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Funniest Jealous Pets Ever Compilation 2018 | Funny Pet Videos
Some animals just don't like sharing the love. Come and watch this brand new compilation of the most jealous pets ever!

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Crusoe the Dachshund's Date with Paisley! Cute/Funny Dog Date!
Crusoe the Dachshund and his girlfriend Paisley Dachshund go on a cute and funny doggy date, where Crusoe takes her for a ride in his car to the park, where they take a romantic hot air balloon ride up into the sky. Lots of fans said this was our funniest dachshund video yet, as you see what events take place when Paisley gets scared of the hot air balloon, and Crusoe the Dachshund tries to act very cool by taking out some champagne for their romantic doggy date. See what happens in this cute and funny dachshund (wiener dog) video.

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You have probably at least once dreamed of winning a huge amount of money, while doing nothing. It is a tempting idea! That's one of the reasons many people are addicted to gambling. Nevertheless, it is not easy to win big amounts of money gambling, but some people have done it more than once. Who are these scammers who have ruined different casino? We are gonna find out

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Incredible Sandboarding Tricks | People Are Awesome
Who says you need snow to go boarding? Sandboarding combines all the fun of snowboarding without the winter climate! The riders in the video are Jose Meartinez and Cristian Calcagno:

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Bird Taking Off at 20,000 fps (213 milliseconds) In 1080p60 HD
Meet Destin, a Husband, a Father, and full time Engineer. He has travelled to the rain forest and videoed Macaws flying off of a clay lick... borrowed homing pigeons from a friend, spoke to people who raise birds. The more he learned about birds, the more he was fascinated with how they operate. In today's video he finds a small bird inside a house, after catching it, he decided to film it's release in slow motion.... Best viewed full screen in 1080p60 HD.

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