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9 Ways to Always Win at Carnival Games
When walking around the city or in the park on a sunny day, there is always a chance to stumble upon a carnival game. You know, one of those games in which you can win a prize... if you're lucky. Knock down some pins, bust some balloons, throw some balls into the rings... This all seems easy, but it is almost impossible to win in these games. Why? Well, there's a secret behind them and today we are gonna tell you about it.

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Best Pets of the Week (August 2019) Week 3 | The Pet Collective
Expect the unexpected from Best Pets of the Week! Crack up with a funny french bulldog, friendly horses and get all the feels with a duck family reunion.

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Funny Duckling Videos - Cute Baby Ducks - Funny Duck Baby Videos - Super Duck Video
These ducks are funny and cute, especially the baby ducklings. Enjoy!
Added: 20th August 2019
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John Brown's Dream - Raikku, Finland R3 Festival
Hillary Klug performs at the R3 festival in Raikku, Finland. This tune is on her latest album available on her website and soon to be available digitally. https://hillaryklug.com

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