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Lions Circle Trapped Baby Elephant UNTIL Another Elephant Family Shows Up | The Dodo
If you think elephants are smart now... wait until you see this video! A tiny baby elephant got trapped in a water trough, and lions were closing in - when the most amazing thing happened.

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Incredible RANDOM Duet on Public Piano
Jessi and Danny - two random strangers I bumped into at the Herne Hill Piano in London. All totally random (yes, really), unrehearsed and unedited. It's a bit chaotic but ENJOY!

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DIY Hummingbird Bath
Our DIY Hummingbird bath!
Added: 5th August 2017
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Hummingbirds Play in Homemade Bird Bath
Hummingbirds from all over the neighborhood enjoyed the homemade bird bath that was put out for them. They swam and cleaned themselves with a gorgeous backdrop.

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LEAK: Pompeyo Family Dogs Entertain With Amazing Tricks - America's Got Talent 2017
This Florida family and their dogs head to the ranch in this adorable performance.

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