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Ep 12: Oakley Goes to the Dentist (FINALE) - Cute Dachshund Video
In the season 12 finale of the 3rd season series, Oakley the dachshund takes a trip to his local dentist office. This is a dental office full of dogs! Oakley first walks into the waiting room, where he greets a border collie receptionist. Then he takes a seat next to a poodle and fluffball. Then another white fluffball dog who works as a hygienist walks in to call Oakley's name. Oakley follows the dog to the dental room, where Oakley, with his cute short dachshund legs, jumps up onto the chair. Crusoe is playing Dr. D, the dog dentist, who gives Oakley his treatment. Enjoy this super cute, and super funny dog video featuring two adorable dachshunds, Crusoe and Oakley, as they enact their 12th episode finale in this silly skit!

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Best of the Week | 2019 Ep. 22 | People Are Awesome
It's been an excellent week for awesomeness! Thanks to all the amazing people who submitted awesome videos for our Best of the Week!

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Socially Awkward Alpaca Gets Pushed Outside Her Comfort Zone
Cody can't get enough of her mom, but she's a little socially awkward around other alpacas. This princess is NOT into sharing her food or making new friends. Watch what happens when Cody's mom pushes her outside her comfort zone!

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