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Dentist Skit (Tim Conway)
This is a skit where Tim Conway is the would be dentist and Harvey Coreman is the patient. As always, Tim's antics just make Harvey crack up in spite of himself.
Added: 16th February 2017
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Tags Carrol Burnett Time Conway Dentist Funny

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Chicken Band Records Song: Shape of You REMIX
Talented Polish YouTube Video Artist, Kosmiczny, created this really cute remix of The Flockstars playing to the music of Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You."

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The Moron Brothers - Trip To The Bank
The Moron Brothers try to get a lone at the bank. They are offended by the banker instead because of who they are. Find out what happend.

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Blind Birdwatcher Sees with Sound
Juan Pablo Culasso is a birdwatcher in Uruguay, but he doesn't see birds the way that most birdwatchers do. In fact, he doesn't see them at all. Born without sight, Culasso listens to the birds and has developed a keen ability to identify their distinct calls and melodies. He has also embarked on a quest to record their sounds to help conserve his country's natural heritage in an audio archive.

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