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People are Awesome - Best Videos of the Week! (Ep. 37)
The Best Videos of the Week are here! It's been another amazing week of ordinary people doing extraordinary things here on People are Awesome. This compilation features skimboarding, base jumping, snowboarding, downhill mountain biking and much more!

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Baby Meerkats playing with balls are the cutest!
What's cuter than three baby Meerkats? Three baby Meerkats playing ball! The pups, now 2 months of age, have just started venturing out on exhibit with parents 'Aya and Penfold', and have taken a particular liking to the the animal enrichments that the keepers have been preparing each day. Ball enrichment is clearly their favourite, which is designed to make them learn the skills of foraging from their parents, along with providing them with additional stimulation to have fun, and fun they have!

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Tourist terrified by new glass walkway that cracks under weight
A video of a tourist guide terrified by the sight of a bridge's glass bottom cracking has gone viral recently in East Taihang Mountains, in Handan city, north China's Hebei Province. The glass skywalk hangs 1,180 meters above a valley and stretches 266 meters in length. Just for fun, shattering glass is added as a special effect to give the already-terrifying experience extra zing. The management assured that workers check the glass panels daily to ensure the safety of visitors.

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Tim Conway As The Old Fireman -  Carol Burnett Show
Hilarious! When Mr. Worthington's house at Manor Dr. catches on fire... the Fire department sends Fireman Tim Conway to put out the flames. Everything goes downhill from there.
Added: 19th October 2017
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Tags carol burnett show tim Conway worthington

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Drunken Squirrel
This video was shot in San Francisco Botanical Garden by chance. In fact I went there for a walk an to take pictures of flowers. I was a bit disappointed due to heavy overcast that day. I think was close to lunch time. Perhaps, squirrel lunch time, since there were quite a bunch of squirrels all over the trails : ) Some were eating wild apples, others were begging for food and so on. However, few squirrels were on a different diet, as the "special ones" were eating magnolia petals.

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Men Save Pelican Tangled In Fishing Line
This poor pelican got his beak all tangled up in a fishing line. He couldn't even open his mouth! But some very nice people sprang into action the second they saw him

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It's Not About Stuff.... It's About What Makes You Happy!
In a time where things, gadgets and items have taken over our lives Bonnie & Dick Cain believe in that age old saying "Less is more". More time for nature, more time for fun and more time to enjoy life... Have you ever dreamed of a simpler life? Would love for you to post your thoughts and comments below the video.

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Chicken Farmer Laughs Like A Chicken
Chicken farmer laughs like a chicken.
Added: 14th October 2017
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Rockabilly Rebel Dance Show
These rockabilly dancers are out of this world! Rockabilly Rebel, performed by Matchbox, an English rockabilly band that formed in 1971. The dancing is mesmerizing!
Added: 10th October 2017
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He's Going to Fall, He's Going to Fall, Oh No! He's Going To Fall!
Black bear attempts to climb across a rope for a bite of a tasty treat while two guys narrate his every move. What fun!

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Pets Who Are Your Coworkers
This is too accurate! If you ever had a job, you are very familiar with these types of coworkers! Which one are you?

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We Fall To Pieces
A 90 year old grandmother rewrote Patsy Cline's "I Fall To Pieces" and dedicated it to all the seniors out there.
Added: 8th October 2017
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Tags patsy cline we fall to pieces I fall to pieces grandmother 90 years old

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10 Secret Places Most Tourists Don't Know About
10 unknown destinations from Treehouse Point the place to go for healthy adventure or head out to Finland for the best arctic resort.

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Baby Squirrel Gives Mom a REALLY Hard Time
Just another day in a Mom's life! A baby squirrel falls from the nest to the ground and then becomes terrified when Mom tries to coax, carry prod and shove him back into the nest. Will she ever get this frightened boy home? Watch to find out.
Added: 15th October 2017
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Tags squirrel baby squirrel mom afraid

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Meet Campbell - He Looks At Sadness And Turns It Upside Down!
12 year old Campbell spends his time making hundreds of teddy bears for sick children ( and one very special adult! ). Get out the tissues. You can contact Campbell through his Facebook page here:
Added: 18th October 2017
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Tags Sewing Hope Feed SBS 12 Year Old Campbell Spends Time Making Hundreds Teddy Bears Sick children

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109-Year-Old Veteran Shares His Secrets to Life
Meet Richard Overton, America's oldest veteran. In this lively short film by Matt Cooper and Rocky Conly, hear the whiskey-drinking, cigar-smoking supercentenarian reveal his secrets to a long life.

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Breed All About It: German Shepherds
German Shepherds maybe be too smart for their own good and shed like crazy, but they are one of the most loyal and amazing breeds of dogs! Breed all about it in this compilation filled with curious puppies and excited doggos that will make you want to go and immediately get yourself a German Shepherd!

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Rare Findings That Made People Instantly Rich
Those people you see combing the beach with metal detectors, or guesting on Antique Roadshow, may claim to have an interest in old coins or collectibles. Let's face it though - they're secretly hoping to get rich. But ancient treasure and rare valuables are found through sheer accident or happenstance as often as they are dug up, traded or bartered for. Here are 5 of the most incredible treasures ever discovered by accident. Let's begin!

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Rock Climbing Bears
Endangered Mexican Black Bears (momma and cub) climb Santa Elena Canyon wall, March 21, 2014. I spotted them while I was kayaking and want to share with you my nature loving, rock climbing, suspenseful satisfaction.

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Best Pets of the Week | October 2017 Week 2
From adorable baby goats in hats and jumping on trampolines to a girl getting surprised with a Golden Retriever puppy, here are the best pet videos of the week!

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Aging and finishing wood technique
Using Gransfors Bruks broad axes we creating hand hewn antique look on a wood to be used for making furniture, door moldings, displays, shelfs and many other.( Hand hewing is ancient technique used to make flat surface from a round log, it was used way before sawmills were invented. Hand hewn logs mostly were used for building homes and ships.) Here is several steps that we do after creating hand hewn look on a wood: - aging the wood surface by using stain made from vinegar and steel wool, - sanding the surface with orbital sander 120 grid sand paper - sealing the wood with Shellac (prevent from blotching), - staining the surface with oil based stains Early american or Dark Walnut (stain made my Minwax or ACE) - putting finishing coat with water based polyurethane

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Barn Find: Original Paint 1962 Fuel Injected Corvette Stored 50 Years!
Imagine getting your hands on a1962 Fuel Injected Corvette with original paint that had been hidden away in a barn for 50 years! Seems that Steve had known about the car for some time and had his name on a list along with 9 other's should the owner's widow ever decide to sell the car... that day finally came and Steve was the lucky guy that got the call...
Added: 11th October 2017
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Tags barn find rare finds 1962 Corvette Uncovered after 50 years

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Cutest Pets of the Week Compilation October 2017
Brand new weekly compilation of the funniest dog, cat, bird and other pet and animal clips, bloopers, outtakes & funniest moments caught on tape.

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Cutest Animal Friendships Compilation 2017
Brand new weekly theme compilation of different pets forming the most unlikely friendships. Watch dogs, cats, birds, goats, monkeys and more become BFFs!

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