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BIGGEST Bridges in the World
These bridges are immense!
Added: 5th January 2020
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Bedlam in the Bird Bath
Trying out the HD video function of my new Canon 1d mk4 and 300mm F2/8 lens when a flock of various birds (8 species) visited the bird bath for a dip.

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Stunning Drone Footage of Islands From The Sky | BBC Earth
Three iconic islands; Madagascar. Borneo and Hawaii seen from above. Behind the scenes from Earth's Tropical Islands Three iconic islands. Madagascar. Borneo. Hawaii. Each a contained ecosystem, cut off from the mainland. Rich in extraordinary wildlife and human cultures, these islands are also some of the most fragile places on Earth.

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How Do Reindeer Survive Freezing Temperatures? | Reindeer Family and Me | BBC Earth
Having travelled to the northernmost reaches of Lapland, Gordon meets a Sami reindeer herder who introduces him to his first ever reindeer! Reindeer Family And Me Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan is travelling to the frozen north, deep inside the Arctic Circle, to meet the ancient Sami people and the animals they hold so close - reindeer. Known as the reindeer people, the Sami were traditionally nomadic, relying on their precious animals to help them survive the Arctic's harsh winters. Gordon lives with a Sami family in Finnish Lapland to experience their unique culture and to learn about their special bond with reindeer. He works to earn the trust of his own reindeer companion, before leaving behind his adopted family and setting off alone into this land of ice and snow. With only his reindeer to guide him, but armed with the knowledge of his hosts, Gordon wants to immerse himself in this frozen wilderness and attempt to witness the natural phenomenon the Sami most revere - the magical northern lights.

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Thousands of American Robins Roost in Florida
The iconic American Robin is so familiar in northern lawns in spring and summer when they are breeding, building nests, raising their broods and eating earthworms right in front of us. But did you know they arrive in Florida in winter by the thousands in huge flocks sometimes called a “Round of Robins. This huge flock arrived at dusk by the thousands and roosted across several acres of pine and palmetto forest in the conservation area behind the Backyard. So large it was impossible to film and the sound was near deafening as I stood below filming in near darkness. This is mostly a feast for the ears! Crank up the volume and/or listen on headphones/earbuds. I usually get a few flocks of dozens or maybe a few hundred robins in the backyard from late December into early February.

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