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Dog Won't Let Mom Workout
Dog Won't Let Mom Work Out | This dog does not want his mom to do push-ups...sounds like a perfect reason to stop working out!

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Black Water | The Doobie Brothers w/PFC Band Live in Los Angeles
We're happy to share this live performance of "Black Water" from our friends Tom Johnston, Patrick Simmons, and John McFee of The Doobie Brothers, who joined the PFC Band along with Lee Oskar and Ellis Hall to perform a few of their hits during our recent WE ARE ONE Benefit concert in Los Angeles. Let the music play and sing along, "old black water, keep on rollin'..."

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People Are Awesome vs. FailArmy - (Episode 7)
We're starting off the week right with a new episode of People Are Awesome vs FailArmy! Enjoy another round of Expectations vs. Reality in collaboration with our friends at People Are Awesome & FailArmy!

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1975 Porsche 911 with a 603-HP Corvette LS6 engine swap | Flat Out - Ep 7
From its high-rev reverberation to its low-rev rumble, this week's Franken-911 summons thunder thanks to a 603-horsepower Corvette V-8 stuffed in its rump. A force of nature on the desert tarmac, this stars-and-stripes-powered Porsche combines the crisp handling of a 1975 911S with the burly grunt of a modified LS6 engine. Owner Bob Radke storms the track at Willow Springs with this yellow monster, showcasing the delights of what can happen when vintage German chassis engineering mingles with American muscle.

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Chef Crusoe Makes Pupcakes
Join Crusoe in supporting National Cupcake Day which helps pups in need at the Ontario SPCA & Humane Societies. Host a cupcake/pupcake party with friends and family and help raise funds and HAVE FUN! Learn more at - and even if you're not from Ontario or Canada, yes you can still participate!

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Willow City (Texas Country Reporter)
The Proch kids have gone from covering songs to writing their own music with their family band: Willow City. Beecher, Liza, Asa & Ezra Proch Willow City, TX Website:

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Red-Winged Blackbird Song and Display
Stunning male Red-Winged Blackbirds in classic singing and displaying mode for Spring! I could watch these guys all day. I have several videos of RWBB's, but this is my best sound recording so far. No man-made noise and using an external shotgun microphone for DSLR:

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Mini Horse Who Lost Her Leg Is Pure Inspiration
This baby mini horse lost her leg, but she's SO determined to walk - and her owners feel completely blessed to know her

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Funny And Cute Golden Retriever Puppies Compilation | Funny Pet Videos
Are you ready for the cutest Golden Retriever compilation on youtube? come and enjoy this brand new weekly compilation?

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Best Pets of the Week | May 2018 Week 4
Can you believe that May is almost over?! Here are the best pets of the week! These pets are amazing and incredible and absolutely adorable!

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There's nothing better than grandma's wisdom and her amazing time-tested tips that sometimes can work magic! Learn how to fix broken vase, cure minor burns and many more helpful tips that may come in handy every now and then! ;)

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Ladyva - 8 To The Bar (Boogie-woogie Piano)
Ladyva started playing the piano at the age of 14, inspired by legends such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Albert Ammons, Meade Lux Lewis and Nico Brina. Two years later she joined her brother Pascal Silva to perform live on stage. This lead to TV broadcasted performances at festivals and on TV-Shows such as "Heitere Festival Zofingen" (Switzerland), ZDF Fernsehgarten (German TV-Channel), Glanz und Gloria (Swiss TV-Channel) and Boogie Woogie festivals all around Europe. On 6 September 2015 she gained her biggest success so far playing at the legendary Palladium in London to perform at the 80th Birthday and Farewell Tour of Jerry Lee Lewis.

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Amazing World 2  -  4K UHD
Music: Just For You By Giovanni Marradi
Added: 25th February 2018
Views: 959
Tags Amazing Nature 4K UHD TriumphRainbow

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Do You Hear
Yanny vs. Laurel audio illusion solved! PHEW FINALLY!

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How To Dissolve Gold  - Your Daily Dose Of Internet
How To Dissolve Gold - Your Daily Dose Of Internet
Added: 24th June 2018
Views: 494
Tags best vines 2018 funny vines funny videos funniest videos 2018

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Hummingbird Bath Close Up
Hummingbird Bath Close Up
Added: 24th April 2018
Views: 1111
Tags Hummingbird (Animal) Bird (Animal)

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Goggles Made For Adventurous Dogs
Rex Specs goggles protect your dog's eyes during playful adventures. They're perfect for sandy days at the beach or blustering car rides. The spherical lens does not limit your dogs vision and they come in many sizes.

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In this video you will see some of the most brilliant magic tricks: card tricks, levitation, color-changing and more! Moreover, it also reveals how they're done.

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Itchers and Scratchers | Funny Pet Compilation 2018
Some dogs' favorite activities include itching and scratching on anything they can find! I guarantee you will be feeling a little itchy after watching this hilarious compilation of itchers and scratchers!

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People Are Awesome - Best of the Week (Ep. 49)
It's been another great week and a great end to February. Thanks to everyone who submitted videos! Which clip was your favorite?

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Squirrel Clown Box - National Squirrel Appreciation Day
How many Red Squirrels can fit in this Box? You've heard of a "Clown Car" - this is a box full of cute little baby Red Squirrel clowns and their Mom - who is totally frazzled. This goes on for an hour. I'll leave it to the audience to count them! BTW January 21st is National Squirrel Appreciation Day - what better way to see how much joy squirrels can bring!

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We should aim for perfection - and stop fearing failure | Jon Bowers
Sometimes trying your best isn't enough; when the situation demands it, you need to be perfect. For Jon Bowers, who runs a training facility for professional delivery drivers, the stakes are high -- 100 people in the US die every day in car accidents -- and it's perfection, or "a willingness to do what is difficult to achieve what is right," that he looks to achieve. He explains why we should all be equally diligent about striving toward perfection in everything we do, even if it means failing along the way.
Added: 3rd January 2018
Views: 813
Tags TEDTalk TEDTalks Cars Failure Personal Growth Success Work

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Majestic Animals Video Compilation
Animals are truly majestic creatures! From deer to monkeys, and raccoons to foxes, here are some of the most majestic animals you might find in the forest or a magical land!

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