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73-year-old Risks Life And Limb In Record Breaking Bungee Jump
A 73-YEAR-OLD daredevil Brit has rolled back the years by setting a new bungee jumping record. Former cabbie Ray Woodcock set a new British - and potential world record - for the highest jump with a full body submersion into water with a leap from 465ft. The jump took place at Chepstow Quarry - the site of the highest bungee jump in the UK - with Ray plunging into the freezing cold water below, watched by partner Heather. And using the waterproof EE Action Cam, secured to his chest, Ray was able to live stream the stunt to his children and grandchildren back home. Ray’s incredible leap is currently being reviewed by Guinness World Records. All necessary health and safety measures were taken and Ray completed a full medical assessment prior to the jump.
Added: 19th June 2015
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13 Amazing Slow Motion Animals - Earth Unplugged
Some of the BBC's best slow motion animal shots. Which is your favourite?

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Ultimate OLD/NEW Chevy Find
VanDerBrink Auctions, LLC will be conducting the amazing Lambrecht Chevrolet Company Auction 9-28,29th of September 2013 in Piercve, NE. This is ana amazing collection of NEW Chevrolets from the 60's and more along with hundreds of survivor cars. Amazing! See you there!
Added: 26th June 2013
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What Happens When Cats See a Moth!
Did you know that cats are the BEST pest control? Here to prove it is Cole & Marmalade and when they discover a moth in their territory they're fascinated and the action begins! The chase lasted for a few hours and the boys were still keeping an eye on the vent when we went to bed!

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Meerkat And Baby Cheetah Decorate Xmas Zulu the meerkat & Yakira the cheetah are rescued animals that live at an African wildlife sanctuary. When the time came to decorate the Xmas tree this year, these two were not going to be left out of the festivities! For more of Zulu, Yakira and a whole cast of other amazing animals watch out for "Camp Cheetah" coming soon to
Added: 5th December 2012
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Best Pets of the Week | October 2017 Week 3
It's time for another Best Pets of the Week! From amazing Halloween costumes for your pet to cats swinging from chandeliers, here are some of the best pet videos on the internet!

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American Badger's DAY OFF
A young badger moves in at this beautiful mountain farm, they are usually very shy animals, but this one is not. He is really curios about his surroundings. American badgers are the masters of digging, Nature gave them strong legs and huge claws, they can move an enormous amount of dirt in a very short time, if felt threatened they can dig their way backwards and disappear in the ground in seconds. Check out the great close ups of this badger as he breaks in his new home. The horses, wild sheep and birds are nice to see as well.
Added: 17th October 2016
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Take This Snow And Shovel It
Take This Snow And Shovel It Cause I'm Gonna Buy A Snow Blower. From The Minnesota Song. Download at This is a humorous country fable about escaping Minnesota winters. Written and performed by Dan Adler. Coming soon to ITunes. For more of Dan's songwriting check out his band's website,
Added: 30th December 2010
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The Bamboo Homes Of Bali
On the tropical island of Bali, Indonesia, there are homes tucked into the jungle that look like something out of a fairytale. They're designed to have soaring roof lines, few walls or windows - and nearly everything is fashioned from bamboo. Seth Doane reports.
Added: 28th May 2014
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Bad man [Equestrian Music Video]
Bad man [Equestrian Music Video]
Added: 22nd January 2018
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Chihuahua Teases Puppy With Chew Treat
In this funny video by America's Funniest Home Videos, this little guy is toying with his friend. Ever learn to share? Jeez!
Added: 16th January 2015
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Breed All About It: German Shepherds
German Shepherds maybe be too smart for their own good and shed like crazy, but they are one of the most loyal and amazing breeds of dogs! Breed all about it in this compilation filled with curious puppies and excited doggos that will make you want to go and immediately get yourself a German Shepherd!

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Kittens And Puppies Playing With Babies Compilation
Puppies Playing With Babies | Kittens Playing With Babies | Puppy And Baby | Kitten And Baby | Dog And Baby | Cat And Baby | Puppies And Babies | Kittens And Babies
Added: 28th October 2014
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Ollie the African Grey
Ollie showing his musical skills picking up 'Always look on the bright side of life' on the piano.
Added: 2nd February 2017
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Funniest Pets of the Week Compilation September 2017
Brand new weekly compilation of the funniest dog, cat, bird and other pet and animal clips, bloopers, outtakes & funniest moments caught on tape.

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Marc Metral And His Talking / Singing Dog Windy Wow The Judges
The Judges are left open-mouthed when Marc Metral introduces his talking / singing dog Miss Wendy. "Congratulations, in the nine years of doing this show, Simon has said he wanted a dog that could meow or sing, and you did both, incredible," says Amanda. Simon is totally smitten!

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Cat Opens A Door Knob
A cat jumps up on a railing and opens a door For more hilarious pet videos check out
Added: 1st April 2013
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Orphaned gorillas being raised amid Congo's chaos.
David McKenzie reports on orphaned gorillas being raised amid Congo's chaos.
Added: 25th May 2017
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Babbling Blues Baby
Funny & Fantastic Babbling Blues Baby
Added: 17th May 2014
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Charlie Brown Medley - The Piano Guys
The Piano Guys thought it would be fun to do an impromptu concert for one of their favorite audiences, and it was a blast. "We hope you enjoy it in the spirit in which it is given. We met some incredible people at Sterling Court in St. George, Utah." -The Piano Guys

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Melody Walker & Jacob Groopman - Like a River - Acoustic Music
Melody Walker & Jacob Groopman perform "Like a River" in the Washington, DC studios of WAMU's Bluegrass Country. Host: Lee Michael Demsey Video: Peter Swinburne Audio: Jerad Walker
Added: 22nd March 2014
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Border Collie Zow and Amazing Dog Tricks
Border collie Zoe performing amazing dog tricks, movie made using Canon 7D by Alicja Zmys
Added: 21st February 2013
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A Cat Wanders Onstage During a Folk Concert
This took place a classical concert at AUB University, which is renowned for its large cat population. Credit to The Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble.

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Extreme Tractor Gone Wrong - Heavy Tractor Pulling Truck Out Mud
From tractors stuck in mud that reaches all the way up to the cab, tractors pulling tractors out of swamps, to tractors turning over these are just a few of the clips you will see in today's extreme tractor gone wrong video.

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