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Why The August 21st Solar Eclipse Is Important For Americans | Mach | NBC News
In the episode of Space is Awesome, host Summer Ash explains what happens during a total solar eclipse and why witnessing the Great American Eclipse is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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People are Awesome - Best Videos of the Week! (Ep. 32)
This week's best videos features amazing bicycle ballet, incredible high dives, BMX stunts and more!

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Andre Rieu - Heia In The Mountains
Andre Rieu - Heia In The Mountains very amazing music with stunning performance of orchestra - from La vie est belle (Life is Beautiful) concert

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Goat teaches Saint Bernard Puppy Who’s Boss
Mildred our Nigerian Dwarf Goat kid spent her first two weeks of life inside the house because we were not sure she was going to make it. We tube fed her while we waited for her to gain enough strength to suck on her own. Now she is about 4 months old and becoming boss of the barn. While we unloaded this year's hay, Mildred and her goat friend Rhubarb, worked on some subtle manners lessons for Frances the new farm pup who was coincidentally born on the same day as Mildred! Frances the Saint Bernard, who is deaf, is pretty relaxed about just about everything and seems to want to be the goat's friend. We are trying to let her get used to them so she is not inclined to chase them when she is older.

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Clever Food Hacks - Peeling and Cutting
How to peel and dice an onion really quickly. Peel a ginger the easy way, and a quick method for removing the skin from a clove of garlic.

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