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The DRAGONBORN COMES (Skyrim / Oblivion) - Harp Twins, Camille and Kennerly
We love "The Dragonborn Comes" from The Elder Scrolls by Jeremy Soule and have wanted to cover it for a long time. However, we wanted our interpretation to be unique and different. So, we arranged a sort of mash-up medley of "The Dragonborn Comes", the Oblivion theme, and even a bit of the Skyrim theme. It was so fun to bridge the gap between the folk quality of "The Dragonborn Comes" with the powerful orchestral theme from Oblivion. The cherry on top was finding an incredible old growth Cedar forest for our video location. We have seen old growth forests before, but never a cedar grove. Some of the trees are believed to be over 2,000 years old... Imagine the stories these trees could tell. Being there truly felt like stepping into a magical world where elves and dragons exist. We hope you enjoy our interpretation of "The Dragonborn Comes" - filmed among these ancient giants. Fun fact: The Viking horn audio at the beginning was our mom blowing our horn in the cedar forest! Everything you hear in our arrangement is exactly how we perform it live with our 2 harps: no backing tracks, loops, or harp overlays. Please let us know if you enjoyed our interpretation of "The Dragonborn Comes" by liking the video, favoriting, leaving a comment, and sharing it with your friends. We will continue to go where no harps have gone before! Please subscribe and stay tuned for more of our radical Duet Harp Revolution!

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Ep 8: WIENER DOG PRISON BREAK - Funny Dogs Escaping Jail!
In this video, Crusoe and Oakley the miniature #dachshunds get locked up in jail for a misdewiener crime and then have to find a way to bust themselves out.

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Swimming Pool Tricks, Flips and High Dives!
Summer isn't over quite yet! Get a few last pool days in while you can! Here's some epic pool trick shots, flips, dunks, high dives, handstands and much more!

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Whistling Languages in Kuskoy, Turkey
European Journal presents some very special villages like Kuskoy in Turkey - the whistling village. Loud, piercing and sharp...a whistle is hard to ignore. But whistling languages are in danger of extinction. However the villages of Kuskoy on the Black Sea coast still communicate by whistling.
Added: 21st September 2018
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Tags DW European Journal Kuskoy Turkey village whistle Black Sea whistling languages

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Woman Falls In Love With Chicken Rescued From NYC Streets
When this woman met a little chick who was found on the streets of NYC, she didn't expect to fall in love. But Bree quickly showed his mom that they were meant to be family.

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