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Borderline [feat. Amanda Shires] | Collaborations | Tommy Emmanuel
Borderline feat. Amanda Shires can be heard in Tommy Emmanuels upcoming album, Accomplice One, out January 19th! Pre-Order here:

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Today I Learned: Penguin Facts
Did you know that penguins can't fly? Or that the dad penguins takes care of the baby penguin eggs? You always learn some interesting facts on Today I Learned!

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Crazy Gator Girl Rescues Nuisance Alligators
WHILST MOST 22-year-olds are socializing with friends, Gabby Scampone is wrestling alligators. Gabby moved from New York to Florida seven months ago to pursue her career relocating and caring for alligators. After falling in love with reptiles at the age of 15, Gabby now volunteers at Everglades Holiday Park, where she puts on a daily show wrestling alligators and also rescues nuisance gators from local properties.

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Fly me to the moon tenor sax
Alexander- Kirill's father. Alexander plays Piano and Hammond. Kirill plays Saxophones, Clarinet , Piano and Hammond , Drums Kirill is 17 years old now. Every song they play and improvise without sheets.

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Officer Crusoe Dachshund on Duty: Investigates 187
Officer Crusoe is busy enjoying a nap when he gets a call about a possible 187 that he should go investigate. So, Crusoe the Dachshund does just that, heads over the house to check it out. Low and behold it's his brother Oakley who was destroying a helpless toy. Luckily, Crusoe got him cornered and now his brother is doin' time.

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