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Cole and Marmalade - Deluxe Cardboard Cat Ball Pit!
Cole and Marmalade fans have been asking us to do this for quite some time, we didn't get any crazy kitty action which I was hoping for, but once cat treats were involved CAM had lots of fun in their home made ball pit, give it a try! :)

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What was Christmas like, in the 50's? Back to Golden Days
The safety of tinsel: During the 1950s, tinsel and tinsel garlands were so popular that they were often used more than Christmas lights - because tinsel was less of a fire hazard than electric lights. Sparkle bright: Lead foil was a popular material for tinsel in the 1950s, because unlike silver, lead tinsel did not tarnish and retained its shine.

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Chewbacca joins Fort Worth Police Department
The Fort Worth Police Department knew things have been rough for Chewbacca lately. They hoped that they could find a place for him... it didn't go well! May the force be with you as you watch today's video.

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John Lewis Christmas Advert 2013 - The Bear & The Hare
Watch the John Lewis Christmas TV advert and see Hare give his best friend Bear a Christmas he'll never forget.

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