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Flat Out | Shelby Cobra 427
The name of the game is power-to-weight. This week's chariot bristles with 648 horses, motivating just 2300 pounds of aluminum-bodied Navy Blue beauty. Out on the track, there's nothing quite like the bark of a 427 Shelby Cobra flooding the desert hills from its side pipes, and this continuation series car is sure to fill your ears with the blare of burning hydrocarbons. Headphones highly recommended.

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Adventure Cat Gets A Baby Brother - FISH & CHIPS
Adventure Cat Gets A Baby Brother | This adventure cat has been crazy since he was a kitten - and now he's teaching his baby brother how to hike up mountains.

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Sea Turtle Saved by 3D Printing
I couldn't figure out why I was getting all these turtle videos and then I discovered it was "World Turtle Day" on May 23rd. Ok, so I'm a few days late getting this one out to you but I think you will be as amazed as I was.... An injured turtle needed help and 3D printing offered a solution. The remarkable story of how a loggerhead was saved by some clever thinking and technology.

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Do You Hear
Yanny vs. Laurel audio illusion solved! PHEW FINALLY!

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Cat Games | Playful Cats Video Compilation
Most of the time cats are sleeping, snoozing, napping, or just straight up chilling, but these cats are ready for some play time! Enjoy these little kitties playing their little cat games and just being down right adorable!

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