the Winchester Mystery House
With its witch's hat turrets, spider web windows and Gothic spires, Sarah Winchester's 24,000-square-foot Victorian house in San Jose, California, draws tourists from around the world. They hear tales of its construction inspired by guilt and its haunting by ghosts. But to the rifle fortune heiress, it was simply her hobby house. From 1886 to 1906, she lavished time, attention and considerable cash on the workshop where she unleashed her ambitious architectural fantasies using the most luxurious and innovative materials of her time.

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God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Official PaperDolls)
Thank you to the city of Sandpoint for letting us take the streets for a day! We love our mountain home! Merry Christmas! #LightTheWorld Band-Meghan, Kendra, Alisa, LaRae, Joseph, Ammon, Zach Patton Filmed by-Joseph and Ammon Walker Edited by-Joseph Walker Music Production-Fuel on Fire

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Enjoy some perfectly timed photos. The cow jumping over the dogs is my favorite, what's yours?

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Karaoke Singer At Sam's Club Becomes A Viral Sensation
Christina Kokonis Viggers got a little brave and tried out Sam's clubs karaoke machine ! Yasssss ! The crowd stopped and listened as she sang 'Maybe This Time' from the musical Cabaret channeling her girl Liza !!!!!!
Added: 8th June 2018
Views: 30231
Tags Sams club Sams Christina Kokonis Viggers Put Me On Steve karaoke

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Andre Rieu & Carmen Monarcha - Habanera
Andre Rieu & His Johann Strauss Orchestra performing Habanera live in The Netherlands. Taken from the DVD 'The Flying Dutchman'.

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Amazing Rabbit Changes Man's Mind About Animals - CHIEF BRODY
Man Never Really Liked Animals Until He Met An Amazing Rabbit | This guy was so surprised to fall in love with a bunny - twice .

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People Are Awesome - Best of the Week! (Ep. 52)
It's been another excellent week for awesomeness! Thanks to everyone who submitted their videos this week!

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