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Chonda Pierce - Jesus Is All The World to Me [Live]
Hanky Alert! What starts out as one of her extremely funny comedy routines quickly becomes a very emotional story about her family life... One of the most emotional moments I have seen in my nearly 10 years of sharing these daily videos.

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Sexy Girl Switches In and Out of Clothes Behind a Trolley
Peek-a-boo..I see you! Did these people just see a sexy quick change or are they going insane? Watch the video to find out.

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The Matchmaker - AaronsAnimals
Prince Michael plays Hitch for the day after noticing Aaron could use some company.
Added: 15th February 2019
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Tags aarons animals aarons animals cat cats kitten kittens prince michael prince michael

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My Best Friend Is An Elephant
WHAT if your best friend weighed 10,000lbs and was able to crush a watermelon under her foot? Acrobat and animal handler Lauryn Murray, 33, from Florida, grew up in a circus and spends almost every day caring for Lady Essex, a huge Asian elephant. Lauryn says the two are 'as close as a human and an elephant can be. Amazingly, Lady Essex plays fetch with Lauryns dogs and even likes to play with her three-year-old son, who helps give her a bath.

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Litter Of Kittens Found Crying In Trash Bag
Litter Of Kittens Found Crying In Trash Bag | One person's trash is another person's treasured family member

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