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Dogs Rescue Baby Werewolf: Funny Halloween Dogs Maymo & Potpie
Watch Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie Rescue a Lost Baby Werewolf on Halloween! Big daddy werewolf is driving his baby werewolf around when the baby hops out the window....and makes his way to the house of Maymo the beagle dog. Cute beagle dogs Maymo and Potpie feed the baby, give him toys, and play with him, until Big Werewolf figures out his baby is missing, and sniffs his way to Maymo's house. Watch what happens when the big werewolf shows up...dogs and werewolves interacting makes for the best Halloween ever!

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Animal Friendships - Amazing Animal Friends- Unlikely Animal Friendship Videos
Can animals be best friends? Unbelievable, unlikely, amazing animal friendships between different species that you wont believe! Tiger and baby goat, antelope and kitten, cockatoo and dog and so much more in this unbelievable, unlikely animal friendships video.

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Candid Camera Classic: Auto Cab!
In Kansas City, hotel guests are taken for a ride in a driverless taxi.
Added: 26th October 2019
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