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Everyone Laughed at This Guy, but Then His Story Amazed the World!
Сartoons, movies, and books teach us that doing good is important and necessary. But, alas, few people learn this lesson. We never have time to help someone in trouble, and sometimes we just forget there are many ways to help people, and not necessarily financially. Today we will tell you about people who set a good example and make the lives of others a bit brighter and happier.

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SCI feat. Billy Strings - Black Clouds - DelFest 2019
That time we had Billy² dueling it out at DelFest! The String Cheese Incident feat. Billy Strings - "Black Clouds" DelFest 2019 - Cumberland, MD #SCI25th

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Does the Mudpuppy Bark?
On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and the crew are back in West Virginia with herpetologist Tim Brust! This time they're looking for another salamander, the elusive Mudpuppy -- will they be able to find one? Watch now to find out! Get ready to see if the Mudpuppy barks!

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Porch Pirate vs. Glitter Bomb Trap 2.0
Ever have someone steal a package from you? This guy did... now it's time for some sweet revenge!
Added: 16th December 2019
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6 MINI PONIES go hiking at LIBERTY
Who needs a pack of dogs when you can walk a herd of mini ponies! In this video I take my mini liberty team for a hike around Omey Island (in Ireland 🇮🇪) Some of the ponies are new to me so we are taking are time and building a relationship through these shared experiences! Hope you enjoy seeing them. Emx Ponies are.... Albert (Biggest Chestnut with white face) Ernie (second biggest Chestnut with a white face) Peggy (Little grey mare) Percy (Appaloosa mini horse) Stan (small chestnut with white face) Sid (little chestnut and white coloured) Inca...cute little Dachshund! **note the ponies are wearing waterproof sheets to help keep them clean and prevent them from getting to muddy as part of my job involves filming work)

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