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Try Not To Laugh | Funny pet Video Compilation 2017
From puppies trying to dig in the sand for the first time, cats trying to fit into bowls, to dogs getting their head stuck in the couch, these are just a few of the funny pets you'll find in this funny pet video compilation. Dare you to not laugh.

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Wizard Cat
Wizard Cat!
Added: 10th January 2015
Views: 4233

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Rock'n Roll Dancig Machine
Rock'n Roll Dancig Machine.
Added: 2nd September 2017
Views: 1796
Tags Rock'n Roll Dancig Machine

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Newborn miniature donkey love
Occurred May 1, 2015 / Crowley, TX, USA
Added: 20th May 2016
Views: 4192
Tags donkey cute love hugs cuddle adorable outside baby donkey

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Oddly Satisfying Artisans Compilation
Enjoy the visual satisfaction of artisans in their element. The beauty and splendor of creation. With years of practice and skill these craftsmen make their jobs look easy.

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Nike: Find Your Greatness. ? Jogger
This is Nathan. He is 12 years old. He's from London, Ohio. Greatness is not beyond his reach, nor is it for any of us. Find Your Greatness at
Added: 10th August 2012
Views: 6651

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Funny Talking Animals - Walk On The Wild Side Meet the Not-Very-Scary-Sharks, the Scratching Badgers, the DIY Orang Utan, the Vultures Flying School and a Marmot called Alan. They all come together in this new show which combines the comedy talents of Jason Manford and friends together with some jaw-dropping natural history footage. Its time to take a Walk On The Wild Side.
Added: 2nd January 2012
Views: 11581

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Best Pets of the Week | October 2017 Week 1
From birds spinning on straws to German Shepherds doing yoga with their owners, here are the best pets of the week! Sit back and watch these awesome cats, dogs, birds, and even bats be the cute, adorable, lovable creature they are!

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Krystal Bravo & Cody Edwards - 2014 NSDC NonPro Champions
Krystal Bravo & Cody Edwards are this year's winners in the Non-Pro Division of the National SHAG Dance Championships held in Myrtle Beach, SC.

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Turn Your Smartphone Into a Digital Microscope!
This video shows to convert your smartphone into a digital microscope capable of photographing cells. The setup shown here is a viable substitute for underfunded classrooms that would otherwise be unable to perform experiments requiring a microscope. Special thanks to: and Luke Saunders for videography 10-Smartphone-to-digital-microscope-conversion/
Added: 23rd January 2014
Views: 6900

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Adventurous Bulldog Is A Helicopter Copilot
Mister Bentley the bulldog is one of the most adventurous pups around. He loves flying in helicopters with his dad Bradley Friesen, and the pair have become an Insta-famous duo. Today Bradley tells us how Bentley conquered his deepest fears through flying, and how he went from moonwalking pup to adventurous co-pilot.

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Animals vs. Wheels | Funny Pet Compilation 2017
This is a visual representation of me trying to make it through the week! Watch this showdown between animals and wheels, who will win?!
Added: 28th December 2017
Views: 927
Tags &end=92

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A Living Prayer - Alison Krauss
A living prayer by Alison Krauss. Being a living prayer, an example for Christ. In this world I walk alone With no place to call my home, But there's one who holds my hand Through rugged roads, through barren lands. The way is dark, the road is steep, But He's become my eyes to see, The strength to climb, my griefs to bear. The Savior lives inside me there. Chorus: In Your love I find relief, A haven from my unbelief. Take my life and let me be A living prayer, my God, to Thee. In these trials of life I find Another voice inside my mind. He comforts me and bids me live Inside the love the Father gives. In Your love I find relief, A haven from my unbelief. Take my life and let me be A living prayer, my God, to Thee. Take my life and let me be A living prayer, my God, to Thee. From The Album: Three Wooden Crosses

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Welcome to Pupwatch
Move over Hoff, there are new guards on this beach. And they've taken slow motion running to the next level.

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Pug Life: The Cutest Pug Videos of 2016 Weekly Compilation
Everyone loves dogs but Pugs are by far the most adorable breed of dog out there. AFV presents a new comp that's 100% Pug videos. Enjoy! Pug Life!

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A bobcat and the cats
Cats loves to explore.

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10 Clever Kitchen HACKS To Try Right Now
Whether you're a trained chef or just a bachelor microwaving a Salisbury steak, your kitchen skills always have room for improvement. That's why today, we've put together some of our favorite time-saving kitchen tricks to keep your skills sharp and your food delicious.

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I Done Died - Chris Rodrigues and Abby the Spoon Lady
This is a song that we have been working with for a while. It's a bit catchy. These old gospel songs are a lot of fun to play with!

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Little Big Shots - Emi Sings Dolly Parton's
EmiSunshine or Emilie Sunshine Hamilton (born June 8, 2004) is an American country music singer/songwriter from Madisonville, Tennessee, who captured the nation's attention through her viral social media presence. Her performance of Jimmie Rodgers’ "Blue Yodel No. 6" was posted on YouTube in 2014 and has become a viral hit with over 1 million views that gained attention from the Today show (NBC) and Music Row. Today we see a sneak peak of her performance of Jolene on Little Big Shots with Steve Harvey.

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Hero cat saves owner from potentially deadly seizure
When Glen adopted his cat Blake, he got much more than a companion. Blake is not a trained therapy animal, but alerts Glen when he's about to have a seizure.
Added: 10th October 2016
Views: 2410

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Twin Baby Girls Fight Over Pacifier
Twin baby girls fight back and forth over a pacifier indoors and cry.

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Halloween Light Show 2014 - Rude (Magic)
2014 Halloween Light Show Rude by Magic 4 singing pumpkin faces, tombstones, hand carved pumpkins, strobes, floods and thousands of lights. All RGB LED except for the faces, floods and a few strings. DMX and LOR driven. 2400 channels. Riverside, CA #1 asked question - electric bill. 95% on the display is LED so we could see the bill to go up about $30-$40. BUT...the house has solar so probably free!!
Added: 27th October 2014
Views: 7022

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I'm Outta Here!
Watch as this kitty gets so scared that he exits the room in a most un-cat like way. ROFL! You may have to watch this several times as everythng happens pretty fast.
Added: 1st August 2011
Views: 29591

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