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Hilarious: Jeff Allen on the Secret to Marital Bliss
Jeff Allen is back with a standup bit on the secret to marital bliss. His totally-clean observations on relationships and family life.

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Customers Served Coffee Straight Into Their Mouths
This is what we imagine service is like at a #Michelin star restaurant. Let us know if you'd be open to getting served coffee this way!

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Matilda had Four Does!
Matilda had four doelings last night! Milkyway, Juno (a NASA space probe orbiting the planet Jupiter), Maia (a star in the constellation of Taurus) & Monday (for Richard Akera who told an amazing story about a special goat from his childhood at our Goats In Space auction). Made sure all four got two nice long drinks, dipped umbilical cords and went to bed! When I woke up all four were already starting to hop!!!!

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Pet Peeves - Driving. Aaron's Animals
Aaron's Animals - Pet Peeves. Starring Phil and Prince Michael

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I just bought my horses a tree!
Giving the ponies a happy life is so important to me, for all they give, if I can do something that makes their life a little more interesting and fun on a day to day basis then thats only going to help our relationship. Each year I try and add a new feature to their summer playground, 2 years ago we added giant stones which they love to scratch and hoon around, last year we added a natural wooded wicker shelter, and today I just got them a tree!....Im not going to lie this one is a little fun for me to as of course it has to be jumped!
Added: 17th April 2019
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