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DRAWING TRICKS So you have an idea for a picture in the forefront of your mind. You get put your box of colored pencils and a pencil sharpener. With the picture still clear in your mind, you sharpen each and every pencil and put a sheet of white paper on the table, ready to get creative. So what would you expect to happen next? Drawing is not only for the professional artists. It's for every person who has an art lover deep down in his soul. And with these amazing hacks you can express yourself easily. Don't be shy give it a try! These tricks will also come in handy if you want to teach your kids or younger siblings how to draw! If you've been struggling with painting or just want to use drawing for your kids development and entertainment, these amazing tricks are just for you! I'm gonna demonstrate the simplest and most creative ways to learn numbers while drawing animals! You'll gradually turn 1 into curious giraffe, 2 into beautiful swan, 3 into cheerful butterfly, 4 into cute fish, 5 into nice bird, 6 into snail, 7 into playful monkey, 8 into teddy bear and 9 into magpie. That's quite a zoo we got here! I'll show you how to draw incredibly creative origami picture of ballerina girl! We'll draw some cute one line animals and animals from circles! I'm a strong believer that teaching and learning must and can be fun! And this video only proves my point, doesn't it guys? ; )

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Dolly Parton, Bill Monroe - Mule Skinner (Live)
Best of Dolly Parton: Music video by Dolly Parton, Bill Monroe performing Mule Skinner (Live).
Added: 12th October 2018
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Tags Dolly Parton Bill Monroe Mule Skinner Blues

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Cat And His Favorite Girl Are Unstoppable
Cat And His Favorite Girl Are Unstoppable | This little girl barely spoke when her mom caught her talking to her cat best friend.

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Welcome to Superior Stables in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, breeding horses for quality conformation, breed type and temperament. Now after more than 10 years of breeding they have added color to our program, specializing in chestnuts– duns, skewbalds (paints) and blagdons. At Superior Stables, quality is not a boast - It's a Promise.

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Funny Homemade Inventions
Funny homemade inventions, episode 3, - Interesting and fun home-made inventions from around the world !

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Sister Sadie - Losing You Blues video ( Official Bluegrass Music Video )
From the album "Sister Sadie II" on Pinecastle Records.
Added: 1st October 2018
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The Ancient Art of Forging Japanese Knives
At 30-years-old, Yu Kikuchi was tired of his job. Working in an assembly line that made turbines, he was aching to find a new lease on life.
Added: 11th October 2018
Views: 497
Tags Apprentice Learn Educate Teacher Biography & Profile Hatchetmaker

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Funny Cats Walking on Two Legs Compilation
Cute cats walking like humans on 2 legs. These funny cats stand and walk on two legs try not to laugh!

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How Wine Corks And Barrels Are Made
The Napa Valley is known for wine production, but many people don't consider that there are more steps to crafting the perfect glass of wine than meets the eye. Cork and barrel makers in the valley are a quintessential part of this process. We take a look into their world to see how it's done.

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The Rabbit Hole: Underground Cave & Waterfall In Jamaica | Swimming Hole Safari Ep 1
We're diving into the Rabbit Hole in Jamaica! It's an underground cave that is only accessible by jumping into a waterfall. Would you have the nerve to jump?

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The Bizarre Houseboats of Britain
In West Sussex, England, a small community has formed around a colony of bizarre houseboats. Using spare parts from old buses, missiles and planes, each boat has its own unique look and feel. Among the residents of the community is Hamish McKenzie. An imaginative houseboat renovator, he's incorporated his wacky and creative personality to create a truly spectacular home. From a microwave as a mailbox to the nose of a jumbo jet as a window, Hamish infuses glorious new life into discarded objects.

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Before Horns, Every Car Had a Flag Man
As if driving wasn't stressful enough, imagine a man ushering your car everywhere you went, blowing horns and waving red flags. In a time before the car horn, all automobiles in Britain were required to be escorted by a flag man. With motorists only allowed to travel as fast as the flag man in front of them, a quick milk run down the road wasn't very, well, quick. With many unhappy with the new legislation, Miller Rees Hutchison decided to take on the problem himself, eventually inventing the first electric car horn.

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Dog Is Mom To A Family Of Ducklings
Dog Is Mom To A Family Of Ducklings | This is the world's sweetest dog and he's raised a family of ducklings since they were 1 day old!

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How Wine Is Made - Bolney Wine Estate in England
At Bolney Wine Estate in England, they specialize in red wine, but also produce white and sparkling wine. The sparkling wines go through a slightly different process again. They are fermented in the bottle, each bottle must be spun occasionally to consolidate the sediment that forms. This sediment can then be removed by a process called disgorging.

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A Spooktacular POV Fly Through of the Winchester Mystery House
Watch this exclusive POV fly through of the Winchester Mystery House and then go beyond the ghost stories and learn how innovative Sarah Winchester was with design.

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China's first chick hatched without an eggshell | CCTV English
Cracking an egg into a glass bowl and then watching the chick develop, grow, and hatch sounds like the most impossible idea ever. But this video shows that it can be done. Let's watch the entire fascinating process of China's first chick hatched without eggshell in just 21 days.
Added: 7th October 2018
Views: 687
Tags China China news Chinese people China life learn about China best video

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These Canine Ambassadors Are About to Make Your Vacation Adorable
Since 2001, Fairmont Hotels around the world have been home to a highly esteemed (extremely adorable) fellowship program. Fairmont's Canine Ambassadors aren't just a hotel guest's best friend and the perfect four-legged concierge they're family. These formally-trained pups know the halls of the hotels and the people who work there. They're also experts in mountaineering, constantly exploring the landscapes surrounding Fairmont Banff Springs and Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.. Join us as we tour the breathtaking Canadian Rockies with golden lab and resident good boy, Marcus.

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Meet Hope, The Blind And Deaf Dachshund | CUTE AS FLUFF
This determined sausage dog refuses to let being blind and deaf get in her way. The double dapple dachshund was left at a rescue center a few years after being born. Lauren Ann Kramer-Theuerkauf, from Freeburg, Illinois, found Hope on a rescue website and instantly fell in love with her.

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Kitten Born With Twisted Legs Is The Spunkiest Of His Siblings - CHURRO
Kitten Born With Twisted Legs Is The Spunkiest Of His Siblings | Watch this teeny, sick little kitten grow up into a purr box.

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Camera That's Faster Than The Speed Of Light - Your Daily Dose Of Internet
From a camera that shoots 10 trillion frames per second, a one armed violin player, stick people to cloud soap, these are just a few of the great clips you will see in today's video.
Added: 17th October 2018
Views: 113
Tags best vines 2018 funny vines funny videos funniest videos 2018

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