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Football Trickshots - People Are Awesome 2018
The wait is over, Super Bowl Sunday is upon us! Enjoy this compilation of our favorite American football trick shots to get you pumped for the big game. Who do you think will win this year? Leave it in the comments!

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Finding the world's most unusual Lions - Natural World
After going extinct in the Namib desert over 20 years ago, Philip 'Flip' Stander discovered that not only had the lions returned, but were thriving. Their 30% growth rate and breeding was outstanding.

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Man Jumps into a Frozen River to Save a Dog
You're going to LOVE this guy! It was December 2014, a father, his two sons and a friend went hunting. That's when Caesar the dog wandered out on to the ice and fell in the cold, cold water. They tried calling her, they looked for sticks and boards to try to help get her lose but nothing worked. At one point the dog almost crawled out but the ice broke yet again. That's when one of the brothers who is strong in spirit, brave, he could not stand it any longer and rushed to the rescue.... What a hero! Their language sound's like Russian but I have no idea what they are saying, if you do please post it in the comments.
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Best Pets of the Month | January 2018
First month of 2018 down! Here are all the most hilarious pet videos from this month! We have dogs, cat, birds, foxes and more!

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Awesome Kids - 9 Year Old Pro Skateboarder Destroys the Venice Skatepark 🤯
9 year old Sky Brown from the AWSM Kids is one of the worlds youngest pro skaters. We had the opportunity to meet up with her for the day as she destroyed it at the Venice Skatepark in California.

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