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British Airways Flight 5390
British Airways Flight 5390 was a scheduled passenger flight operated by British Airways between Birmingham Airport in England and Málaga Airport in Spain. On 10 June 1990 an improperly installed panel of the windscreen failed, blowing the plane's captain, Tim Lancaster, halfway out of the aircraft. With Lancaster's body firmly pressed against the window frame for over twenty minutes, the first officer managed to perform an emergency landing at Southampton Airport with no loss of life.

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Unusual Gardening Skills...
OK, it's not really gardening skills but more like some kind of baton twirling ninji sorcery... maybe the last Jedi? What ever it is, this guy has got it going on...
Added: 17th April 2017
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Tags Baton Gardening Skills Fast Worker

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Cats Addicted To Catnip Going Catnip Crazy!
Common behaviors cats display when they sense the bruised leaves or stems of catnip are rubbing on the plant, rolling on the ground, pawing at it, licking it, and chewing it. Consuming much of the plant is followed by drooling, sleepiness, anxiety, leaping about and purring. Some growl, meow, scratch or bite at the hand holding it. The Furball cats, Merlin, Fairy, Elfin, Buddha and Yogi are having way to much fun in today's video....

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Funny Talkative Pets Video Compilation 2017
From dogs howling together, cats meowing at their owners, to parrots talking to the camera, these are just a few of the vocal pets you'll find in this talkative pets video compilation.

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Police And Firefighters In Uptown Funk Lip Dub Video
Thanks to the Rock County Public Safety Agencies of Beloit, Wisconsin for putting this great video together. I hear this song on my local radio station quite often and it's one of my current favorites. I hope this video brings a little "joy" to your day. Rock County, WI Public Safety Lip Dub Video (Song by Mark Ronson, Featuring Bruno Mars)

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7 INSANE VEHICLES You Didn't know Existed
From EDWARD The Electric DIWHEEL, AEYO SKATE BIKE, EV4, EXMOVERE CHARIOT, JOYSTICK BIKE, DTV SHREDDER to APOLLO JET BIKE.... These 7 Insane Vehicles will blow your mind. Which one is your favorite?

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The Old Folks: Anniversary Present from The Carol Burnett Show (full sketch)
The Old Folks are at it again with their bickering when Molly (Carol Burnett) thinks Bert (Harvey Korman) forgot their anniversary.

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Super Happy Dogs | Funny Dog Video Compilation 2017
From dogs jumping on trampolines, dogs jumping on other dogs, to dogs jumping into the water to fetch, these are just a few of the dogs getting high off the ground in this high dogs video compilation.

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16 Most Amusing Photos Of Animals
From a sad looking blobfish to a hippo who doesn't seem to like the company, here are 16 Most Amusing Photos of Animals.

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Funny Labradors Compilation
Funny Labradors! Enjoy 8 minutes of funny and adorable labs! Feel free to leave a comment! Share this video in Facebook/Twitter/Google+.

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14 Inspiring Renovated Abandoned Places
From The House of Eternal Return to Santa Marta Restaurant here are 14 Inspiring Renovated Abandoned Places.

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Tara Tanaka - Vermilion Flycatcher Pair Builds A Very Special Nest!
Tara Tanaka spent a week in Texas in May digiscoping birds, and she spent every minute of the best light with this pair of Vermilion Flycatchers. At first she was just shooting photos and video of the male, and after spending hours with him and watching him interact occasionally with the female, Tara realized that she was building a nest not far away. It looks like she was right on top of the nest when she was videoing it, but she was using a digiscoping system with an equivalent focal length of 1000mm, and was far enough away to not cause her any stress. First she used twigs, then lichen, and finally Tara watched in amazement as she brought back spider webs and used them to anchor everything in place. Tara heard from other birders that this pair had just fledged two juveniles, so this was their second nest of the season. Tara left a day earlier than planned as there were really bad storms headed her way, and she got out just ahead of the violent weather and barely managed to stay ahead of it all the way home. Tara emailed the campground host and found out that late on the day she left they were hit with a terrible storm and there were two trees and numerous branches down in the park. The branch she chose for her nest was as protected as it could possibly have been, so we all have hope that it survived the storm. This video was shot with a GH4 mounted on a Swarovski STX 85 scope with a Digidapter using manual focus. Best viewed full screen in 4K, sound up!
Added: 22nd February 2017
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Tags digiscoped 4K GH4 Vermillion Flycatcher nest bird birding red beauty Texas

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Call Me Old-Fashioned - Bradley Walker [Official Music Video]
Country singer Bradley Walker is a storyteller. His unmistakable, baritone vocals are refreshing yet warmly familiar as are his songs about life, love, family and his Christian faith. I hope your Sunday is filled with joy and happiness!
Added: 18th February 2017
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Tags Bradley Walker Call Me Old-Fashioned Gaither Music Group (HSE) Country

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Bing Crosby, Flip Wilson, & Tim Conway - Diner Sketch
Flip Wilson is the owner of a diner, Tim Conway a truck driver, and Bing Crosby a plumber in this sketch from the 3/16/72 Flip Wilson Show.
Added: 16th January 2017
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Tags bing crosby flip wilson tim conway show diner sketch

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The most beautiful version of Hallelujah you have ever heard.
A pianist and violinist, each equally adept in the classical and popular styles, combine their musicianship, versatility, passion, and talents at on-the-spot improvisations.

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15 Enormous Man Made Structures
From the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway to the enormous Burj Khalifa, here are 15 Enormous Man Made Structures.

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What if money was no object? Every person on the planet should watch this video.
Words of wisdom begin at 1:04... British philosopher and thinker Alan Watts asks the question, "What would you like to do if money were no object?" It's a question many of us have considered, but few have truly act upon. "Yeah, that's nice, but I have to pay the bills," is one common reply. "I have responsibilities," is another. If you say that getting the money is the most important thing, you will spend your life completely wasting your time. You'll be doing things you don't like doing in order to go on living. That is, to go on doing things you don't like doing. Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing than a long life spent in a miserable way.
Added: 13th March 2017
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Gaither Vocal Band   I'll Trade the Old Cross for a Crown
This Classic Country Southern Gospel music video features Mark Lowry and the Gaither Vocal Band Singing "I'll Trade the Old Cross for a Crown".

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Beautiful Savior - Easter Hymn by Claire Ryann at 4-Years-Old
On this beautiful Easter Weekend we hear and see little 4 year old Claire Crosby sing one of her favorite songs, Beautiful Savior. For this video Claire learned both the melody and harmony part. The only thing better than one Claire singing is two of them.
Added: 15th April 2017
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Tags Claire Ryann Beautiful Savior Easter

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14 Funny Pets | Awesome Pet Video Compilation 2017
From a corgi wearing a mermaid tail at the beach, a cat napping with a mouse, to a bird getting a massage with Q-Tips, these are just a few of the funny pets you'll find in this funny pets video compilation.

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Wolf Girl Anneka Svenska meets 2 huge, beautiful Canadian Wolves Madadh & Kgosi at Wolf Watch UK. Madadh, a beautiful black Canadian wolf came to Wolf Watch with her brother Kgosi in April 1999, from the time of their arrival until three months later, normality at Wolf Watch became a thing of the past or perhaps life just followed a different pattern. She is the wolf most visitors to the centre are likely to meet if the circumstances permit. Kgosi is a proud handsome wolf, his greying coat (once black) and softer personality takes nothing away from his unmistakable status within the pack. Kgosi spends his time with sibling Madadh and have lived together with hardly a day apart in their two and a half acre enclosure. Wolf Watch UK is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, welfare and conservation of displaced wolves from captive situations.

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12 Best Random Places Valuables Have Been Found
From stuffed mattresses, to the luckiest beach goers in the world, these are 12 Best Random Places Valuables Have Been Found. We should be so lucky!

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