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STOP Saying
A True Love Story that will teach you what REAL Love is

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We Revisit Man's Cat Playland and our Hearts Explode Again
In 2014 Houzz featured the story of home builder Peter Cohen, who created a cat wonderland in his home for his 15 rescued cats. The video has nearly 20 million views, as people everywhere have connected with both his love of cats and the innovative space he created for them. We caught up with Peter for an update on what has happened since his story went viral. Now living with 22 rescue cats, Peter has become involved with the fight against Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), a disease that is fatal in 95% of cases. Peter sells his cat-walks in the Houzz Shop to help raise money for research to find a cure. Find ViviPet Modern Cat Walks on Houzz:

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RC Breitling Stearman Wingwalkers - RCScaleAirplanes
Steve Holland, Richard Rawle and Sharon Stiles performing a fantastic display at Weston Park Richard Rawle who designed and built the models starting with two Balsa USA kits. The girls are 100% designed and built by Richard. Engines are Valach 170s. Weight: 22 kg with the Wingwalkers on them. They are 30% scale. The girls are operated by Sharon Stiles

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