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How to Use Puppies to Flirt with Women
These men think they can just use puppies to flirt with women... Well. It works... Until this happens.

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Today I Learned: Octopus
Did you know that the plural of octopus is actually octopuses and not octopi?! I know, my mind is blown. Learn all about octopuses, from their huge brains to boneless bodies, in this episode of Today I Learned!

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Talk With the Animals of Life On The Farm - Premiere Episode
Life On The Farm provides an inside look at daily farm living as told by the quirky collection of animals themselves! Set at Millstone Farm in Wilton, CT, Life On The Farm takes a humorous approach while educating us with facts about the animals that sustain it. Meet Ravi the llama, Pesto the pig and the rest of the gang as they tell us about their roles in sustainable agriculture - the social, educational, and economic movement gaining widespread acceptance and support throughout farms and communities across the United States. Life On The Farm doesn’t get any more fun than this! Tune in for all the upcoming episodes, only on HooplaHa.com!

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Korra's Outdoor Adventure 1_3
We picked a location near a creek with one of the birds most favourite trees! almost every parrot that comes out loves this tree, they spend hours just chewing and playing in the tree while we talk life and stuff our faces haha

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