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Real Life Ninja Skills: Flips, Kicks & Nunchucks
This girl has real life ninja skills! Kiki Okubo is a 16 year martial artist, tricker, stuntwoman, and dancer from Los Angeles. She is also a 2x world champion in musical weapons and extreme weapons.

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Penguin Jumps on Board Research Boat to Say Hello || ViralHog
"Working for the Australian Antarctic Division and was on a boating party for science. The penguin jumped in the boat"
Added: 21st January 2018
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Bear Attack, Man is trying to run away from attacking Bear: GoPro
A man is ridding his bicycle on a trail through the woods when he sees a great big brown bear rushing towards him. He peddles as fast as he can and seems to be getting away and then this happens..... My heart stopped!

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People are Awesome - Best of the Week (Ep. 44)
Make a wish or MAKE IT HAPPEN! Enjoy this week's best videos featuring: homemade water slides, freestyle skiers and BMX riders, trampoline fitness, double dutch crews, inline skaters, fitness motivation and more!

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Squirrel Clown Box - National Squirrel Appreciation Day
How many Red Squirrels can fit in this Box? You've heard of a "Clown Car" - this is a box full of cute little baby Red Squirrel clowns and their Mom - who is totally frazzled. This goes on for an hour. I'll leave it to the audience to count them! BTW January 21st is National Squirrel Appreciation Day - what better way to see how much joy squirrels can bring!

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