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Top 10 Amazing People With Real Super Powers
We've all had those dreams, the thought of what it would be like to have super powers. Well, for these select individuals around the world, it's more than just a dream. From super strength to inhuman perception, we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Humans With Real Super Powers! Oh yeah, we've given these individuals our own monikers - let us know in the comment section what you think their super-hero names should be!

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Baby elephant sneezes and scares himself
In the winter of 2009, I was in Africa. And of course, I decided to visit the safari. I shot seven elephants. And I was lucky enough to film this funny moment
Added: 27th September 2016
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Funny Cats Video Compilation 2016
From taking a relaxing bath, to interrupting yoga, these are the funniest cats and kittens you will see all week.

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Funny Parkour Cats Video Compilation 2016
Climbing up ladders, jumping into windows, and scaling buildings, are just some of the brave parkour cats you'll find in this funny parkour cats video compilation.

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Farm Makes Socks that You Don't Have to Change
A farm in the UK is making socks that some customers are saying never need to be changed and never smell.

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Photogenic Dogs Video Compilation 2016
These dogs know how to work a camera! From enjoying fresh wind in their hair to just being adorable. These dogs have got it going on in this photogenic dogs video compilation.

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Husky and baby chick share incredible bond
Who would have imagined a Husky and a baby chicken would become so close? The baby chick was found on the streets with no mother and all alone, so it was taken
Added: 27th September 2016
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Here's a compilation of the best videos of awesome people for May 2016! It features longboarding, parkour, freerunning, trampoline wall tricks, circus arts, basketball dunks, trick shots, crossfit, yoga, skiing, skateboarding and football. These athletes, gymnasts and acrobats are incredible!

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This Elephant Has A New Buddy After Years On Her Own
Lucky is a 52-year-old elephant who has a hard time making friends. Until Nicole came to stay, that is.

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A concert pianist has placed pianos across one city to create unity in a world that desperately needs it. Pianos for Peace is an annual open festival of music using colorful, painted pianos to inspire artists and unite people in the community through shared values of beauty, truth and harmony. Website:

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Injured Baby Donkey Rescued - Watch Her Mama's Reaction
A tiny baby donkey had been attacked by a wild animal and suffered more than a dozen bites all over her body. Watch her amazing recovery!

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Guilty Dogs Who Are Sorry ( Some Not So Sorry  )
Dogs who are guilty of various "bad dog" acts of indiscretion. But we prefer to blame the humans!

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The Gibson Brothers - Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes - Bluegrass Music
The Gibson Brothers perform "Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes" live at AMP by Strathmore in Bethesda, MD.
Added: 27th September 2016
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Comedian Jeanne Robertson - You Don't Know Garth Brooks?
Jeanne tells us a funny story about trying to get her husband to go to Arizona to see Garth Brooks. "Left Brain" has other ideas. Are you a "left brain"?... sometimes I think I am.

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This Best of the Week compilation on People are Awesome features everything from slackline, beer pong trick shots, football freestyle, gymnastics, juggling and inline skating. These people are amazing!

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The Amazing Domino Race!
5 domino paths fall over and race to the finish line... which one will win?

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Spoiled Puppy | That ending LOL
It's all fun and games until...
Added: 13th February 2016
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Tags dog dogs puppy puppies pup frenchie frenchies frenchbulldog

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Traveling Piano Man Finds The Key To Life!
A piano is all it took to open Dotan's eyes to a life of inspiration! Five years ago, Dotan Negrin quit his steady and stable 9-5 job day job.
Added: 29th June 2016
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Tags good news piano around world travel travel piano music Dotan Negrin

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Funniest Cute Hyper Excited Pet Compilation
AFV presents brand new pets compilation filled with the most hyper and super excited dog, cat and pet home videos! Prepare to laugh at how these hyper pets ...
Added: 10th July 2016
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Tags AFV AFV Animals animals fun funny pets pet filmy funny dogs funny dog dog dogs puppies ...

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Las Vegas Magician Mac King Shows Us A Trick
Can you figure out how he does this trick? I sure can't. Not even slow motion helped. Please post your comments below the video.
Added: 5th September 2016
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Tags las vegas magic magician mac king magic trick vegas seven harrah's

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British Royal Guard Loses his Patience with Granny
Because a British Royal Guard's patience is simply admirable... sometimes.

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Elephant Baby-Mother Love Will Make You Cry
A 5 day old elephant calf gets stranded in a large muddy pond. The mother is close by but unable to help.... then man steps in to save the day! The mother-baby reunion is priceless!

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Our beautiful world!
The earth we all share is beautiful. It provides our food, the air we breathe and vast wonders to behold. It gives so much to each of us and requires only kindness in return. We hope you will be inspired as you take a visual tour of the earth while gliding on the melody of John Denver's classic "Annie's Song." Our beautiful world... Pass It On

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A Blind Horse and His Best Friend
When Roderick Olsen's horse Zaxson went blind, he did not cast the animal aside. Instead, he embraced Zaxson, taking him for walks in the woods and acting as his eyes. Since then, the two have developed a close friendship built on mutual trust and love.

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