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Let There Be Peace On Earth - 5 Yr Old Claire Ryann Crosby with Special Guests!
Let there be peace on earth... Let it begin with me. Claire and her dad ( and the Piano Guys ) performing during #TheLightWorld campaign! This campaign encourages us all to serve other people during the season. What a wonderful season it is! Enjoy.
Added: 19th December 2017
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Tags Claire Ryann Ellen Kid Crosby Family Disney Kid Piano Guys Cello Piano

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2017 Nisley Family Light Show
2017 Nisley Family Christmas Light Show Please like, share and subscribe for more videos!

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Smart Dogs | Funny Dog Compilation 2017
Man's best friends are not only completely adorable but can be some of the smartest animals ever! From amazing service dogs grocery shopping to learning epic tricks, this compilation is filled with some of the smartest dogs you'll ever meet!

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John the Revelator - Chris Rodrigues and Abby the Spoon Lady
Spooniversal Studios 7 After millions of views on our Angels in Heaven song, we are still happily just folks hanging out in the living room playing music. Hope you enjoy.

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