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Flying High With Our Feathered Friends
In this reel, we meet a few stunning birds who are, sadly, among the last of their kind. We come face-to-beak with a toco toucan endangered by the pet trade, an eclectus parrot facing habitat loss, and a milky eagle owl threatened by illegal hunting.

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2016  National SHAG Dance Championship Non Pro Champions
Kalin Ellis & Jeremy Webb are this years winners in the Non-Pro Division of the National SHAG Dance Championship. The competition is a three-night event featuring over 50 contestants in six divisions - Junior I, Junior II, Non-Pro, Pro, Senior and Masters. DVD's of the Nationals are available through Stages Video Productions. Individual 2-hour DVD's of either Thursday night, Friday night or Saturday night competition sell for $50 which includes S&H. The entire 3-DVD set is available for $135. To order call Stages Video at 843-626-7466.

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Linus The Boxer Loves His baby
Our daughter has never hesitated to quickly and loudly let us know when she is even slightly unhappy. If he were hurting or upsetting her in any way... it would be clear.
Added: 31st December 2011
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Chickens Fascinated By Lasers
Chickens Fascinated By Lasers
Added: 20th May 2014
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UFO caught from helicopter over Montana, USA
Check out this mind-blowing UFO footage captured from an overhead helicopter in Montana. What do you think? Real or fake?
Added: 30th April 2016
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Tags ufo strange beamme up alliens

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Calls For Dad | Dove Men+Care
Three quarters of dads say they are responsible for their child's emotional well-being, while only 20% of dads see this role reflected in media. It's time to acknowledge the caring moments of fatherhood that often go overlooked. This Father's Day, share the "Calls For Dad" film to celebrate with a dad in your life. Official Site:
Added: 14th June 2014
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Random Acts of Kindness
Since so many people are curious... This video was shot in Islamabad, Pakistan. How I spent my 22nd Birthday. Song : Philip Philips - Home. LolzStudios :
Added: 9th October 2012
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There's No Country Here
Melody Williamson's (15 year old from Nashville, TN) original song. There's No Country Here, Sweet Run Music, BMI. Visit and williamsonbranch
Added: 29th January 2014
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Fluffy Cow Is Obsessed With This Little Goat - BUCKLEY & RALPHY | The Dodo Odd Couples
Fluffy Cow Is Obsessed With This Little Goat | When Buckley the cow was just a baby, he lost his mom and couldn't stop crying. That's when he met Ralphy the goat and immediately started feeling MUCH better. Today on Odd Couples, watch Buckley (gently!) head butt Ralphy all around the farm, and start mooing like crazy whenever Ralphy's out of his sight.

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Spoiled Puppy | PARKOUR PUPPY
it's nice to know that Link can entertain himself for the most part.
Added: 7th February 2016
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Tags dog' dogs' puppy' link spoiled puppy

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Puppies Predict Super Bowl 50
Jimmy welcomes back his panel of puppies to predict the results of the Super Bowl matchup between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos.
Added: 6th February 2016
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Tara Tanaka - Vermilion Flycatcher Pair Builds A Very Special Nest!
Tara Tanaka spent a week in Texas in May digiscoping birds, and she spent every minute of the best light with this pair of Vermilion Flycatchers. At first she was just shooting photos and video of the male, and after spending hours with him and watching him interact occasionally with the female, Tara realized that she was building a nest not far away. It looks like she was right on top of the nest when she was videoing it, but she was using a digiscoping system with an equivalent focal length of 1000mm, and was far enough away to not cause her any stress. First she used twigs, then lichen, and finally Tara watched in amazement as she brought back spider webs and used them to anchor everything in place. Tara heard from other birders that this pair had just fledged two juveniles, so this was their second nest of the season. Tara left a day earlier than planned as there were really bad storms headed her way, and she got out just ahead of the violent weather and barely managed to stay ahead of it all the way home. Tara emailed the campground host and found out that late on the day she left they were hit with a terrible storm and there were two trees and numerous branches down in the park. The branch she chose for her nest was as protected as it could possibly have been, so we all have hope that it survived the storm. This video was shot with a GH4 mounted on a Swarovski STX 85 scope with a Digidapter using manual focus. Best viewed full screen in 4K, sound up!
Added: 22nd February 2017
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Tags digiscoped 4K GH4 Vermillion Flycatcher nest bird birding red beauty Texas

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The Christmas Song  Mel Torme
Christmas classic by Mel Torme.
Added: 25th December 2018
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Tags christmas song mel torme holiday christnmas music

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Angry Boss Drops Server's Cellphone in a Cup of Water
Is it an HR Violation if she totally deserves it? Let us know if something like this has ever happened to you in real life!

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Candid Camera Classic: Kids Tie Ties
Kids hardly ever wear a tie. Can they handle one?
Added: 2nd March 2019
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Tags Candid Camera Candid Classics Peter Funt Kids Kids and neckties

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Elephant and Dog - Bubbles and Bella Best Friends
The relationship of Bubbles and Bella developed because of their shared love of the water. The pursuit of "aquatic antics" instilled a strong bond between these unlikely pals. More details at the end of the video...
Added: 16th September 2013
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From a futuristic Jet pack, to an engine inspired coffee maker, here are 5 more insane machines that will blow your mind.

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Chore ( Roar Parody ) - The Peterson Farm Brothers
A parody music video of the song, "Roar," by Katy Perry done by the Peterson Farm Bros (Greg, Nathan, and Kendal)! If you like it, feel free to share it with your friends!
Added: 10th December 2013
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Amazing Light Bending Cloak Experiment!
Amazing Light Bending Cloak Experiment! All of the items necessary to create this project can be found at:
Added: 3rd December 2014
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GO Squirrel GO!!!
GO Squirrel GO!!! one lucky squirrel with a close call with a Lamborghini LP670-4 SV. Why did the Squirrel cross the road? To be able to see a Lamborghini LP670-4 SV pass by at 100+ MPH. This was at The Ultimate Lamborghini Experience 4 and filmed by Speed and Motion. Any questions about this video please send an email to: Visit for more information about the event. Watch out Squirrels coming in August is the Italian Stampede Visit for videos and pictures from this event. Update: Does look like the little one lost part of it's tail. Hope the Squirrel is ok.
Added: 6th July 2011
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Child Prodigy With Extreme Talent!
Akiane Kramarik is an internationally recognized prodigy, considered the youngest binary prodigy of both realist art and poetry in recorded history. In this video she is 13 years old, she started drawing at age 4 and now she is 17 or 18 years old.
Added: 4th April 2012
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Pastor eases onto icy pond to rescue dog
With only a rope, a hoe, and a lot of hope, he shuffled onto the thin ice to save his neighbor's dog. Jeff Mann just got home from work when his wife noticed something splashing around in the middle of the frozen pond in their backyard. His wife started yelling there was a dog in the water. Mann threw on his boots, grabbed a rope and started to make his way to the middle of the frozen pond.
Added: 5th February 2018
Views: 2050
Tags dogs akfeb18 vpc animalkind dog rescue animal rescue

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Burn bay leaves in the house and see what happens after 10 minutes!
Traditionally, the leaf is used as a sedative, analgesic, anticonvulsant and anti-inflammatory. The herb also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and

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Andy - Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project
Andy is an abandoned dog that was rescued from the 5th Ward in Houston Texas.
Added: 5th April 2012
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