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Wobbly Kitten Gets Kitty Casts To Help Him Walk Again | The Dodo
This kitten was born with wobbly legs and six toes on his back paws! But he kept getting back up on his tiny little casts and ran all the way to his forever home!

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9 BIGGEST Mammals that Ever Lived
From a rat the size of a cow to an ape that will make you believe in bigfoot here are the biggest mammals that have ever lived!

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Today I Learned Owls Facts!
Did you know a group of owls is called a parliament? Or that they can't move their eyes? Get ready to learn a bunch of amazing facts about owls in this addition of Today I Learned!

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Pastor eases onto icy pond to rescue dog
With only a rope, a hoe, and a lot of hope, he shuffled onto the thin ice to save his neighbor's dog. Jeff Mann just got home from work when his wife noticed something splashing around in the middle of the frozen pond in their backyard. His wife started yelling there was a dog in the water. Mann threw on his boots, grabbed a rope and started to make his way to the middle of the frozen pond.
Added: 5th February 2018
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Tags dogs akfeb18 vpc animalkind dog rescue animal rescue

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A bee swarm two years later
This is update to my older video about removing a bee swarm from an oak barrel We have transferred this bee swarm to an old empty beehive, is hard to tell how old this beehive is, back in the old days was no single standard size for a beehive, every region there had its own size, so in Europe I been finding so many different styles of hives. For this hive I used Langstroth deep beehive frames that I build my self, (because is hard to find them in Europe) they were almost exact same size as the original frames from this old hive. The original video I filmed in summer of 2015 in Lithuania and this update in 2017.
Added: 5th February 2018
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Tags bees beekeeping apiary apiarry bites biciuliai honey beehive

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