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Taimane Gardner Ukulele Freestyle at Nuuanu Forest
Taimane Gardner Ukulele Freestyle at Nuuanu Forest Summer tour dates:
Added: 8th May 2019
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Tags taimane gardner taimani ukulele uke tour kamaka hawaii oahu nuuanu taimane tour

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Best Friends Forever ~ Happiness to Jesse and Me
Every day with Jesse, since the day we first met, we have been inseparable! Jesse has brought so much happiness and joy into my life from the moment our eyes met and I knew we were destined to be best friends forever. He inspires me so much on a daily basis and encourages me to live life to the fullest~ Jesse loves life and always has such a happy big smile on his face and a prance in his step; his zest and happiness for life is contagious! There is never such a thing as a bad day with Jesse by my side. Jesse is my heart dog, my best friend, and constant companion through all of life's adventures and experiences. He is my World and every day with him by my side is the best day ever!

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Paralyzed Stray Dog Finds Forever Home in Huntington After Being Rescued In Thailand
Last December(2018) Dr. Lisa Chong and Tara Austin went to volunteer at Elephant Nature Park. They rescued a stray dog named "Frida" and find the forever home for this poor dog.

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