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Safe Cracker (Texas Country Reporter)
Ty Pippin can crack open any safe you bring him - just look and see. Ty’s Safe & Lock Ty Pippen 6531 FM 78 San Antonio, TX 78244 (Phone): 210-945-9328

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Baby Loves Her Dog - Compilation | Charlie The Beagle
My parents taught me how to love animals and I wanted to do the same thing for my daughter. Now I know that she loves her dog more than anything. The world could be a better place for animals if all parents did the same.

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Cats Addicted To Catnip Going Catnip Crazy!
Common behaviors cats display when they sense the bruised leaves or stems of catnip are rubbing on the plant, rolling on the ground, pawing at it, licking it, and chewing it. Consuming much of the plant is followed by drooling, sleepiness, anxiety, leaping about and purring. Some growl, meow, scratch or bite at the hand holding it. The Furball cats, Merlin, Fairy, Elfin, Buddha and Yogi are having way to much fun in today's video....

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