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Huskies Hide Among Sea of Stuffed Animals
These two huskies hid in a pile of stuffed animals and played hide and seek with their owner! Can you tell which of the dogs are real and which ones are stuffed animals?

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DIY | How to strip rust and paint on the cheap
Finally getting around to restoring or rebuilding that old classic car? There's a good chance you'll have to deal with some rusted-over parts or unwanted paint. Replacing parts can get costly, so watch to see how you can save some cash by cleaning off built-on gunk-even if you just have an old crockpot instead of our ultrasonic cleaner. Hagerty's Davin Reckow shows how easy it can be, thanks to a secret ingredient recommended by a dairy farmer.

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Lynda Randle - God On The Mountain (Live)
Lynda Tait Randle (born February 7, 1962), an alto singer of southern gospel music, was born and grew up in the inner city of Washington, DC. Randle is most well known as a Gaither Homecoming artist and has a number of singing videos featuring her mellow alto voice in gospel music, particularly southern gospel.

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Dog With No Eyes Gets Blind Brother To Go On Adventures With - ABI and DUKE
This smiley little dog doesn't have any eyes, but she LOVES to explore. So when her family welcomed another blind pup into the family, she knew exactly how to bring out his adventurous side.

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