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3 Years and 6,000 Miles on a Horse
Inspired by the lifestyle of Mongolian nomads, National Geographic adventurer Tim Cope set off on an epic journey. In three and a half years, he traveled 6,000 Miles on a Horse.

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Oliver the Caique Singing in the Shower
This is Oliver the White-Bellied Caique! Caiques are found in South America, living primarily in the low elevation rainforests of the Amazon

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Man Swallowed Whole By Toilet Seat Prank
Because inside a toilet seat is THE LAST place on earth you'd dream of being trapped in!

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Jonathan Winters and Dean Martin
Jonathan Winters was a spontaneous comedian who created laughter in so many ways! Watch this scene of Dean Martin sitting on an airplane and all Dean has are the straight lines on a Q-card. Dean has no idea what Jonathan is going to say. Hilarious!
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Animals Being Weirdos || Biggest Weirdo Pets
Pets and animals get weird and we're all about it. Normal is boring!

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