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Drunken Squirrel
This video was shot in San Francisco Botanical Garden by chance. In fact I went there for a walk an to take pictures of flowers. I was a bit disappointed due to heavy overcast that day. I think was close to lunch time. Perhaps, squirrel lunch time, since there were quite a bunch of squirrels all over the trails : ) Some were eating wild apples, others were begging for food and so on. However, few squirrels were on a different diet, as the "special ones" were eating magnolia petals.

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Momma Cow Hides newborn
Momma cow had hidden her newborn calf (named Okra). By watching where Mom is looking and then walking that way kicks off the maternal instinct to protect it. That is how you trick mom into showing you where it is.
Added: 16th October 2017
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Orphaned Baby Squirrels Rescued -  A Documentary
Mom. I was watching them in person and on a nest box camera so now it was time to rescue the little ones and take them to a wildlife rehab center I had coordinated with in advance. This is their story. Mother Squirrels are some of the most dedicated in the animal kingdom and squirrels have very strong family bonds, you can sense the bigger older brother concern for and care of his smaller younger sibling.

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Tipsy Gypsy (w/ David Grisman) | Collaborations | Tommy Emmanuel
Tipsy Gypsy performed by Tommy Emmanuel and David Grisman.

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Why Cats Are Purranormal
Happy Meowloween! Objects knocked over? With cats around there are always things that go bump in the night, mysterious meows, strange glowing eyes in the dark! Must be some purranormal cativity. Cats are paranormal (paranormal in human terms!) They are strange creatures and often mysterious. They see things invisible to you. They walk between the worlds. The entrance is under the bed. Tell us about your paranormal cat experiences in the comments! Purranormal - Event or purrception without scientific explanation, as in extrasensory purrception, (ESPurr) or other purportedly supurr-natural purrnomena.

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