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Things Dogs Teach Us
When humans bring a dog into their lives, they are most often looking for a companion; what they may not realize is that they are getting a teacher as well. Every single day dogs teach us important life lessons about love, overcoming adversity and healing! Get more feel good video clips at
Added: 31st December 2013
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Zoe's Chocolate Shop
July 7 is National Chocolate Day! In celebration of this amazing event, we bring you to Zoe's Chocolate -- a family-run chocolate shop sure to make your mouth water and your day a little sweeter! Get more feel good video clips at Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:
Added: 8th July 2014
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British Airways Flight 5390
British Airways Flight 5390 was a scheduled passenger flight operated by British Airways between Birmingham Airport in England and Málaga Airport in Spain. On 10 June 1990 an improperly installed panel of the windscreen failed, blowing the plane's captain, Tim Lancaster, halfway out of the aircraft. With Lancaster's body firmly pressed against the window frame for over twenty minutes, the first officer managed to perform an emergency landing at Southampton Airport with no loss of life.

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Magic Kissing Card Trick
The first time I ever did any type of magic, was in 5th grade. I performed in front of about 100 people, and then never did it again until a few months ago. While at Playlist Live in Orlando, Florida, I bought deck of cards and would give them out as business cards after doing the trick (I totally forgot to take business cards). People enjoyed it so much, they all told me I should do magic on my channel. I tried to figure out how I could tie it into my channel, and I came up with this.... "The Magic Kissing Card Trick"
Added: 29th March 2013
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Kitten With Twisted Arms and Legs Refuses to Give Up
Pretzel and her two siblings were dumped at the shelter within hours of their birth - still covered in amniotic fluid, umbilical cords still attached but
Added: 30th May 2016
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Tags kitten cat baby cat rescue sick tiny kitten rescue

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Puppy nearly dies in house fire, becomes firefighter himself!
Friendship is beautiful; but a friendship that is born from a heroic rescue is downright heartwarming. We are in love with this story about Jake, a Pit bull
Added: 7th July 2016
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Tags animals fireworks dogs and humans firefighter rescue dog

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These Young Sisters Sent a Weather Balloon to Space | That's Amazing
When it comes to after school activities, Rebecca and Kimberly Yeung may be some of the most motivated students in America. At 11 and 9 years old, these sisters took their interests in science and technology and launched a space program with weather balloons to gather data about our climate. Perhaps even the sky is no limit for these young scientists.
Added: 24th January 2017
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Tags great big story gbs lag documentary docs Balloon science Tech & Science That

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Dolphin Plays With Jet Skier | New Best Friends!
While riding a jet ski early one morning, this lucky guy was joined by a dolphin! The dolphin was having a blast riding in the wake of the jet ski, and when he stopped, the dolphin would just wait for him to start back up!
Added: 20th June 2014
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Cat Jumps off of Couch
Cat jumps off of couch to catch a reflection.
Added: 12th November 2015
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Greatest Putt/Pool trickshot of all-time
Greatest Putt/Pool trickshot of all-time
Added: 17th January 2017
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Tags Pool Golf Snooker Putt All-Time Greatest Bristol Sports Bar

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Crusoe the Avalanche Rescue Dachshund!
Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund takes on the roll of avalanche rescue dachshund to save a skier from a perilous avalanche which engulfs him whole. Luckily Crusoe, who is an avid digger, is there to save the day as the avalanche rescue dog!

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Disco, Are You a Sweet Baby Bird?
Discp practicing some new things and being his usual mix master self. Yes, Disco is 100% the real deal!

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Here’s the first in our new series of Best of the Week People are Awesome compilations! Yes we will now be doing weekly compilations of awesome people, as well as our usual Best of the Month compilations! This week we’ve got everything from fitness, extreme sports, gymnastics, acrobatics, skateboarding, crossfit, trick shots and trampoline tricks!
Added: 10th June 2016
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13 Hilarious Pet Videos Compilation 2016
From puppies attacking lint rollers to cats who love yoga, these are the top 13 funniest pets pick of the week!

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Caffeine Lovers Pranks
Caffeine Lovers Pranks - Best of Just For Laughs Pranks
Added: 11th October 2015
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Pie Face Showdown Game!
These people paid to get pie in the face!!! We'd definitely shoot this prank again just to watch their reaction live.

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7 INSANE VEHICLES You Didn't know Existed
From EDWARD The Electric DIWHEEL, AEYO SKATE BIKE, EV4, EXMOVERE CHARIOT, JOYSTICK BIKE, DTV SHREDDER to APOLLO JET BIKE.... These 7 Insane Vehicles will blow your mind. Which one is your favorite?

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Disco the Parakeet | When the Spanish Met the Chicken
Disco shows his dedication to practicing, and also decides it's really the Spanish who crossed the road. Yes, Disco is 100% the real deal!
Added: 8th February 2016
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Tags disco parakeet pet bird training perruche periquito undulaten parrot budgie

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We Were So Poor Growing Up That...
Want to laugh really hard? Watch to find out how poor The Moron Brothers were growing up. Better get a tissue though!

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Double Dutch Dog Blows Your Mind!
The dogs name is GERONIMO and she is a 2 year old cattle dog mix, could be mixed with border collie or kelpie. Her current owner pulled her out of a pound in Missouri 2 summers ago. She was 3 months old. GERONIMO's specialty is tricks. She loves to train for tricks, but also has a knack for agility and Frisbee. This trick took 5 weeks until it was perfect. GEROMIMO practiced it every single day, several hours a day. LIKE double dutch dog on facebook. LIKE stunt dog productions on facebook also check out STUNTDOG.COM
Added: 15th April 2012
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Cat Playing Guitar Interrupted By...
Steven the cat was playing guitar when the 6.3 Magnitude Earthquake struck in Melbourne, Australia 6/19/2012 20:53:56. Or is this another fake video? You decide...
Added: 22nd June 2012
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The Wild And Crazy Things People Do!
From doing a total flip and landing on an elephant's back, toddler hitting a golf ball directly into Dad's mouth to two guys skiing down hill through the woods in fall with NO snow on the ground... these are just a few of the clips you will see in today's compilation. Which one is your favorite? Please post your comments below the video. Sometimes I enjoy reading the comments as much as watching the videos.

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Buying a Volkswagen from an old lady...
Funny commercial from Volkswagen
Added: 30th June 2011
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Take This Snow And Shovel It
Take This Snow And Shovel It Cause I'm Gonna Buy A Snow Blower. From The Minnesota Song. Download at This is a humorous country fable about escaping Minnesota winters. Written and performed by Dan Adler. Coming soon to ITunes. For more of Dan's songwriting check out his band's website,
Added: 30th December 2010
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Man Saves Owl Wrapped In Fishing Line.
This video shows Craig Loving saving a Great Horned Owl near the 1st Tee Box at Lost Creek Country Club. The owl had been sitting in that location all night and into the day, when two of the Club employees, Devin and Dora, realized the owl was caught on fishing line. No wildlife rescue professionals were available, so Craig saved the day. Lost Creek Country Club cares about Wildlife, and they are so thankful this owl was saved! Great job, Craig!

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