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I Did Not Eat the Sprinkles
My 3 year old fibbing to my face, and it is surprisingly cute haha! After I filmed it we had a VERY long talk about the difference between telling the truth and not telling the truth. He has an amazing imagination and loves to tell us stories. I saw this as a sweet moment, something that every child goes through...where they try to push the boundaries to see how far they can go. And I thought I'd share it with my friends and family. And apparently, the world seems to enjoy it, too. We are currently working on the difference, and he is doing really well. :) Side note: My son does NOT have a filling or a cavaty. He was eating breakfast at the time of Sprinklegate, and that is just some of his breakfast cereal in his teeth. It is a low quality video, and it just showed up in a funky color. But he does NOT eat sweets all the time (ah! Hence the binge!), and his teeth are healthy and beautiful.
Added: 11th February 2013
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Police Dog Jumps Up and Down on Agent's Chest in Mock CPR Demonstration
Watch as a pup does doggy CPR on a police officer! A Madrid police video shows an agent falling before the dog practiced the lifesaving action in a "master way" by running over and jumping up and down on the man's chest. The mock demonstration was a success and shows dogs really are man's best friend.

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Bill Cosby Confronts Jimmy about Imitating Him
Jimmy gets taken to task by Bill Cosby over Jimmy's impressions of him.?
Added: 22nd August 2014
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How a STETSON Cowboy Hat is made ( You're Going To Want One! )
From Buffalo Bill, and Annie Oakley, to the Marlboro man, and the great country stars of today. Stetson is the signature profile of the wild west. Ask any Texan - It ain't a real cowboy hat unless its a Stetson. The classic western profile we all know and love is, chaps, boots with spurs, and the signature cowboy hat. That original hat is the Stetson. And it's still manufactured in it's founding home of Garland, Texas. Nearly a hundred and fifty years later the Stetson is still made with 100% fur and the same traditional felting techniques it started with.

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Ordinary Day In The Life Of Hare, Danbi and Sasha
instagram : blog :
Added: 26th October 2016
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Welcome to Superior Stables in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, breeding horses for quality conformation, breed type and temperament. Now after more than 10 years of breeding they have added color to our program, specializing in chestnuts– duns, skewbalds (paints) and blagdons. At Superior Stables, quality is not a boast - It's a Promise.

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Yo Kitty, Drop That Beat!
Kitten Jam - Turn Down For What Video (cute, funny cats/kittens dancing) (ORIGINAL)

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Ultimate Batting Practice - Volley
Practice makes perfect, especially when you\'re volleying a baseball between two bats. Experience more of the Power Brigade in action at powerbrigade/
Added: 26th June 2012
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What The World Eat for Breakfast
Where should your taste buds actually live? Music: "Where's My Potato?" Warner / Chappell
Added: 13th March 2014
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Missionaries Free Baby Ducklings From Storm Drain
My companion and I found a mother duck in distress standing over a storm drain where each of her baby ducklings fell through the grate. We decided to assist in helping them get out. Enjoy!
Added: 2nd September 2014
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They Cut My Britches Off
Comedian Mark Lowry tells about having a motorcycle wreck ( while not wearing a helmut ) and what happened to him afterwards.
Added: 26th July 2012
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Retirement Investing - Just A Couple Of Good Ole Boys
Take a ride on a shanty boat with a couple of self proclaimed gool ole boys. This trip down the Kentucky River is one you will never forget. Visit Their Website:
Added: 30th October 2009
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Capybara Hot Tub
A group of capybaras (the world's largest rodent) enjoy a soak in their custom-made hot tub at Saitama Children's Zoo in Higashi-Matsuyama City, Japan.
Added: 15th February 2015
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Alex Magala Performs Insane Chainsaw Stunt | Britain’s Got Talent 2016
Fire? Check? Pole? Check? Chainsaw? Er, check? Alex Magala is back with another death defying stunt, this time, coming face-to-face with a chainsaw.

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Awesome Animals Compilation
Best amazing animals on land and in the sea. Tags: ANIMALS ARE AWESOME 2013 ANIMALS ARE AMAZING 2013 most amazing animals in the world PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2013 HUMANS ARE AWESOME 2013 amazinglife247, distractify, talented animals, talented monkey, amazing animals, best of animals, funny animals, animals compilation, compilation
Added: 7th May 2014
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Meet Budweiser's littlest Clydesdales
They're known as gentle giants - a breed of horses plucked out of the pastures of Scotland are now world-famous for their beer roots in St. Louis. Get an exclusive look into the world of Budweiser Clydesdales.
Added: 27th April 2015
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Tags horses Missouri USAT100 youtubeusat vpc Budweiser Clydesdales boonvile

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Best Hide and Seek Prank
Is Zach King cheating when he plays hide and seek?

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MOST Bizarre Beach Finds
With so much of the planet covered with water, it's hard to imagine just HOW many things can be in those large oceans. Some people speculate that a total of sixteen million human bodies could be laying on the seafloor. But what about the random objects that humans use? From cars to a giant eyeball to see what's been found.

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Woman Patiently Gains Trust from Rescue Horse - MISA
This love story didn't start out perfect - and that's what makes it so magical.

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Man Films Himself Reuniting With Dog After 3 Years Apart
Man Films Himself Reuniting With Dog After 3 Years Apart | Guy films himself reuniting with dog he lost 3 years ago.

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A Parkour Dog Named Lucy
The relationship between a dog and its owner is a unique bond. Omar von Muller a respected and successful animal trainer, uses training techniques he has personally developed to gain the trust and respect of dogs like Lucy. Just imagine how much time and patience it took to train Lucy to do all these incredible tricks. Awesome!
Added: 14th October 2018
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Side By Side Song - ( Hilarious )
George Younce final public appearance with William Gaither. He sings a unique rendition of Side By Side, originally written in 1927, lyrics by Gus Kahn and music by Harry M. Woods. It is probably best known from a recording by Kay Starr in 1953.
Added: 12th October 2011
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Chris Tomlin - Nobody Loves Me Like You (Official Music Video)
Music video by Chris Tomlin performing Nobody Loves Me Like You. Lyrics Morning, I see You in the sunrise every morning It's like a picture that You've painted for me A love letter in the sky Story, I could've had a really different story But You came down from Heaven to restore me Forever saved my life Nobody loves me like You love me Jesus I stand in awe of Your amazing ways I worship You as long as I am breathing God, You are faithful and true Nobody loves me like You Mountains, You're breaking down the weight of all my mountains Even when it feels like I'm surrounded You never leave my side Oh, what a song to sing Jesus, You love me And I love You God Chris Tomlin - Official Music Video for "Nobody Loves Me Like You - Pre-order the upcoming album HOLY ROAR here: ...

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Jumpy The Dog - 20 Stunts In One Minute
Jumpy is a Border Collie Heeler mix that can pull off some pretty incredible tricks. This minute-compilation features Jumpy diving, skateboarding, jumping and more.
Added: 4th April 2013
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