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Fallen Baby Owl Rescued by Family
This baby owl needed help after falling out of his tree, so this dad showed his kids how to treat animals with kindness. The family safely captured the baby owl and took him to a wildlife sanctuary.

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Soldier's Joy - Spoon Lady and the Tater Boys ft. Lyle Rickards
This song was very popular during the Civil War, but actually has a deeper history than that and was played in Scotland up to 200 years before it ever came to the Americas. Classified as a reel or country dance, and regarded as a fiddle tune, this melody is sure to sound very familiar.

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Donkey With Overgrown Hooves Runs Free For The First Time
Jenny and her mom Josie suffered through years of neglect, and their hooves grew so long that they could barely stand. Help has finally arrived watch them fall in love with their new lives.

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