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Ferrets Playing in Packing Peanuts Compilation
Ferrets Playing in Packing Peanuts You don't need any toy to entertain your cute little ferret friends. Just take some packing peanuts and you're all set.

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Jeanne Robertson | Dressing for NASCAR
Jeanne is on Sirius & XM Radio. This clip is from Jeanne's DVD "Looking for Humor" Jeanne's official website http://www.jeannerobertson.com.

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British Airways Flight 5390
British Airways Flight 5390 was a scheduled passenger flight operated by British Airways between Birmingham Airport in England and Málaga Airport in Spain. On 10 June 1990 an improperly installed panel of the windscreen failed, blowing the plane's captain, Tim Lancaster, halfway out of the aircraft. With Lancaster's body firmly pressed against the window frame for over twenty minutes, the first officer managed to perform an emergency landing at Southampton Airport with no loss of life.

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Swimming Horses of Grand Cayman
Join us for a beach ride and journey out into the warm Caribbean waters on horseback. Saddles were removed and then it was time to head into crystal blue water. The horses didn't need to be told where to go. It was a hot day and they relished cooling down in the ocean... though the water temperature still felt quite warm. They walked rather slowly into the water until they couldn't touch the bottom. Let the fun begin! Pampered Ponies in Grand Cayman is in a quiet beachside neighborhood with a large shaded corral full of horses that had completely embraced the Caribbean vibe. Wouldn't you love to go there!

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Gaither Vocal Band - He Touched Me (Live/Lyric Video)
The Gaither Vocal Band is an American southern gospel vocal group, named after its founder and leader Bill Gaither. Today we see a music video with lyrics by Gaither Vocal Band performing He Touched Me. See if you can sing along with the video.
Added: 27th May 2017
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Tags Gaither Vocal Band He Touched Me Music Group (HSE) Christian

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Hipster Pets | Funny Pet Video Compilation 2017
From dogs wearing the latest fashion, cats wanting more than just a meek salad, to cockatoos showing off their latest feathers, these are just a few of the 'doing cool pet things before it was cool pets' you'll find in this hipster pets video compilation.

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Keeping the Flame Alight With the Last of the Lampists
Jim Woodward is a lampist. A what, you ask? A lampist's main job is to keep the enormous, delicate glass lenses of lighthouse lights in tip-top shape so that ships at sea stay safe. But over the years, glass lenses have fallen out of vogue. Now, most of the notable lighthouse lenses in the United States are beset with plastic LED lights. But Woodward, one of the country's last lampists, soldiers on. We joined him at Point Reyes National Seashore, where one of the great glass lenses is still in place, lighting the way for sailors at sea.

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Cole and Marmalade - 7 Signs That Cats Are Scientists
Is your cat a scientist? GOOD NEWS! Scientists have discovered that watching cat videos lowers stress and makes you happy. Especially if the video features Cole and Marmalade!

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10 Funniest Dachshund Videos
I hope you enjoy todays compilation featuring the funny Dachshund clips, outtakes, bloopers, viral videos and moments caught on tape.

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Mom - (Mother's Day) (Home Free Cover)
Mom - (Mother's Day) (Home Free Cover)
Added: 14th May 2017
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Tags Mother's Day (Holiday) mom Garth Brooks (Musical Artist)

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Carol Burnett - As the Stomach Turns
As the Stomach Turns on the Carol Burnett Show.
Added: 28th May 2017
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Tags Harvey Korman Carol Burnett Vicki Lawrence

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Farm Animals Can Be Jerks
Farm animals. So docile, so peaceful. We even teach "Old McDonald" to little kids. Don't be fooled! Be they sheep, cows, pigs, horses, or ducks, not all farm animals are our friends!

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Funniest Pets Vs Screen Doors Home Videos of 2016 Compilation | Kyoot Animals
AFV presents another weekly compilation of the funniest viral videos of pets and animals caught on tape having a tough time with screen doors.
Added: 3rd January 2017
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Tags AFV AFV Animals animals fun funny pets pet stuck comp compilation blooper bloopers...

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Touching moment as Elephant Herd Rushes To Greet Newest Baby
Touching moment as Elephant Herd Rushes To Greet Newest Baby.

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Funny Cat Video Compilation 2017
From cats using their tail as a pacifier, cats curious about snowfall, to cats dipping their paws in water, these are just a few of the cute cats you'll find in this cute cats video compilation.

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Meet Naki'o The  Amazing Bionic Dog!
Naki'o is one amazing dog that will fill your heart with love! Naki'o and his littermates were very young and left in a foreclosed home during the winter in Nebraska. Naki'o was the only pup found alive... frozen! He suffered severe frostbite and lost all his toes on all four feet... but it gets better! His now owners found him on PetFinder and instantly fell in love! When he was a puppy, he got around fine on his nubs because he was so lightweight. But as he started growing, they knew he needed more support on his legs. They were referred to OrthoPets where they created new legs and a new life for Naki'o! His prostheses changed his life; he gained more confidence and couldn't be happier! He is the first dog in the world with 4 prosthetic legs... and is dubbed the bionic dog! This dog really is a superhero! He is a true inspiration to anyone who meets him. His parents started a dog rescue to help dogs like him and they even wrote a book inspired by him, Stubby and His Magic Boots! They travel the world with the mission to teach children love and compassion!

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Unlikely Pet Friendships Video Compilation 2017
From pigs taking a cat for a walk, tortoise and a cat eating together, to a dog and dolphin swimming together, these are just a few of the unlikely friendships you'll find in this unlikely friendships video compilation.

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The Dogs of 2016
Remember, the dogs will always be good.
Added: 1st January 2017
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Tags dogs 2016 dog pet pets doggos puppers year in review year weratedogs dogrates rates we rate

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Seal Drags Girl into Waters
Sea LionDrags the girl who's playing with it into the waters. A man jumps immediately for her rescue.

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Amazing Trucks Driving Skills - Awesome Semi Trucks Drivers
Think you can drive? Watch this... From crossing raging rivers, quickest unloads ever, hanging off a cliff to near miss on the interstate, these are truly awesome and amazing truck driving skills!

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Elephant pool party with Chendra and Samudra
Chendra and Samudra made a splash in the Elephant Lands pool!
Added: 27th May 2017
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Tags Oregon Zoo elephants elephants swimming elephant underwater

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Planchette Collector (Texas Country Reporter)
Brandon Hodge, owner of Big Top Candy shop, has a world renowned collection of planchettes. Brandon Hodge Big Top Candy Shop 1706 S Congress Ave Austin, TX 78704 Phone: 512-462-2220 Website: https://www.facebook.com/bigtopcandyshop

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10 Insane Celebrity Homes
If you had millions of dollars would you build and create the most amazing house ever? Here are 10 Insane Celebrity Homes.

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RABBIT ISLAND! A Bunny Lover's Paradise
There's an island in Japan that is covered in cute fluffy bunny rabbits and solemn military ruins. It's Okunoshima - aka - Rabbit Island. Prior to World War II, chemical weapons were secretly manufactured on the island. During the Allied occupation, the weapons were destroyed and the buildings and military emplacements were left to ruin. Nowadays, the island is overrun with cute friendly rabbits. Initially people speculated that the rabbits were descendants of test subjects. But the current theory is that a group of students left pet rabbits behind on the island in 1971. Rabbit Island is reached by a ferry that leaves from Tadanoumi Port. Tadanoumi train station is about an hour's drive from Hiroshima Station. There is one hotel on the island. Bunny Island - Rabbit Island - Hiroshima - Japan

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