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Houston Couple Rebuild After a Hurricane Wipes Out Their Home
It's a nightmare scenario: You wake up to rising water in your home. That's what happened to Angie and Austin Parker as Hurricane Harvey pummeled the Houston area in 2017. See how they remodeled their home after the devastation.

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Giant Cat Rescues Dog from Mouse! Funny Dogs Maymo, Penny and Potpie
Watch Funny Dogs Maymo, Penny, & Potpie become Best Friends with a Giant Cat! The cute beagle dogs are being chased by a mouse when a giant cat rescues them from the annoying rodent by swatting him away. After the cat and dog mouse fight, the monster cat ends up playing with the dogs, who end up giving the huge feline a number of cat toys, which the cat accepts by purring and hissing. Watch this cat & dog friendship develop into cat/dog family fun!

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Rescue Dog Completely Changed His Brother's Life
Banksy was completely heartbroken when his best friend, Hamilton, passed away. Then Mochi entered the picture and brought joy back into his life!

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If you live on the coast or enjoy walking on the beach, you probably know that the sea washes a variety of things ashore. It is usually junk, shells, seaweed or plastic bottles... But sometimes the tide brings really unusual and even weird objects to the beach. Their origin is often inexplicable, but sometimes they become a worldwide sensation. In today's video we are going to talk about this kind of discoveries.

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Watch Cody Get A Coat Made Just For Her! | Cody The Tiny Alpaca (Episode 2)
Cody's outgrown the teeny tiny jackets she wore when she was a baby. She doesn't love being outside, so she needs a very warm coat to keep her from running back into the house. No one really sells alpaca coats watch what her mom and a friend come up with!

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