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Angelo - A Homeless Dog Living Next To A Biohazard Disposal Co.
A small black dog was spotted living next to a biohazard disposal company. When the rescue team from Hope For Paws arrived they could see the dog so they climbed into the trench where the dog was hiding. The are was thick with dust and cobwebs but they didn't give up! Watch as this heat warming rescue unfolds.
Added: 1st October 2015
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Tags hope for paws eldad hagar

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Close Encounter With Curious Bear
When this bear videographer sees a bear in the distance, he thinks he's going to get some good footage of it until the bear comes right up to his tree and starts up the ladder.

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Dog Train Rolls Through Fort Worth Golf Course
A Fort Worth man takes his dogs on a dog train. Dog's best friend: Man rescues stray pups, takes them on ride of their lives.
Added: 30th September 2015
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Tags dog dog park dog train train park sycamore creek golf course

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Squirrel Fills his Cheeks with Chestnuts
Squirrel eats chestnuts out of a man's hand and fills his cheeks.
Added: 30th September 2015
Views: 981
Tags Kyoot AFV AFV Animals animals fun funny pets pet Chestnut (Food) Squirrel (Animal)

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