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Rescued river otter pups play in the pool
When these two rescued river otter pups get in the pool, things get rascally. The two boisterous, squeaky river otter pups, one female and one male, have taken up residence at the Oregon Zoo, after being orphaned last month in different parts of the state. The female pup was found wandering a construction site near Gold Beach. Oregon State Police took her to Wildlife Images Rehabilitation & Education Center in nearby Josephine County. Wildlife Images, a nonprofit facility, cared for the animal while final placement was determined by staff at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Since the young otter could not be reunited with her mom, and would not be able to survive in the wild without her, ODFW contacted the Oregon Zoo to see whether it had space available once the pup's health stabilized. The female is estimated to be about 6 weeks old and weighs about 3.5 pounds. The male, who was suffering from a respiratory infection, was found near a golf course in McMinnville and was temporarily cared for at the Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center near Salem. He is about 4 weeks old and weighs about 2.4 pounds. "Our preference for them would have been rehab and release," said Amy Cutting, who oversees the zoo's Great Northwest area. "However, wildlife officials said that was not possible so we're happy we could give them a second chance. We have a good track record with orphaned otters. Our adult otter, Tilly, was also rescued as a pup, and she's helped raise an orphan as well."
Added: 20th June 2019
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Next Generation Of Young Squirrels Out in the Backyard!
The new graduates of the Backyard Youth Squirrel Academy are out and about en mass - not sure exactly how many as they don't hold still long, but something on the order of six to 8. They are out exploring the Backyard in May and generally more interested in checking things out and frolicking than looking for food - that will soon change. Note toward the end when an adult comes down to chase them out of the tree that you can then see the relative size difference. The young ones have nice bright white belly fur and energy to spare - just don't be tempted to mess with the Marsh Rabbits. Filmed with Canon SX70HS

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Can You Swim in Shade Balls...
I bought 10,000 shade balls and tried to swim in them. They appear to act like a non-Newtonian fluid: rigid under high shear stress, but they flow like a liquid under low shear. My sense was that swimming in shade balls would be difficult but still doable. This was roughly true for the single layer of shade balls. The shade balls slide past each other so they act like a liquid, albeit a viscous one owing to their significant inertia. It's much more intense exercise and it's also annoying to be bombarded with shade balls on all sides of your body, particularly your head. With multi-layer shade balls (as exists on much of LA reservoir) things get significantly more difficult. The balls bunch together and when you try to move through them quickly, they become more rigid, providing significant resistance to motion. This has the benefit that you can lie on them and as long as they stay trapped under you, you can float on them. But a little bit of motion causes them to move around and you sink through quickly.

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LOST - Missing Cat, Pt 3
In part 3 of our Simon's Cat Missing Cat Special, a lost cat looks for shelter and home as his owner searches everywhere for him! Will Simon find the Cat? Will the Cat make it home first? Stay tuned for the conclusion to 'Missing Cat,' next month!

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