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Father's Day Video: My Parents' First Car
In honor of Father's Day, here is a great father/son video( Mom's will love it to! ). Joe and Beverly Smith were the proud owners of a 1948 Plymouth Convertible until they had to sell it when Joe was drafted to serve in the Korean War. As a 60th wedding anniversary gift, their son, Joel, found a '48 Plymouth through Craigslist fixed it up and gave it to them as a surprise. The car will now forever stay in the family and be passed down through generations. For more visit http://www.hagerty.com
Added: 13th June 2013
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Jaw dropping compilation of the best videos of the month! Featuring the best extreme tricks, flips, skills and stunts, everything from trick shots to juggling to parkour to skateboarding!

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Avenger Pugs
A team of remarkable pugs gather together to face Earth's greatest threat. Are they up to the challenge?
Added: 12th October 2012
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Jumpy and Alex - Outstanding Performance!
This video caused my jaw to drop almost to the floor! Jumpy has performed great feats for us before but this is the first time we have seen him perform with Alex ( and in slow motion ). The jump over the picnic table was my favorite. The reverse flip wasn't bad either!
Added: 14th April 2014
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Jiff Shake it off
Jiff the Pomeranian Shakes to Taylor Swifts' 'Shake It Off' facebook.com/jiffpom
Added: 19th October 2014
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Cats Invading Dollhouses
These cats are up to no good!
Added: 30th March 2015
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Homeless Veteran Timelapse Transformation ( Surprise Ending! )
Jim Wolf is a United States Army Veteran. For decades, Jim has struggled with poverty, homelessness and alcoholism. In September 2013 he volunteered to go through this physical transformation courtesy of Michigan-based homeless advocacy Degage Ministries. Be sure to watch all the way to the end to see what Jim is doing with his life today... Degage Ministries http://bit.ly/198hfmV
Added: 8th November 2013
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1983 Ferrari 308 GTS | Ride Along
Hagerty's Brad Phillips had never owned a Ferrari, but he couldn't resist this 1983 308 GTS when it came up for sale in Arizona.

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Women's Martial Arts Championship a  Mind Blowing Performance!
10th World Wushu Championships, Toronto Canada.
Added: 13th November 2014
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Birthday Suprise!
U.S. Airman, Home Early, Surprises Son For His Birthday by Hiding as a big Present!
Added: 6th September 2011
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Imagine The Possibilities | Barbie
Hidden cameras capture real reactions to girls imagining everything they might one day become.

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LIVE NOW! Southwest Florida Eagle Cam
Southwest Florida Eagle Cam. The camera pans from nest to surrounding area. At the time I added this there were 2 eagles sitting on a limb beside the nest. Check back often.
Added: 27th September 2016
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Tags Southwest Florida Eagle Cam eagles eagle cam Southwest Fl.

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Funniest Guilty Pet & Animal Videos December 2016 Weekly Compilation
Brand new weekly theme compilation of the funniest guilty animal and pet clips, viral videos, outtakes, bloopers and moments caught on tape.
Added: 22nd December 2016
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Samsung Mobile USA - Thing Called Love
The party continues... Visit http://facebook.com/samsungmobileusa to vote for our 2012 Big Game ad in the USA Today Ad Meter and to enter for a chance to win pretty much every \"over-the-top\" prop you see.
Added: 6th February 2012
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A Surprise for Mom - WOW!
On a recent birthday a young Man who hasn't seen his Mom in a while pays here a special visit. Here in his own words is his story: I realize birthdays are a tradition and that tradition dictates that one should celebrate their existence on the day on which they were born every year. However for me, my life has always been about what I can do for those around me. So for the last two and half years ive been saving my money, hoping to do right by a very special woman in my life. I know a lot of my friends wanted me to go out, to celebrate, but this for me is far greater then any gift/party I can hope for. At any rate ill stop there before I become FOREVER CHEESY bro. Here is how my birthday went down. I haven't checked in for a while now because things progressed so fast. I just wanted to say that I am by no means a perfect son, for a long period I neglected my mothers needs, I ignored her calls and brushed her off until I needed something. I lived outside of her home because I wanted my own place my space. Just before I started putting money aside my Father passed away, it had a great affect on me because of the kind of person he was. I decided to make a change, value the only parent I had left. I made what little changes I could day to day to make him proud, but her most of all. And overtime who I am changed, what I did for my mother can't even amount to 1/10 of what shes done for me, I cant even say that you can compare the two. That being said seeing her smile, seeing her shoulders drop, her breathe a sigh a relief made everything worth it. I dont expect everyone to understand but I just wanted to share that, to see what a small gesture can do for those closest to us. This is my last post here, God bless you all, stay positive and stay blessed. PCE
Added: 1st May 2013
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Kelly McGonigal: How To Make Stress Your Friend
Stress. It makes your heart pound, your breathing quicken and your forehead sweat. But while stress has been made into a public health enemy, new research suggests that stress may only be bad for you if you believe that to be the case. Psychologist Kelly McGonigal urges us to see stress as a positive, and introduces us to an unsung mechanism for stress reduction: reaching out to others. http://www.ted.com/
Added: 23rd October 2013
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Chicago's Magical Piano
To bring some holiday cheer to Chicago Union Station, they created a magical piano that can respond in real time to its environment.
Added: 13th December 2013
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Double Dutch Dog Blows Your Mind!
The dogs name is GERONIMO and she is a 2 year old cattle dog mix, could be mixed with border collie or kelpie. Her current owner pulled her out of a pound in Missouri 2 summers ago. She was 3 months old. GERONIMO's specialty is tricks. She loves to train for tricks, but also has a knack for agility and Frisbee. This trick took 5 weeks until it was perfect. GEROMIMO practiced it every single day, several hours a day. LIKE double dutch dog on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/DoubleDutchDog LIKE stunt dog productions on facebook http://www.facebook.com/Stuntdogshow also check out STUNTDOG.COM
Added: 15th April 2012
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The Art of Fishing
Watch what one fisherman, Joel Woods, does to make his work and life more exciting and fulfilling! Through photographs, you will see the life of fishing through a rare eye. The results, I'm sure you'll agree, are simply breathtaking and will help you look at your own workday in a whole new way! www.hooplaha.com
Added: 11th July 2014
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How to Cook the Best Steak.  Flip the Script: The Reverse Sear
Cook the best steak of your life by simply changing the way you think about searing a steak. Flip the script and cook the steak in reverse.

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Mothers Can Change the World | Nepal
When we provided resources to the Mother's Society in Tintale, Nepal, we knew there was a great need. Now, several years later, we stand in awe of the creativity and courage of this group of women - and the girls who have joined them - who are using music, dance and performances to educate area villages about the risks of human trafficking, drugs and alcohol. The society travels on a regular basis to perform and teach communities about the tricks human traffickers use to lure young women into the slave trade. The risks they address are real?each year more than 10,000 Nepali girls are stolen or sold to work in brothels in India. As a result of their performances, false promises of work, marriage and a better life made by traffickers are now recognized as a deceitful trap that can strip young girls of their freedom and future. Equally encouraging, the men of Tintale village fully support the project and have joined with their wives and daughters to help protect them and spread the word. The cost for the Mother's Society to travel, perform, and deliver their urgent message to people in remote areas of Nepal is approximately $200USD per performance; this includes instruments, supplies, stipends for 22 women and girls who perform, and a small administrative fee for the group's coordinator. Your donation to the Playing For Change Foundation will fund travel and expenses for them to reach the next village. You can be assured that your gift will support these remarkable women and girls who are committed to saving the lives of others and who are using music and performance to do it.
Added: 9th August 2013
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Huge Fish Takes Off With Rod
In this funny fail video, a fisherman teaches us all that it might be best to unhook the fish before you release it. Lol http://www.youtube.com/petsami
Added: 12th August 2013
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Mountain Rescue Of Three Scared Dogs
Hope For Paws received a call about three stranded sisters, Ginger, Sage & Emma. For more than a week local rescuers had been trying to save the dogs. Watch today's video to see how their rescue unfolds.
Added: 26th December 2015
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Tags eldad hagar Hope For Paws Lisa Chiarelli

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Snuggling parrot has a hard time getting out of bed
Looks like Tweety the parrot could stay in bed all day. Considering how cozy that looks, it's hard to blame the little guy!

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