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Cute dog playing in the Sprinkler
This dog (Dougie) was recently at Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, Massachusetts USA. He has already found a home!

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North Texas Couple Creates Invention To Help Blind Chihuahu
A North Texas man recently found a way to help his fiane's 13-year-old Chihuahua. In just the last month, Buddy the Chihuahua has gone completely blind because of cataracts. After bumping and banging into walls and furniture, buddy just gave up and sat shivering in fear. "He was scared to walk,” said his owner, Jordan Berg. “He would really slowly walk. He was frightened to walk." Since Buddy wasn't suffering in pain, Jesse her fiancé, Jordan Foy, refused to consider putting him down. Foy got a lead online about a promising product for bigger dogs, but Buddy's five-pound body presented a big problem for the little pooch. "Really just went to a hardware store and brainstormed and just walked around and found something that works,” he said. Jesse bought a plastic strap and fastened it to a harness, and almost immediately, the once-fearful Buddy took some bold steps. "When we first put it on him and he was walking around bumping into things, I was like, ‘Oh, bumper buddy!’” said Berg. “It stuck and people are even calling it bumper buddy, so that's the name we've been using for it." They made a video of the bumper buddy and posted it on YouTube. In six days, it got more than a half million views. Animal Planet picked up on the buzz and featured Buddy in a blog. “The real reason I did this project was to make her happy after seeing how sad she was at losing part of her best friend,” said Foy. "We hope that it will actually help out others in the same situation." See Bumper Buddy in action in the second video which will play shortly after the first one finishes.
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Funny! - Man Gets Interrogated By His Baby Niece
Uncle better have my money"! She's cute, but this baby niece isn't shy about showing her family members some tough love if they're late with their payments.

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Coolest Owl EVER!
Watch a group of birds attack an owl who couldn't be more cool about it.
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