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Cats Being Weird - Compilation
Cats being their weird, hilarious cat-selves
Added: 8th November 2019
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Tags Cats being their weird hilarious cat-selves

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Candid Camera Classic: Very Heavy Meal!
At a buffet restaurant, patrons learn that their bill is based on how much weight they gain.
Added: 8th November 2019
Views: 752
Tags Candid Camera Candid Classics Peter Funt Restaurants Buffets

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This Amateur Physicist Built a Fusion Reactor in His Backyard
Theres no telling what you can do when you put your mind to it. Take Richard Hull, he built a small-scale fusion reactor in a shed, in his backyard. A retired electronics engineer, Hull took a special interest in nuclear fusion. He lives in Lakeside, Virginia, with his cats and likes to pass on his knowledge and collaborate with others on projects. So he invites amateur scientists from all over the United States to meet at his home once a year to check out his reactor and share their inventions.

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