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Elephant pool party with Chendra and Samudra
Chendra and Samudra made a splash in the Elephant Lands pool!
Added: 27th May 2017
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Tags Oregon Zoo elephants elephants swimming elephant underwater

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Elephant mother and baby squabble over food
An elephant mother and her adorable baby are enjoying a meal together when affection turns to a playful headbutt. The friendliness quickly returns and the two
Added: 3rd May 2016
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Playground Pets | Funny Pet Video Compilation 2018
It's play time for these playground pets! From going down big slides to swinging on the swings, here are some adorably playful pets in this playground pets video compilation!

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Mom And Baby Deer Get Separated By Fence
A mother deer waits for her baby stuck behind a fence before going on across the road.
Added: 2nd July 2014
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Teddy Bear the Porcupine Predicts Super Bowl 51
Can Teddy Bear the Porcupine accurately predict the winner of Super Bowl 51? With a 4:1 record, don't ever underestimate the power of po'pine prognostication! Turn up your sound to hear Teddy's comments.

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Goat Triplets in Sweaters...Could anything be cuter?
The kids wore the sweaters on their first adventure outside with mom. They were just born yesterday so it took them a bit to get their feet working, Arthur kept walking backwards, but by the end he was getting his leap on!

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This Smartly-Dressed Lemur Is Critically Endangered
This is Kizzy, a black and white ruffed lemur. She lives high in the trees and calls the rainforests of Eastern Madagascar home. Unfortunately, home is disappearing. Though Kizzy doesn't have many natural predators, accelerated habitat loss from logging has left her species critically endangered.

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Hysterical Bubbles!
Watch Hysterical Bubbles! On a lazy day mother decided to try blowing bubbles for her daughter, Molly. At first, she didn't think they were all that great, but then Bennie, the dog, showed Molly how much fun bubbles can be. Molly thought Bennie's bubble popping was the funniest thing she has seen in her 9-1/2 months! Bennie was adopted from a shelter in Central Illinois in 2008.
Added: 24th April 2011
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Best Of Funny Cats And Dogs Protecting Babies Compilation
Dog Protects Baby | Dogs Protect Babies | Dog Protecting Baby | Dogs Protecting Babies | Cats Protecting Babies | Cat Protects Baby | Cats And Dogs Protecting Babies "funny cats, dogs, babies, funny cats and dogs, cats, dogs funny, dogs protecting babies, cats and dogs, dog protects baby, dogs and babies, funny dogs, funny, funny dogs and cats, dog protecting baby, best of, babies and dogs, dogs and cats protecting babies, best, cats and dogs protecting babies, funny dogs 2014, dogs cats, funny dogs and babies, funny dogs compilation 2014, cats dogs"
Added: 28th April 2014
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Saint Bernard And Her Kitten
The dog & cat adventures of "Abby the Saint Bernard". The stray kitty was found at 4 weeks old. it has been bottle fed kitty formula to make sure he is healthy. we could not bare to see the kitty go to the pound. As it turns out , our Saint Bernard dog loves him and he loves her. The kitty sometimes thinks Abby is his mom, he tries to nurse her. soo cute and funny. No " Dog vs Cat" here....... cant we all just get along...... hahahaha
Added: 2nd April 2012
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Coronavirus: Why we touch our faces and how to stop it
Several medical officials across the world have warned people to avoid touching their face as a key way to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Often when issuing the warning, they've gone on to - you guessed it - put their hands on their face. But why do we touch our faces in the first place? And is it that easy to just stop doing it all of a sudden?
Added: 16th March 2020
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16 Strange and Beautiful Vintage Cars
From the 1925 Rolls Royce Phantom 1, to the 1938 Phantom Corsair, here are 16 Strange and Beautiful Vintage Cars.

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Top Playful Funny Cats and Kittens | New HD Compilation
Starring: Cat Coco, Toffee, Rocky, Panda, Tyson and Kittens. In this cool compilation you will see the following episodes: kittens musicians , funny cats riders , funny cats acrobats , kittens dancing , funny cat stuck , cat brings toy , greedy cat , kittens dive in the box , kittens playing patty cake, cat and vacuum cleaner , cats stalking , cat steals breakfast , kitten playing with a curtain , kittens and mirror , kitten hiccups , Scottish fold kittens twins, cat attacks , kittens DJs, mother cat plays with kittens, mother cat teaches the kittens , cat sits on a kitten, cat playing the piano, kitten conductor , kittens falling asleep , kitten caressing a cat , kittens wrestlers and many others.

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A Mom's Version Of When You Say Nothing At All
Katie Crank ( mother of 4 little boys ) was feeling a bit overwhelmed by "Motherhood" recently so she decided to make this video. Keep an eye the boys antics in the background. Priceless!
Added: 3rd October 2013
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XP1K - Fast Very Fast!
Professional Driver. One-Of-A-Kind Heavily Modified Vehicle. Do Not Attempt. You Could Die. The new 2014 Polaris RZR XP1000 is the most powerful and advanced UTV to hit the market yet. With the launch of this machine, Polaris has completely reset the performance bar, and there is no better combination of fun and performance, especially for the price. We wanted to build on that platform and show the world how incredible the XP1000 is -- so we created XP1K.
Added: 7th August 2013
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You Will Be Amazed! - Worlds Largest Model Railroad
The official video about Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg, the largest model railway in the world, and one of the most successful tourist attractions in Germany. On the 1.300 m² large layout, far more than a thousand trains, aircrafts, cars and ships move about. A wonder of the world in miniature. Please, find more information at http://www.miniatur-wunderland.com

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Cat Greets Mailman Every Day Demanding To Be Pet
Levi Davis, a Postman from New Zealand Post, enjoys his daily mail run in the town of Taranaki - mainly because of a particular feline friend! How amazing is

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Carol of the Bells - Thrilling Piano/Violin Christmas Cover - 92 Keys
Carol of the Bells - Thrilling Piano/Violin Christmas Cover - 92 Keys.

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I'm a Tile Painter | My Design Life
The art of azulejos began as a way for Portuguese painters to imitate Chinese and Arabic tile work.

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Kitten Vs. Evil Ball || Ball So Hard Kitty
I'm gonna get you! The Pet Collective is home to the top trending clips, most entertaining memes, and funniest animal videos online.
Added: 12th February 2016
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Tags kitten vs ball kitten vs tennis ball kitten tennis ball kitten love tpc

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Meet Campbell - He Looks At Sadness And Turns It Upside Down!
12 year old Campbell spends his time making hundreds of teddy bears for sick children ( and one very special adult! ). Get out the tissues. You can contact Campbell through his Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/project365bycampbell/
Added: 18th October 2017
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Tags Sewing Hope Feed SBS 12 Year Old Campbell Spends Time Making Hundreds Teddy Bears Sick children

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All I Want For Christmas Is You - Vazquez Sounds
Vazquez Sounds- All I Want For Christmas Is You Vazquez Sounds Navidad 2011
Added: 14th December 2011
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MozART Group || Wild, Wild West...
The MozART group is a cabaret and comedy string quartet based in Warsaw, Poland and known for its unique approach of classical music. See how many of the tunes you recognize.

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