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700 Cars hidden on a Ranch in Colorado | Barn Find Hunter - Ep. 8
Tom’s in Colorado, where he meets a man with an all-consuming affliction involving a specific marque, and then explores a property with classics hidden in every nook and cranny.

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City Dogs Try Herding Sheep For The First Time
Counting sheep? These city dogs are busy chasing 'em! Which one is your favorite "sheep herder"?

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Best Pets of the Week Video Compilation | February 2018 Week 2
This week's edition of the best pet videos of the week we have a happy french bulldog swimming, a very guilty dog and an incredible smart bird!

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Cutest Pets of the Week Compilation February 2018 | Funny Pet Videos
Brand new weekly compilation of the Cutest dog, cat, bird and other pet and animal clips, bloopers, outtakes & funniest moments caught on tape.

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Bear Bite - How NOT To Gain A Bear's Trust
Bears might not be as dangerous as their fame, but gaining their trust is not a matter to be rushed. Gordon Buchanan receives a warning bite from a black bear mother after he gets too close to her cub.

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How to Clean your Shower and Tiles
How to clean a shower, clean bathroom, shower head, clean limescale, vinegar clean, clean tiles, clean toilet, shower glass, clean glass, clean grout, mouldy...
Added: 19th February 2018
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Over the Rainbow/Simple Gifts (Piano/Cello Cover) - The Piano Guys
Story behind the song: Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson were booked for a Piano Guys show in Hawaii. How could we resist filming our next video in the land of Aloha -- beautiful beaches, green mountains, and fresh pineapple?? We went to our Founders and Facebook fans to ask what song they wanted us to play there. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" was the nearly-unanimous response. But you know how we are ... we couldn't "just" do this tune by in the studio we found a made-in-heaven matchup in the timeless melody from the Shaker Hymn "Simple Gifts" written in the 1800's (also used by Aaron Copland in his Ballet "Appalachian Spring"). We feel it's an especially appropriate mash-up because of our profound love and respect for the Hawaiian culture -- a people who are so good at finding happiness in simplicity. As you probably could hear we borrowed a lot of ideas from Iz's version which has become the stuff of legend. This arrangement is, in part, a tribute to him. Getting a piano onto a sandy beach and then onto a big hill in a famous ranch within the SAME day (we only had 8 hours to film) was no small feat. The only thing harder would be to be predict Hawaiian weather, which ended up being our biggest challenge. "We had a little extra help on this one. My mother, Lynne Sanders Nelson -- a main source of my inspiration for pursuing music -- passed away early in life from the effects of a brain tumor. She was an incredibly-gifted musician and taught me to play music passionately rather than just playing 'notes' on a page. 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' was one of her favorite songs. We finished this arrangement on what would have been her 70th birthday. Somehow she helped. I miss her so very much, but when I play songs like this I feel like I get to be with her again. This song is dedicated to her." -Steven Sharp Nelson Thank you so much to the Kualoa Ranch who bent over backwards last-minute for us and provided us such a beautiful place to shoot. Visit their site at -- when you visit Hawaii be sure to stop by and take a tour -- its where dozens of huge blockbluster movies/tv shows have been filmed.

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Rock That Swing Dance Festival 2018
Swing dancing in Munich at the Rock That Swing Festival 2018. Dances include Lindy Hop, Boggie Woogie, Charleston and Shag. This looks like it would be so much fun!
Added: 12th February 2018
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Tags Rock that swing swing festival lindy hop

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Wayward Horse Galloping on Highway Leads Police Chase
Florida police officer Arthur Madden couldn't believe what he saw on his way to work one morning. "I look off to my right and I see this horse running northbound in the southbound lanes," he told He was determined to stop the horse. But the wayward equine wouldn't listen. Eventually, officer Madden was able to convince the horse, which was traveling under approximately one horsepower, to pull over.

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Newly Rescued Blind Elephant Greeted By Friendly Herd
After arriving at Elephant Nature Park, Ploy Thong the blind elephant began to send her low vibrations out, letting everyone know of her arrival. Watch the reaction when they meet each other for the first time ( and hear her roar! ). Learn More :

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People are Awesome - Best of the Week (Ep. 47)
Another awesome week down! We've got another fun compilation for you, featuring crazy ski and snowboard leaps, acroyoga, fitness motivation, extreme kayaking, epic parkour, basketball trickshots, circus art performances, crazy calisthenics, gymnastics flips and tricks, and more! Let us know your favorite in the comments!

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Lucas the Spider - Musical Spider
Spiders can have big dreams too!
Added: 11th February 2018
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Tags Lucas the Spider Animation 3D Animation VFX Cute

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Funny Bernese Mountain Dog Compilation
From a Bernese Mountain dog rolling hay to being led by a bunny rabbit, these are just two of the clips you will see in today's funny video.

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Catastrophic Machine Failure Compilation
Not just everyday failures...these are the big ones. When things go bad in a big way. The ones where clean up is going to take a long, long time.

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Animals Showing Love To Their Humans
From Chimps, Dogs, Goats, Bears, Fox, Chickens to Cows & Pigs, these are just a few of the clips you will see in today's video.
Added: 11th February 2018
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Tags animals love animals love human love animals human save animals

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Jeanne Robertson | Don't Hire a Hit Man
Well, it's not what you may think but if you know Jeanne, you know it's going to be funny!

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Today I Learned Owls Facts!
Did you know a group of owls is called a parliament? Or that they can't move their eyes? Get ready to learn a bunch of amazing facts about owls in this addition of Today I Learned!

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People Are Awesome vs. FailArmy - (Episode 6)
Enjoy another round of Expectations vs. Reality as the Awesome People vs Fail Army show off ( or try to show off ) their stuff.

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Stray Cat Shows Up At Fire Station And Moves Right In With Firefighters
Stray Cat Shows Up At Fire Station And Moves Right In | This stray cat just wanted to be loved, so he showed up at a fire station and moved right in. But the guys were SO nervous about what would happen when the chief found out.

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Michael Alf Trio plays Boogie Woogie Stomp
Michael Alf : New Orleans & Boogie Woogie Piano, Vocal; Karsten Gnettner, Bass; Thomas Gugger, Drums. Filmed at Mulheimer Jazzclub (Germany) on 10-02-2012. Look at
Added: 5th February 2018
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Tags Michael Alf Trio New Orleans Boogie Woogie Piano

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Lunch Atop A Skyscraper: The Story Behind The 1932 Photo
We don't know their names, nor the photographer who immortalized them, but these men lunching 800 feet up show the daredevil spirit behind Manhattan's vertical expansion.

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Baby Animals Figure Out Life | The Dodo Best Of
Baby Animals Figure Out Life | Whether it's a puppy trying the stairs for the first time or a baby deer taking its first steps - these baby animals are figuring it out - one adorable step at a time

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Red-Winged Blackbird Song and Display
Stunning male Red-Winged Blackbirds in classic singing and displaying mode for Spring! I could watch these guys all day. I have several videos of RWBB's, but this is my best sound recording so far. No man-made noise and using an external shotgun microphone for DSLR:

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Amazing World 1  -  4K UHD
Music: CHILDREN OF TIME by End Of Silence
Added: 18th February 2018
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Tags 4K UHD Beautiful Nature Photography

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