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Rding The Rails In Style
Adventurer and cameraman Geoff Mackley travelling by LIV (Light Inspection Vehicle) from Cook to Adeliade awesome way to see a vast desolate and beautiful land Thanks heaps to Australian National Rail
Added: 7th July 2013
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Onion Soup Recipe - OrsaraRecipes
Today I will be making puree onion soup.

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You Will Be Amazed! - Worlds Largest Model Railroad
The official video about Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg, the largest model railway in the world, and one of the most successful tourist attractions in Germany. On the 1.300 m² large layout, far more than a thousand trains, aircrafts, cars and ships move about. A wonder of the world in miniature. Please, find more information at

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Silly Bird Harrasses Kitty
Watch Silly Bird Harrasses Kitty. Kitty tolerates silly bird but silly bird just won't stop.
Added: 3rd July 2011
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Porsche Stuck In Wet Cement.
Porsche Stuck In Wet Cement.. Walking down the streets of San Francisco... Witnessed the most embarrassing day of someone's life.
Added: 22nd February 2012
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Dog Fills Baby Pool For His Friend
This sweet, old dog knows how to relax — and make his friends help.
Added: 14th October 2016
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Hey Bear!
Trash bear in Steamboat Springs, CO.

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Dog eats whipped cream straight from the canister
A mom hears the sound of a whipped cream can in the kitchen and rushes over to see which of her kids is guilty of eating it. But when she turns the corner she
Added: 9th September 2016
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Polly Want a Shot - Drunk Parrots Worry Aussies
In Australia, red-collared lorikeets are staggering around the streets drunk, some are even collapsing. The culprit is their taste for finer things, namely trees bearing fruit. But scientists are worried because too many of the birds are dying.
Added: 31st October 2011
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Wolf Howl Scares Puppy ( Cute )
Pomeranian puppy Ellie was copying the wolf howl that was playing on the computer.
Added: 1st November 2011
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This Dog Was Chained Up His Entire Life. What He's About To Experience Next Is Truly Inspirational.
Biscuit has lived his whole life chained up... until now! This is his very first opportunity to run around in a beautiful 6 acre field. We will never get tired
Added: 12th August 2016
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Hilarious! Dog Ruins His Human's Cooking Demonstration
I have no idea what this guy is saying but I'm still laughing after watching Mari, the Shiba Inu, hilariously sabotage this tofu cooking demo. The ending is priceless!
Added: 4th March 2015
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Ham Radio Couple (Texas Country Reporter)
See how two people bonded over a simple type of technology. Ham Radio Couple John & Jo Ann Keith 7290 Traffic Net Gilmer, TX Email:

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Funny Prayer About Getting Old
Funny Prayer About Getting Old With the timing of a professional comedian, this a diminutive "little old lady" named Mary Maxwell shines a very funny light on the foibles of aging, to the delight of an audience filled with senior-care experts. For more of Mary's unique view on aging, check out her video blog on voice/mary-maxwell/
Added: 26th September 2012
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Kitten Gets A Piggy Back Ride On Dog
A black kitten clings on the back of a dog as the dog turns in circles.
Added: 8th December 2015
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Hope For Paws - Meet Boots and Babs!
These two special dogs only wanted to be loved, but someone didn't care and dumped them in an industrial area to fend for themselves. Never fear, a happy ending is near! Please donate $5 and help us save more dogs like Boots and Babs: To adopt them, please contact our friends at Doggie Bonez Rescue:
Added: 14th March 2017
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Tags Eldad Hagar Hope For Paws Lisa Arturo

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Look For The Good Project Promotes Gratitude and Goodness
Look For the Good started one crisp, fall day in Connecticut by Anne Kubitsky. She printed 500 blank invitation postcards and distributed them locally to see if anyone would respond. Within three weeks, she was getting handmade postcard responses from Connecticut, Massachusetts, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Germany and Australia. Now almost four years later over twenty thousand responses from all over the world brought her unexpected healing. 12 years before the project began, she went through a traumatic event she had not dealt with, but these messages helped her heal because they were evidence that she wasn't alone. Realizing the positive effects, she made this project her mission. Now Look For The Good, a non profit organization works to help people "look for the good" in their life. It teaches us to express gratitude and stay positive. Look For The Good recently awarded a scholarship to one student who is overcoming adversity. With their help, people everywhere will continue to LOOK FOR THE GOOD!

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Little Cowboy Will Lasso Your Heart
This five-year-old little cowboy is tough as a rancher but cute as a button. Watch him on Little Big Shots, Sunday, March 19 at 8/7c on NBC.

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SPELBOUND Gymnastics Group
Members of Spelbound tell us why gymnastics is more than a sport to them.
Added: 12th January 2011
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19 Funny Kitten Videos Compilation 2017
From kittens swatting down drones, kittens giving kisses before nap time, to kittens playing in a box, these are just a few of the funny kittens you'll find in this funny kitten videos compilation.

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John Feal - Amazing People Series
Army veteran John Feal spent seven days at ground zero as a construction worker helping with the cleanup and recovery efforts. On his last day there, about 8,000 pounds of steel crushed his left foot. He spent 11 weeks in hospital, lost half of his foot and has since had 30 surgeries on both feet. John also donated a kidney to a perfect stranger after a 9-11 first responder emailed the FealGood Foundation for help. John started the foundation in 2005 to assist other first responders who are battling 9-11 related injuries. In addition to providing financial and moral support to first responders and their families, John's foundation helped get the Zadroga bill passed which offers 9-11 responders healthcare for 5 years. "5-hour ENERGY Helps Amazing People" surprised John with a check for $50,000. "The check just symbolizes the hard work we're doing and to be noticed is more important than the money," John said gratefully. John plans to donate all the money right back to the FealGood Foundation. For more information on the FealGood Foundation go to:
Added: 8th September 2013
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Pip The Orphaned Hummingbird
The mother hummer ( Phoebe ) is sitting on the nest and then flys off. While she is gone Pip, a victim of careless pruning of the bush his nest was in, is placed in to Phoebe's nest along with a baby hummer named Fleur. Awesome!
Added: 21st April 2013
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Gilchrist 5 Mandolin played by Nate Lee A beautiful mandolin both in looks and sound. Stephen's world class craftsmanship is on full display with this f-style that features a stunning sunburst finish and fern headstock inlay. With great projection and nice tonal complexity, this Gilchrist 5 sounds every bit as good as it looks! Comes with a Calton case.
Added: 28th February 2017
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Tags Gilchrist f5 mandolin demo carter vintage guitars nate lee nashville

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Cute Labrador Puppies
Cute Labrador Puppies.
Added: 23rd March 2017
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